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Ikram Bakir, a Handless Successful Girl Overcomes Disability with Hope

Photo credit: Humans of Morocco

Rabat – Ikram Bakir, a 20-year-old girl from Fez who does not have hands, is mesmerizing Moroccan social media users with her positive attitude after her photo and story was published last Monday by Humans of Morocco, a Facebook page that photographs and portrays Moroccans in the street.

The photo went viral on social media, with users reacting in a motivational way to the post of Ikram as a model of successful people who try to overcome their disabilities.

In an interview with Humans of Morocco, Ikram said that she was born without hands – her family members were shocked when they knew saw first her. They started wondering how could live and study as a disabled person.

“Thank God, I grew up and I enrolled in a [public school] instead of a school of [the disabled persons] and I got good marks,” she said.

Ikram continued to add that her relationship with the people around her is good and based on love and respect because everyone loves her, whether or not they know her.

The 20-year-old sees that her disability has never been a shortcoming or a source of shame for her, while she sees is as a feature of pride, which distinguishes her from others.

“My disability grants me a positive advantage– when people see me, they love me and pray for me despite they do not [even] know me […] I live a good life and I do things that I like,” she said.

Ikram keeps faith – she believes that she will achieve all her dreams as long as she has the will and determination to make her dreams come true.

In an interview with Moroccan news outlet Qushq, Ikram said that she did not expect such a large response to her story on social media.

“The words of people impressed me […] I cried [when I saw their feedback]. It is amazing to access the Internet via your gadget and find tremendous messages from people who you do not even know,” she told Qushq.

In an interview with Morocco World News, Abderrahman Amazzal, a co-founder of Humans of Morocco said, “The story of Ikram is the most read story in Humans of Morocco.” It was shared by thousands of people on Facebook. “Some humanitarians want to buy for her prosthetic hands. Others want to marry her.”

Amazzal added that the aim of Humans of Morocco is to share the Moroccans’ stories, experiences, and dreams. He said, “it is also to make people love photography and especially from a strange person [wants to photograph them].”

Edited by  Timothy Filla

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