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American Pop Star Katy Perry to Celebrate Her Birthday in Marrakech

Rabat - American pop star Katy Perry chose Morocco’s main tourist destination to celebrate her 30th birthday. According to US Magazine, the American arrived in Marrakech earlier this week. The soon-to-be 30 year old star had initially scheduled to celebrate her birthday in Egypt, but decided to change her mind at last minute for security reasons, according to the Hollywood Reporter. In recent, Marrakech has ...

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Oxygen Academy to Hold a National Competition in Public Speaking

Fez - The Oxygen Academy will Hold competition for public Speaking on November 23 in Casablanca.  After two months of preparation, Oxygen Academy is launching a competition whose objective is to motivate youth to excel in public speaking and brush up on their conversational skills. Anas Mubarak, the founder of the project, said “I have diligently worked for more than two months to bring the competition to l ...

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“Banana Spleen” Solo Exhibition by Alëxone Dizac kicks off on Oct. 31 in Marrakech

Marrakech - On October 31, the David Bloch Gallery in Marrakech will present the solo exhibition of the French artist Alëxone Dizac entitled "Banana Spleen." The exhibition will be held until November 22, 2014. Featuring works on fabrics and paper, Alëxone Dizac arrived at the David Bloch Gallery as if it was his playground. Using different fabrics, expert Moroccan craftwork, and the world of his characters ...

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Amazigh Culture Celebrated in Rabat

Marrakech - The Royal Institute of Amazigh Culture (IRCAM) celebrated the 13th anniversary of the Ajdir speech of King Mohammed VI on Friday.  During the event, the organizing committee, led by Saad Eddine Othmani, former Moroccan Minister of Foreign Affairs, and head of the National Council for Justice and Development party (PJD), presented 13 awards for contributions to  Amazigh culture. The awards were g ...

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Morocco Ranks Third Most Friendly Country for Foreign Tourists

Taroudant -Morocco ranked third in the 2013 world rankings of the most welcoming country for foreign tourists, according to the World Economic Forum’s Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report (WEF) published recently. In a ranking of 140 countries, Morocco is considered third most welcoming towards foreign tourists. The kingdom comes on the third position with a score of 6.7, after Iceland and New Zealand, ...

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This Is How Eid is Celebrated in Morocco – Photo Essay

Rabat - The Eid experience in Morocco reminds me of Christmas in Colombia. Women concentrate in the kitchens to prepare delicious dishes, everybody waits till the last minute to buy desserts. In Colombia, people greet one another and wishe a “Merry Christmas,” which is a beautiful habit that is similar to "Eid Mubarak" in Morocco and other Muslim majority countries. In my native country, families offer larg ...

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French Museum Honors Medieval Morocco

Taroudant, Morocco - Medieval Morocco will be honored with an exhibition at the Louvre Museum in France opening October 17. For the first time the Louvre Museum, one of the world's largest and most renowned museums and a historic monument, will focus on the “golden age of Morocco,” from the eleventh to fifteenth centuries. Using the theme, “Medieval Morocco: an Empire from Africa to Spain,” the famous Frenc ...

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King Mohammed VI launches building works of Rabat Grand Theater

Rabat - King Mohammed VI, accompanied launched on Tuesday the building works of the Rabat Grand Theater, a project that mirrors the continuous royal solicitude for art and culture. Located at the Bouregreg Valley, near Hassan Tower and Mohammed V Mausoleum, the Rabat Grand Theater will be a symbol of Morocco's cultural and artistic renewal. It will improve the access of local populations to cultural and  ar ...

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Bienvenue au Bled: Impressions of Someone from Outside

By Zahra Astitou Granada – "Où est la carte nationale? Ici c'est un nom marocain!?” The confusion at the passport control was great. The men in uniform were discussing my case amongst each other and paid little attention to me. Having taken the boat from Algeciras, Spain to Tangiers, Morocco, I was surprised that none of the people in uniform spoke a word of Spanish. They didn’t speak English either, and my ...

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Marrakech: Alluring Beauty No One Can Resist

Fez - Marrakech is one of the four so-called “imperial cities” (the others are Fez, Meknes and Rabat). This imperial city was founded in 1070 by the Almouravid Sultan, Abu Bakr Ibn Omar, who noticed that Aghmat –his capital- had become overcrowded. For that reason he decided to build a new capital for his dynasty in a plain away from the mountains and away from two tribes which were vying to have the honor ...

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The Trip to Celebrate Eid Al-Adha in Boumalne Dades, Morocco

Marrakech - Every year and during every al-Adha feast, each Dadsi person pilgrimages back to Boumalne Dades. It is a great occasion when families get together; no one should miss this tremendous day. Mothers spend their days sitting in front of doors and at windows, looking at the roads and waiting for their children to come back from the bigger cities to celebrate this wonderful day with them. All mothers ...

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List of Best Food You Can Buy for 5 Dirhams in Morocco

Rabat - Five Dirhams (Moroccan currency) is worth less than a euro or a dollar. In my country, Colombia, it is equivalent to a coin of 200 pesos that can’t even buy a lollipop. But in the Medinas of Morocco you can have a lot for five Moroccan Dirhams. You can also have breakfast, lunch, dinner and finish with dessert with only 20 Dirhams (2 euros). The Moroccan street food has a special place in the hearts ...

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