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Morocco, ‘Intellectual Model’ on Frontlines of Fighting Terrorism: US Expert

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Washington – Morocco is an “intellectual model” on the frontlines of fighting violent extremism and ideological and false interpretations of religion, said Ilan Berman, in an article on the US semi-monthly magazine “Foreign Affairs”, published by the influential think tank, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).

Morocco assumes, increasingly, the role of an intellectual model able to face the rise of violent extremism, the expert on regional security in the Middle East, noting that the Kingdom has been, since years, an “exception” in a region plagued by radicalism, relying upon its “unique” and authentic experience.

Berman, who is the vice-president of the Washington-based American Foreign Policy Council, noted in this context that Morocco is a “natural leader” in the current “battle of ideas”, thanks to its religious credibility and tolerance.

Morocco’s anti-terrorist approach is based on “decisive responses,” the author of the analysis said, adding that the Kingdom has made substantial reforms such as the adoption of the Moudawana (family law) and the launch of a “pilot” training program for imams and preachers.

He noted that the Moroccan strategy has entered a new phase with the inauguration in Rabat of the Mohammed VI Institute for Imams Training that benefits students from several countries such as Tunisia, Mali, Guinea, Côte d’Ivoire, Nigeria, Chad and France.

He also recalled that during King Mohammed VI’s visit to Russia, the two countries concluded an agreement paving the way for the training of Russian imams in Morocco in the near future

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