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Fez Hosts the 10th Edition of Festival of Amazigh Culture on Sept. 5-7

Fez - The festival of Amazigh culture will be held on September 5-7 in Fez. The cultural event is organized annually by the South North Center for Intercultural Dialogue, Fès-Saiss Association and the Spirit of Fès Foundation in an attempt to participate in the national efforts to promote Amazigh and popular culture. The main objective of this edition is to highlight the historical and social significance o ...

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One family’s experience in Morocco of the 2010 Icelandic Ash Cloud

Marrakech - Jim Fletcher is a Tourism Economist and Financial Analyst with over 30 years of experience working in the tourism and hospitality sectors, including in Morocco. In 2010, he and his family visited Morocco and stayed longer than they expected because of an eruption of the Icelandic volcano and its resulting ash.  By chance, our 2010 trip followed a similar route to the one we took on 1976, as far ...

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Morocco’s Safaa Taouch Did Not Win Miss Humanity International 2014

Rabat - It was rumored this morning that Morocco’s Safaa Taouch was crowned Miss Humanity International 2014. However, Safaa told Morocco World News that it was just a rumor The rumors spread quickly on social networking as many Moroccan Arabic-Speaking media outlets claimed that Safaa was crowned 2014’s Miss Humanity International. Alyaoum24 reported Monday morning that Safaa Taouch has been named Miss Hum ...

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Moroccan Tourism to Benefit from Global Spa & Wellness Summit in Marrakech

By Susie Ellis Marrakech - Indigenous healing traditions and wellness practices in developing countries are usually an untapped, and often misunderstood, economic growth opportunity in the form of tourism. When the opportunity is recognized and seized, which is what is now happening in Morocco, it opens the floodgates for investment and can deliver a large number of wellness tourists, who, by the way, are “ ...

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Sahrawi Community Celebrates divorced Woman

By Yassine Makhou Guelmime - In the south of Morocco, some Sahrawi tribes celebrate the divorced woman after the end of her marriage, acknowledging her honor and prestige. The tradition aims at preserving the woman’s dignity and reviving her chances to get married again, since in the Hassani community there is no difference between the deflowered and the virgin in terms of her dowry. Contrary to the stereot ...

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Fez, a Journey into Culture and Spirituality

Marrakech - It has been six years since I last visited Fez, but during that visit I felt that I truly got to know the city, with the help of my friend Mark Willenbrock and an excellent guide, Farida. The route through the Bab Bou Jeloud, with its lines of jewelry stores, leather shops, scarves, and ceramics, is a well-known tourist attraction. Turning back to Bab Bou Jeloud, I cross over to another street, ...

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The Fake Picture of Benkirane Having Fun With a Latin American Dancer

Rabat - A fake picture that was posted on Friday by Moroccan website and was largely shared on social media, shows Abdelilah Benkirane, the head of the Moroccan government and head of the Islamist Party of Justice and Development, allegedly dancing with a Latin American dancer. The fake picture, which is going viral, was taken during the International Festival of Folklore, which was held in Sale, ne ...

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Sarah Laasri is crowned Miss Cactus 2014

Tinejdad, Morocco - Sarah Laasri was crowned Miss Cactus 2014, Monday night on the occasion of the first edition of the "Festival Aknari" (cactus festival), held in Sidi Ifni. After five hours of performance, the jury crowned Sarah Laasri, Miss Cactus, among nine contestants. The jury based its evaluation on individual interviews with the contestants and very specific criteria including the contestants' dre ...

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Zagora: Morocco’s gate to the Sahara Desert

Zagora - Although few Moroccans have heard of Zagora, this city is becoming a prominent vacation destination among foreign travellers. The town of Zagora sits at the foot of Anti-Atlas Mountains and on the shore of the Draa Valley in South Eastern Morocco. Zagora’s allure is mainly attributed to the great Draa Valley, which is still a home for several of Morocco's tribes. The name Zagora is derived from “Ta ...

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Moroccan Traditional Leather Slipper: Simplicity Meets Craftsmanship

By Ouassima Boujrad Fez - The Moroccan traditional leather slipper is one of the most important components of traditional Moroccan dress.  It is made with typical Moroccan soft and pliable leather, and can be decorated with beautiful colors and embroidery.  The manufacture of Moroccan slippers, also called “babouche,” is a continuous process. It begins with the collection and sorting of the raw animal skins ...

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Café du Livre Marrakech Gets a Face Lift

Marrakech - Liz Giles was born in New York. She has traveled extensively and lived abroad in Spain, South Korea, and Marrakech, Morocco. Liz has worked in a variety of fields and first came to Marrakech as an English teacher. She finds the variety and opportunities of running Café du Livre, a Marrakech ex-pat hub, enthralling. Café du Livre, discretely tucked away through the archway of Hotel Toulousain, be ...

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Morocco’s Safaa Taouch only Arab Representative at Miss Humanity International 2014

Fez - Morocco’s beauty is on a mission! Miss Morocco, Safaa Taouch has been selected to represent the Arab World at the 4th edition of Miss Humanity International 2014, scheduled August 17-27 in Barbados. 24-year-old Safaa Taouch is not only a pretty face. She is an advocate of humanitarian causes and is aware that beauty is power and she is using it for good. For that reason, she was selected to compete fo ...

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