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Morocco’s Open-air Museum of Prehistoric Fossils, the Largest in the World

Marrakech - Along the Ziz Valley crossing the city of Erfoud, one of the largest palm oases of Morocco located about 305 km from Ouarzazate in southeastern Morocco, visitors run across fossils of animals dating back to prehistoric times. Geologists and archeologists consider Erfoud the largest open-air museum of fossils in the world. It is enriched by a varied collection of extinct land and sea animals foss ...

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Nour Festival Brings Light and Art to London Audiences

Rabat - The annual month-long Nour Festival of the Council of Arts and Culture Services of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea is taking place in London on October 20 through November 30th. The event showcases the very best of contemporary Middle Eastern and North African arts and culture. The Nour Festival, nour meaning “light” in Arabic, grew from a pioneering arts education program based at Leigh ...

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Moroccan Born Disabled Painter Makes Beautiful Artwork With Her Mouth

Taroudant - Moroccan-born artist Mariam Fatima Paré learned to paint wonderful drawings with her mouth and develop her passion for painting after a stray bullet struck her while driving nearly 20 years ago and left her paralyzed. Despite the tragic accident that left her quadriplegic, the artist, 38, did not give up her dream to become a professional painter, an art she loved ever since she was a little gir ...

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Morocco: Kassr Annoujoum to organise “IncontriFès” 2014

Taroudant, Morocco - The Ducci Foundation, in collaboration with the International Centre for Intercultural Dialogue (C.I.D.I.), presents the fourth edition of IncontriFès 2014 in Kassr Annoujoum, Fes, from October 30 through November 1. Designed to build and reinforce a cultural bridge between Europe and Morocco, the event will host a number of interesting conferences, art exhibitions, cultural activities, ...

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Seventh Annual Horse Show Opens in Morocco

Marrakech - The 7th annual horse show opened on October 21, 2014, in El Jadida, a coastal town located about 106 km north of Casablanca.  Under the theme of “Equestrian tourism in Morocco,” the show is an occasion for craftsmen and lovers of the equestrian world to know more about the chivalric culture. The show will run until Oct. 26th. The organizers devised a program that combines the exploration and dis ...

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Inside the Archeological Museum in Rabat

Marrakech - The archeological museum in Rabat, which is located exactly next to Alssunnah Mosque, Bab Rwah, is a priceless and appealing artistic space. It was built during the French colonization of Morocco in the last century. The museum deserves to be seen and discovered. I had the fortune of visiting, and thoroughly enjoying just a short while ago. The museum is small, but it includes various appreciabl ...

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American Pop Star Katy Perry to Celebrate Her Birthday in Marrakech

Rabat - American pop star Katy Perry chose Morocco’s main tourist destination to celebrate her 30th birthday. According to US Magazine, the American arrived in Marrakech earlier this week. The soon-to-be 30 year old star had initially scheduled to celebrate her birthday in Egypt, but decided to change her mind at last minute for security reasons, according to the Hollywood Reporter. In recent, Marrakech has ...

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Oxygen Academy to Hold a National Competition in Public Speaking

Fez - The Oxygen Academy will Hold competition for public Speaking on November 23 in Casablanca.  After two months of preparation, Oxygen Academy is launching a competition whose objective is to motivate youth to excel in public speaking and brush up on their conversational skills. Anas Mubarak, the founder of the project, said “I have diligently worked for more than two months to bring the competition to l ...

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“Banana Spleen” Solo Exhibition by Alëxone Dizac kicks off on Oct. 31 in Marrakech

Marrakech - On October 31, the David Bloch Gallery in Marrakech will present the solo exhibition of the French artist Alëxone Dizac entitled "Banana Spleen." The exhibition will be held until November 22, 2014. Featuring works on fabrics and paper, Alëxone Dizac arrived at the David Bloch Gallery as if it was his playground. Using different fabrics, expert Moroccan craftwork, and the world of his characters ...

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Amazigh Culture Celebrated in Rabat

Marrakech - The Royal Institute of Amazigh Culture (IRCAM) celebrated the 13th anniversary of the Ajdir speech of King Mohammed VI on Friday.  During the event, the organizing committee, led by Saad Eddine Othmani, former Moroccan Minister of Foreign Affairs, and head of the National Council for Justice and Development party (PJD), presented 13 awards for contributions to  Amazigh culture. The awards were g ...

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Morocco Ranks Third Most Friendly Country for Foreign Tourists

Taroudant -Morocco ranked third in the 2013 world rankings of the most welcoming country for foreign tourists, according to the World Economic Forum’s Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report (WEF) published recently. In a ranking of 140 countries, Morocco is considered third most welcoming towards foreign tourists. The kingdom comes on the third position with a score of 6.7, after Iceland and New Zealand, ...

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This Is How Eid is Celebrated in Morocco – Photo Essay

Rabat - The Eid experience in Morocco reminds me of Christmas in Colombia. Women concentrate in the kitchens to prepare delicious dishes, everybody waits till the last minute to buy desserts. In Colombia, people greet one another and wishe a “Merry Christmas,” which is a beautiful habit that is similar to "Eid Mubarak" in Morocco and other Muslim majority countries. In my native country, families offer larg ...

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