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Journals of a Moroccan Fulbrighter in America (5): Homesickness

Austin - Why do humans feel homesick? And what is home after all? Why should I feel unsatisfied, socially speaking, by all the nice people surrounding me? Why do I need to fetch for this Moroccan by the name of Abdou, who, I was told, owns a small restaurant in South Austin? To be sure, this feeling is not caused by any uneasiness about the social environment. Rudeness is a rare commodity in Austin, at leas ...

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Journals of a Moroccan Fulbrighter in America (1): ‘Us’ vs. ‘Them’

Austin - My journey to America was rather twisted. I had to fly from Casablanca airport via Madrid and Dallas, before reaching Austin. Throughout these points, my mind couldn’t stop making comparisons. I don’t know if this way of thinking is normal since this is my first trip abroad, but I suspect that in my case, as well as the case of many of my generation and the generations before mine, the old issue of ...

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Algeria-Morocco: Peace it Up Now!

By Majid Morceli San Francisco - Thank God It’s Friday. It’s time to take a deep breath and unwind. I don’t feel like doing anything tonight, I just want to stay home and do some “Chromecasting”: streaming content from YouTube to an LCD TV using a $35 basic device, which I consider one of the many great inventions of Google in the last few years. I was not sure what I wanted to stream, but one thing I did k ...

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How Moroccan Health System Killed My Father

Rabat - My recent experience with the tragic death of my father has enlightened me on the subject of the many Moroccan health issues that I had formerly only heard of, but with which I had no personal experience. These highly problematic issues range from ambulance delays to unsterilized emergency rooms (within even the most urban areas in Morocco), the lack of competent doctors to disorganized medical staf ...

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The Maghreb Union: The Unattainable Dream

By Majid Morceli San Francisco - The 32nd session of the Council of Foreign Ministers of the Maghreb Arab union will take place in Rabat on May 9, 2014. Under normal circumstances the goal of such a meeting would be to come up with a precise road map on how to proceed for the benefit of the people of the region until the next meeting, when they will discuss their progress made and how to proceed with furthe ...

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Morocco’s new migration policy: A gift for Europe?

Marrakech - For decades, Morocco has been a gateway for sub-Saharan migrants to Spain. The country’s location at the crossroads between Africa and Europe makes it an important thoroughfare for global trade as well as migration. However, not all  migrants make it to the northern side of the Mediterranean due to strict control over Gibraltar and other passageways to Spain, Morocco’s northern neighbor. On Sept ...

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Sahara Autonomy Plan: Let’s Do it Now

By Majid Morcelli San Francisco- There are many suggestions floating around on how to win the cold war between Morocco and Algeria and consequently defeat the Polisario, the separatists supported by the Algerians. Some say that we are losing the battle in the online world and that Morocco is left behind in that front. A simple skirmish between a police officer and few separatists in the city of Layoone gets ...

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Why do Moroccans underestimate their mother tongue?

Sidi Ifni, Morocco A mother tongue is the language that we first uttered and spoke when we were children. It is so blessed and much cherished that we continue to cling to it throughout our lives. It is the first language we became acquainted with and learned to speak at home with our parents. Hence, no one should say that one’s mother tongue is not worth speaking or using no matter what the reason or excuse ...

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Moroccan Minister’s Botched interview on Fox News

By Said Leghlid, Bouano- Ohio In light of the King of Morocco’s visit to America, Mbaka Bouaida, Moroccan deputy Foreign Minister, was interviewed by Fox News with intent to make sense of why the King was visiting America and to help Americans learn more about Morocco’s issue of the Sahara, and the bilateral relations with the US. The lack of depth of reasoning and political savvy by the Moroccan Minister-D ...

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Morocco and the Orientalist Fever

Casablanca- Morocco was no exception to the Orientalist fever that sprawled Europe in the 19 century. Europe’s legacy of the romanticized East is replete with mystic representations of the “mysterious” other, the East. Since Morocco was part of the monolithic “Orient,” it wasn’t immune from those European literary and artistic depictions of it. These representations subsequently served colonial ends, thus m ...

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Dear America, here is my first hand experience of Morocco

Marrakesh- My third week in Morocco has come to an end and it is hard to put my experiences into words. Every morning I still find myself waking up and being surprised that I am actually here. I tried not to come to Morocco with any preconceived ideas of what it will be like, because the last thing I wanted was to be disappointed when things were not as I expected. Nonetheless, the thoughts, worries, and ex ...

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Rape in Morocco: Let’s be mobilized to stop impunity

By Aziza Zio Morocco World News Casablanca, July 31, 2013 Aziza Ziou Ziou Aziza Ziou Ziou My title is violent and it is imperative: All future rapists, whether they rape a virgin, a married woman, minor, or single mother, seem to not have to worry about punishment for their actions. There is no law that will put a rapist in jail. No judge deems that the abuse and imposition of sexual intercourse without con ...

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