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Madonna and Mariah Carey Attended Third Day of Prince Moulay Rachid’s wedding

Rabat- American Pop star Madonna and international singer Mariah Carey are believed to have attended the closing ceremony of the wedding of Prince Moulay Rachid and Lala Oum Keltoum on Saturday. According to news website 'Elaph', the two stars arrived in a private jet to attend the ceremony, before leaving on Sunday morning on the same plane. The same source added that the two American singers, who were amo ...

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Rabat Hosts the 4th African Creative Economy Conference

Rabat - Morocco will host the fourth annual African Creative Economy Conference (ACEC) in Rabat from November 13 through 15, 2014. The conference will operate under the theme “Towards an understanding of the creative and cultural industries in Africa." It will bring together practitioners, academics, policymakers, and stakeholders from 40 African countries and the entire world. ACEC will emphasize the signi ...

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Rabat to Host Visa for Music Festival

Fez - Visa for Music, a festival that promotes Arabic music and culture will be held from November 12 to 15 in Rabat. The first Visa for Music in Rabat is an opportunity for professional artists in the region to share ideas and speak about future projects. More than 650 artists, directors, festival managers, and producers have submitted their candidacy to participate in this event. The objective of Visa for ...

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Moroccan Singer Dounia Batma Accused of Plagiarism

Rabat - Moroccan young singer Dounia Batma has been accused of plagiarizing one of the songs featured in her first album from another Moroccan singer called Jihane. According to Al Quds al Arabi, both singers seem to have performed the same song composed by the same composer 'Badr Edaoudi' but under different titles. The other difference lies in the fact that the lyrics of the song in Dounia Batma's case ar ...

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American Band Maroon 5 in Mawazine Festival 2015

Rabat- Association Maroc Culture has revealed that the 14th edition of Mawazine Festival which is scheduled to take place between May 29th and June 6th, 2015 will see the participation of American Pop rock band Maroon 5. Formed in 1994, the group has released their newest album "V" on September. The album has quickly made it to the number one spot at the top Billboard of the best albums in the United States ...

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The Andalusian Music: A Bridge Between Muslim and Jewish Heritage

By Lynn Sheppard Essaouira- Every year in autumn, Moroccan Jewish diaspora, music lovers and cultural enthusiasts gather in the southern Moroccan coastal town of Essaouira for the Festival des Andalousies Atlantiques (Atlantic Andalucía Festival). The town is much better known among fans of World Music for its Gnaoua Festival in June. However, 'Les Andalousies,' as locals call it, highlights a completely di ...

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Marrakech-based B’net Al Houwariyate to perform at Walt Disney Florida

Rabat-Visitors of the Morocco pavilion located within Epcot theme park at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida will now have the opportunity to meet "B'net Al Houwariyate", an internationally-acclaimed ensemble of female performers from Marrakech who play traditional instruments, dance and perform songs ranging from rural Amazigh chants to Chaabi festival rhythms. This is not the first time to see B'net Al H ...

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Morocco not to participate in Eurovision Song Contest in 2015

Rabat- The Moroccan national broadcaster (SNRT) will not participate at the next Eurovision song contest scheduled to take place in Vienna next year, according to ESCToday. Morocco is the only country from the African continent to have ever competed in the Eurovision song contest. Countries as participants are represented by one television broadcaster and typically by their national public broadcasting orga ...

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Idir: Amazigh Ambassador of Music and Peace

Marrakech - Hamid Cheriet, better known by his stage name Idir, was born in 1949 in Kabily, in the village of Ait Lahcen, in Algeria, is famous throughout the world for his Amazigh music. But before becoming a very famous singer and ambassador of Amazigh music, he devoted all his time to studying geology. Idir, the Professor of Biology, moved to the desert of Algeria in 1973 to work in the Algerian oil and ...

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Aammori Mbarek, One of the Pioneers of Amazigh Song

Marrakech - Aammori Mbarek, one of the pioneers of Amazigh song and a lover and singer of freedom, alienation and continuous traveling, was born in a rural area in Taroudant, (88km southeast of Agadir), in 1951 and brought up in a very cruel environment within a charity. Mbarek’s story is like a fairy tale: he was born and raised away from the love and warmth of his family, but he discovered the world of ar ...

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Moroccan-American Musician Rachid Halihal: Ambassador of Music and Culture

New York -Rachid Halihal is one of Morocco’s best ambassadors of music and culture. Rachid plays what he refers to as organic music —authentic music that reflects the real spirit, art, and traditions of North Africa and the Maghreb. Rachid Halihal is a world class musician specializing in the music of Morocco, North Africa, and Andalusia.A classically trained vocalist and instrumentalist, he is a virtuoso o ...

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Al-Asala band represents Morocco at “Sama’a” International Festival in Cairo

Cairo - Al-Asala band for prophet praising represents Morocco at the 7th round of “Sama’a” international festival for Sufi Chanting and Spiritual music, taking place this week in Cairo. From the Atlantic to the Gulf, Sufi Chanters from all the Arab Countries gathered at one of Cairo’s most significant historic landmarks, the Citadel, on Tuesday to perform a united spiritual symphony in praise of God. Inspir ...

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