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New Book Discusses Western Media Discourse towards Political Islam

Fez - Political Islam has been criticized and condemned as a potential threat to the diversity and stability of world peace, particularly within the Arab nations. The so-called Arab Spring has brought about radical changes on political and social levels leading to the evolution of Islamic groups as newly and democratically elected entities. Western media lenses were not distant and voiceless but were omnipr ...

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Fatima Sadiqi Explores the Berber Dimension in Her ‘Moroccan Feminist Discourses’

Fez - Dr. Fatima Sadiqi is Professor of Linguistics and Gender Studies. She published her recent book "Moroccan Feminist Discourse" (260 pages) on September 18, 2014. The central idea of this book may be expressed in the following way: Berber, a historically women-associated language, is made official in the Moroccan 2011 Constitution: an unprecedented and unique event in the modern history of the country. ...

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Book Review: The Quran and the Life of Excellence

By Paola Garcia “The Quran teaches that God does not change people’s condition unless they change their inner selves. The change has to occur inside us first, in our beliefs and attitudes, only then can it be seen on the outside.” This is the central thesis of The Quran and the Life of Excellence. In this remarkable book, Dr. Sultan Abdulhameed takes different verses from the Quran that teach methods of per ...

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Moroccan writer Fouad Laroui awarded Grand Prix Jean Giono 2014

Paris - Moroccan writer Fouad Laroui was awarded on Thursday in France the Grand Prix Jean Giono 2014 for his novel "The tribulations of the last Sijilmassi." The Grand Prix Jean Giono, created in 1990, crowns the career of a French-language author who has championed or celebrated the art of the novel. Fouad Laroui is a Moroccan economist and writer who was born in Oujda, Morocco. He authored several works ...

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Estevanico, Moroccan Explorer in Southwest America

Casablanca- Estevanico is a Moroccan explorer who reached the southwest of the United States during an unprecedented spectacular journey in the sixteenth century. He was the first African, and non-Native American, to enter what is now known as Arizona and New Mexico. Estevanico was born in the late fifteenth century in Azemmour, Morocco. The place is situated in Dukkala region in the Atlantic coast of Afric ...

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Kenitra Hosts 2nd Regional Books Exposition to Encourage Reading in Morocco

By Ouassima Boujrad Fez - In the light of the Ministry of Culture’s plans to stimulate reading skills in Morocco, the regional protectorate of culture in the Bni Hassan region, West Shrarda, in Kenitra, has organized the second Regional Books Exposition, to be held from Friday, September 12 through Wednesday, September 17, 2014.  According to the Ministry of Culture, the celebration will begin on Friday at ...

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Saudi Author Reveals Why Gulf Men Are Obsessed with Moroccan Women

Rabat- A Saudi author has reportedly revealed in an article that Gulf men prefer Moroccan women rather than Middle Eastern women, due to the special charm they hold, saying Gulf women are themselves to blame rather than faulting the Gulf men for favoring Moroccans. In the Middle East, the majority of women believe in the stereotypes that label Moroccan women as scheming witches plotting to ensnare rich Kuwa ...

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Saad El Othmani’s Book Plagiarized by Algerian Univ. Teacher

Taroudant- Saad El Othmani, former Moroccan Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, was victim of plagiarism on the part of a university teacher in Algeria. According to Attajdid, the Arabic media outlet of the Movement of Unity and Reform, El Othmani said that some teachers and researchers in Algeria have copied pages of his book "The Behavior of the Prophet vis-à-vis the Imamate" (book published in A ...

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Creation of award dedicated to late Mohamed Choukri

Tangiers  -  The Mohamed Choukri Foundation announced on Friday the creation of an international award dedicated to Moroccan writer late Mohamed Choukri which will be awarded every year to creative writings in Morocco and worldwide. Entitled "Mohamed Choukri International Prize", the award will be granted during the Twiza fest which is held on a regular basis in Tangiers, said president of the Mohamed Chouk ...

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“Multiculturalism and Democracy in North Africa after the Arab Spring,” A new book by Moha Ennaji

Fez - The prestigious British publishing house, Routledge, has just published a collective book entitled "Multiculturalism and Democracy in North Africa: Aftermath of the Arab Spring," edited by Moroccan university professor Moha Ennaji. This book of 312 pages sheds light on the state of democracy in North Africa. It provides readers with a detailed understanding of the issues of cultural diversity and demo ...

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Richard Hamilton: Preserving the Storytelling Tradition

Marrakech - Richard Hamilton has worked for the BBC World Service as a broadcast journalist since 1998, including being a correspondent in Morocco, South Africa and Madagascar. He also reports for BBC TV, radio and online. While living in Morocco, he co-authored the Time Out Guide to Marrakech and has written throughout his career for magazines and newspapers such as Conde Nast Traveller and The Times. He h ...

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Mohamed Choukri and the Wretched of the Earth

By Wafa Idmessaoud Agadir - Born during a drastic famine in the Rif in 1935, Mohamed Choukri migrated with his parents to the city of Tangiers in 1942 where he lived most of his life. He held a variety of jobs—such as a shoe shiner, a smuggler, a greengrocer, a male prostitute, among others—to supplement his tyrannical father’s weak income. In 1955, at the age of twenty, Choukri managed to procure a place a ...

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