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Video: Pulling off Hijab Experiment in New York

the Pulling Off Hijab Experiment

Casablanca – Adam Saleh, an American YouTuber of Yemeni descent known for his wide range of pranks and social experiments, has come out with a new video called the Pulling Off Hijab Experiment.

In this video, Saleh poses as an obnoxious stranger who purposely removes his fellow actor’s hijab in public.

The aim of this video is to see how bystanders will react and if they would be willing to defend a complete stranger. This experiment also seeks to discover whether people will help an Muslim person in need.

Saleh mentioned that the inspiration for this video came from a real life event, when someone removed his mother’s hijab and bystanders offered her no support.

The response to this video has been overwhelmingly positive. It has received almost a million views in less than four days.

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