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Will Felipe’s Ascension to the Throne Adversely Impact Morocco- Spain Relations?

New York Since the announcement of King Juan Carlos’ decision to abdicate the throne of Spain in favor of his Heir Apparent, Prince Felipe, the question that observers and analysts have been asking is whether this changeover of power in Spain will have an impact on the relations between Morocco and Spain. The answer lies in the strategic importance of the strong relationship between the two countries’ royal ...

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Why a Spat Between Morocco and Tunisia Over ‘Western Sahara’ is Unlikely

New York- Moroccans were surprised on Saturday by an unlikely rumor that King Mohammed VI has decided to cut short his visit to Tunisia and return to Morocco. The reason for this supposed decision was said to be a disagreement between the heads of State over the Western Sahara conflict. Upon hearing the rumor, Moroccans, including myself, wondered whether it really was just a rumor or actually another effor ...

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Why a War Between Morocco and Algeria Over ‘Western Sahara’ is Unlikely

New York- As I was reading the news on Saturday morning, I came across an article published by a Moroccan analyst. Mr. Manar Slimi, author of the article, put forth many arguments regarding the question of the "Western Sahara" and relations between Morocco and Algeria. While I have much respect towards Mr. Slimi at the personal level and I often agree with his analyses, this time around I don't agree with h ...

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Time for UN To Adopt A Realistic Approach to the Sahara Conflict

New York- The UN Security Council is set to adopt a new resolution to renew the mandate of the United Nations Mission for the Organization of the Referendum in the Western Sahara (MINURSO). Like the previous resolutions adopted since 2007, the resolution that will be adopted on Tuesday will renew its call on the parties to continue their negotiations in “good faith and without preconditions”in order to achi ...

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Sahara Conflict: Is the UN Deviating from Its Core Mandate?

New York- The UN Secretary General released his annual report on the “Situation in the Western Sahara” on Thursday. The much-anticipated report, which will constitute the main reference for Security Council members in drafting their annual resolution on the Sahara, was somehow balanced. Unlike last year’s report, Ban Ki-moon did not make a clear recommendation on the need to extend the mandate of the United ...

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Dispelling misconceptions and misrepresentations about the Sahara

New York- As I was reading an article about the question of the Sahara entitled "The Tindouf Refugee Camps: A Moroccan’s Reflections", I was struck by the amount of factual mistakes and misrepresentations made by the editors of the article, as well as by the shallowness of the arguments its author makes in defending the Polisairo and slamming Morocco. In the first part of this article, which was published i ...

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Hamid Chabat, Morocco’s most controversial man of the year

Fez- As 2013 is coming to an end, it is time to choose the personality that has left an indelible mark in the Moroccan political scene. Saying indelible mark does not necessarily mean a person that has had a positive impact on the country’s political affairs. Any person that has been following politics in 2013 will agree that Hamid Chabat, the current head of the Istiqlal party, is one of the people that dr ...

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Sahara: Morocco back on track, a lot remains to get done

New York- As expected by a number of Moroccan and American observers, King Mohammed VI’s visit to the United States of America was fruitful for Morocco at many levels, whether the deepening of its cooperation with its American partner on matters of security, military and counter-terrorism in the Sahel or the promotion of trade and cultural ties. The focal point of talks between King Mohammed VI and Presiden ...

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King Mohammed VI’s Historic Visit to Washington Kindles Great Expectations

New York- King Mohammed VI’s visit to Washington comes at a critical time for Morocco as well as the United States, lending it an important historical dimension. The visit comes less than six months after tension erupted between the two countries last April when the United States attempted to include a human rights monitoring mechanism in the mandate of the United Nations Mission in the Sahara, known by its ...

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Sahara conflict: Open Letter to President Barack Obama

The Honorable Barack Obama President of the United States The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, NW Washington, D.C. 20500 Mr. President, Today the Moroccan people celebrate the 58th anniversary of the their country’s independence. But this independence is still not complete yet, as an the undisputable sovereignty of Morocco over an integral part of its territory is still subject to unfounded claims. Thirty ...

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Polisario: an artificial entity created by Morocco’s rivals

New York- Whether you read an essay or news story written by people who sympathize with the Polisario or you discuss with someone who supports its narrative, you will always come across the same arguments: Morocco is illegally occupying the Sahara since 1975 and is, thus, depriving the Saharawi people of the right to self-determination and self-rule; the Polisario is the sole and legitimate representative o ...

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Facts about the Sahara conflict that you should know

New York- Today the Moroccan people are celebrating the 38th anniversary of the Green March, which took place on November 6, 1975 and saw the participation of 350,000 Moroccans from all walks of life, who marched into the Sahara to free the territory from Spanish rule. This peaceful march constituted a watershed event in Morocco’s recent history. Today’s anniversary coincides with the tension that the relat ...

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