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Equality Through Salvation – Short Story

Khemisset, Morocco - As half of her people, she had the misfortune to be a female. From the day she was born until her very last breath she would be nothing more than what society has already reserved for her, servitude. As it is commonly understood, she is unfit to learn because she has a tiny brain that is barely capable of recognizing daily labor. She cannot have an opinion even about her own circumstanc ...

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To the Unfaithful: Be It Husband or Wife, As You Sow, You Reap – Short Story

By Abdellatif Oudra Nador - Despite his being married, he slept with her over night every weekend. It was Monday morning, and he woke up and got dressed in his blouse as if he were going to work. On his way back home, he kept fancying the delicious food his wife would make for him, longing for that smell of the perfume he had bought her recently, “She always keeps the house tidy and clean, so I’ll bring her ...

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A Father’s Worries – Short Story

By Kamilia Morkanty - Casablanca The first child always has a special influence on a couple’s relationship. This small creature has the ability to brighten one’s life and fill one’s heart with love and happiness. A child is a gift given by Allah to make one’s life happier, more meaningful and beautiful. Like any couple that is waiting for the birth of its first baby, my wife and I were consumed in dreams an ...

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A Story He Should Listen to

Rabat - Hurra, the Arabic name for "free," was 16 when she first saw "him." She was a villager, but she was lucky to have her aunt living in a big city. Paying her visits was Hurra’s most cherished outlet because she felt that she was lucky to see and experience a new world. He was her Arabic teacher, a city boy; charmed by the beauty, simplicity and liveliness of Hurra. He sensed something original in the ...

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Blessed Madness – Short Story

Tunis - I visited the madhouse once and attempted to find some sort of inspiration. All I was able to extract were some words from maniacs and this was the weirdest of them all. Mr. S told me his nutty story and I found it magical; how the mind can work out such wondrous events. It was a creepy thing though. I was amazed and amused at the same time. “I’m a rich man’s only son. I had castles all around the w ...

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Does the child pay for his mother’s milk? – Short Story

Tunis - When I was a child, "to say that memory believes before knowing remembers and that it believes longer than recollects, longer than knowing even wonders," I used to rely upon my heart in everything I feel like being into close contact with. Things were perfectly at home. I did not understand. I used to play wherever I liked. I used to sleep wherever I liked. I even remember I used to scream and shout ...

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Swan at heart – Short Story

Ariana, Tunisia - A glare of despair caressed her regard, while her wizened ashen lips twitched forcing to blast a new thread of creases to add to her through-time-collected legacy of wrinkles. Each wrinkle told of an eclipse and sunburn labeled a cruel spiteful harvest. Her eyes, tiny pistachio nuts, barely visible through a set of deep-cut furrows, blazed in a dim emerald green. Despite the thawing-toward ...

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Such Solitary Waves – Short Story

El KJef, Tunisia - If  only  she  could  understand  why  he  chose  this  day  to  break  up  with  her. After  a  three -years  relationship,  Ren  had  decided  it  was  over  between  him  and  Miyazawa,  one  day  before  their  anniversary.  He  just  decided  not  to  celebrate  hypocrisy  for  the  third  time. This girl was  no  longer  the  love  of  his  life,  and  now  it  was  her  turn  to  t ...

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Joe’s Dream – Short Story

Rabat - They live behind bars, they feed on high hopes, they strengthen with youth years, they weaken with old age but they never break out, in the cell of our minds, they live and vanish. Like stars in the sky, they shine to enlighten pavement ways in the darkest of nights. Like stars in the sky, they glow in summer nights and disappear in winter nights. Like stars in the sky, they live forever and a day t ...

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The child and the slaughtered ram- short story

Smara, Morocco- Two days before the Eid of sacrifice. The father bought a big ram and brought it home. The whole family was happy, including his little six year old son. Every morning and evening the parents gave the ram food and water; they also seized the opportunity to take pictures with it. They put the boy wearing his new clothes on the back of the ram, asked him to laugh, to hold the horns and take be ...

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The Old Woman and the City- Short story

Elhoussain Naaim- Rabat I had never seen anyone like her. She was a tall woman, with a long narrow nose. No one could stare at her; all people were afraid of her. When someone came across her on the street, they felt like their day had been spoiled. She lived alone in a tiny cottage; she did not speak or make friends with anyone. A black pigeon was all she had. That black pigeon warded off anyone from wanti ...

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The Eternal Reward – Short Story

Rabat - On that mountain hill he stood, where he could see the whole picture crystal clear. Tears in his eyes, he barely could move, not because he was old or misshaped; he never felt that much stronger before. It was spring warmth, everything around him was so much indescribable. How in the world did I get to stand here after everything I've got myself into? He wondered. Under a forty years bird travel tre ...

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