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I am Black – Poem

Safi – Morocco White inside, despite my black skin; That’s the contrast of life, I imagine. Just like you,i have got light red blood; My heart sings life in drowning flood; My white smile proves my innocence From a charge that is clear nonsense; I’m black; if you can’t stand the evidence, Ask nature to revise both our existence.  **** Ask, before, about our ancestors’ history, About mine’s struggle for free ...

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A Palestinian Mother’s gift – Poem

Safi, Morocco A mother, plucking her heart off her chest, Feeling bitter, to look strong doing her best, Said to the last of her leaving sons, bravely: This is your great day as a lover of the nation To which you’re bound by great infatuation; You’ve been chosen and responded eagerly;  Here’s my gift signed with my ample blessing Here’s my heart, I ‘m not in need of its whining Pulse or its stocks of love o ...

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We are Jerusalem – Poem

By Najoua Bijjir - Amsterdam Land of Holy Pilgrimage Mortals claiming Heritage Marked by footpaths Of fools Killing human jewels  **** Jerusalem In thy Holy ground  Is buried The face of innocence Harmed by sadist dunce Leaving peace In absence  **** Land where Prophets Kneeled became Endless battlefields Upon thy soil Children are used as Human shields  **** Bombed and destroyed In mothers’ uterus  Fools c ...

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The Last Hug – Poem

Safi, Morocco This isn’t the last of the hugs, There will be even more Like this one, those of before Under time and death’s eyes And life’s booming cries, In a world torn into slit rugs. This is not the last hug, The moment when life succumbs And when it powerlessly comes To an agreement with death Saying nothing, holding its breath, Waiting for a little soul to rise Under its vain, sorrowful cries And dea ...

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One Sip of Wine – Poem

By Fendri Mohamed Omar - Tunis I held my cup of wine and watched its surface. It was moving... It was shaking. No it was swaying. Like a delicate billow in the ocean of my fantasy... There lay the images of a lover of mine Dancing undressed just like my fortified wine Beat my heart faster, rhyming its pluses with the wind And I started to sweat, pleading for a breath STOP. My lover suddenly wobbled like a s ...

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The Tune – Poem

Casablanca Like ghostly melodies, Travelling the air, Caressing the souls, Yet none can ever see them. **** Whirling in a glare, Wings unseen to mortals, She pierces all the portals, Of a heart I never sealed. **** Yet of bones and flesh she's made, And like all of us she'll fade, Leaving nada for a heir, But a sour tune that'd allayed. **** But until then, A net none shall toss at her, A row none shall aim ...

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I Declare She Seize You – Poem

Agadir - Even as I surrender and fall I admit I loved in you the things I dislike For you my dear I gave it all Even the things I had at stake. Spare me the scourge of war For I’ve drowned my swords in the lake, She may now inhabit your ill-fated soul Persist the loving she excels to fake. Whence she came I do not recall But your heart she may now take; Your hopes, dreams, and all For to you my love I’ve bu ...

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Goodbye Dear Cousin – Poem

By Ayman Saih - Ksar Kbir, Morocco I will never forget that rainy day, The day God decided to take you away. **** You left to go ride with your friend, Only to never come back home again.  **** It's been two weeks since you've left, And I still can't say the word "death."  **** Day by day I think of you, How can all of this be true?  **** I can’t believe you’re really gone, I still can’t accept it, even aft ...

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Give a Smile – Poem

Safi, Morocco If you have nothing to do nor even to give For people who find it so difficult to live, Simply give them a real, thoughtful smile, It may be as generous as the flowing Nile,    Only a smile; **** See, money is like a bird you cannot ensure. It can make you at ease, desert you and fool. Give the poor one a mere smile to make sure With hope you have imbued his empty soul   Through a rich smile. ...

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Self-Destruction – Poem

Safi, Morocco As if your body were  just a corpse As if it were a hateful enemy of yours, You’re mangling it without remorse. As if the grey air, your wheezy breath Were not enough to ruin your health, Sent inside like fire eating logs in a heath. As if you already lived in atmosphere, As if your life were safe from any fear, As if your soul was cheap not dear; You are killing it with just a tiny weapon, A ...

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Hey you tyrant oppressor! – Poem

By Tunisian poet Abu El Kacem Chebbi Translated by Asma Azza - Tunis Hey you tyrant oppressor! Lover of darkness, enemy of life You sneered at the soughs of an oppressed nation And your hands are tainted with its blood You marched spoiling the magic of existence And sowing thorns on its hills Slow down, don't be fooled by spring, Clear weather and morning light  For in the wide horizon there is dreadful dar ...

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Lifeless – Poem

By Sara El Bekri - Casablanca As my soul begins to fray, All the skies turn gray. My being is in denial Of all that makes you smile. **** Very hard I try But Lord! I can only cry. Disillusioned I feel Is anything even real? **** Only grief and sorrow Don’t want no tomorrow. My body’s now mad For my soul is too sad. **** Struggle my way out of me No longer want me to be… **** Body’s weak and bloody Yet to le ...

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