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Morocco-Algeria: Keep the Borders Closed

By Majid Morceli San Francisco - Moroccans decision-makers have recently been asking Algeria to reopen its borders, but the Algerian government has declined, even going so far as to impose impossible conditions to even start discussing normalization with Morocco, much less opening the borders. Algeria’s reasons for keeping its borders closed are outdated and based on a vendetta and cold war mentality. Among ...

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The Arab Spring tsunami engulfing China

Rabat - In 2010, the Arab democracy spring came to life in Tunisia, this tiny North African nation that courageously rejected patriarchy, nepotism and tribalism and opted for democracy. Sooner than soon, this romantic call for overthrowing absolutism engulfed the Arab world, ushering in the premises of a new beginning. However, this movement was in many cases swamped by blood and abject atrocities, but yet ...

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Morocco: New Education Year, Old Problems

Fez - The Moroccan Department of Education in Morocco set the 2014-2015 education program schedules specifying September 10 and 11 to be the actual start of the school year for primary and secondary schools, respectively. However, classes didn’t really begin until October 13, as class attendance reached its peak. This evident discrepancy between official statements and actual proceedings is common in the st ...

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Morocco-France: The French President Remorse Syndrome

San Francisco - In his speech at the inauguration of the exhibition “Contemporary Morocco,” French President Francois Hollande stated that “Morocco and France remain not only exceptional partners, but also deepen their cooperation in all areas.” He added, “I want to maintain the trust and overcome the difficulties that sometimes arise because we need each other.” Is the French president having second though ...

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Sahrawi Children in Spain Exploited by Polisario, Ignored by Morocco

Washington DC - The case of the Mahyuba Mohamed Hamdidaf, a young Spanish national of Saharan descent, being held against her will in the Algeria controlled camps for Sahrawi refugees in Tindouf raises serious questions about the legitimacy and ethics of Polisario’ s practice of sending young kids to Cuba and Spain. It brings to the forefront the tragedy of thousands of Sahrawi kids forcibly sent by the Pol ...

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Morocco & the 2105 Nations Cup: The choice Between Ebola & Football

By Majid Morcili San Francisco- Due to Ebola outbreak, Morocco's government requested that the Confederation of African Football (CAF) delay the 2015 Nations Cup event scheduled to take place in Morocco on January 17 to February 8. The swift answer from the CAF is “NO”. The question on every Moroccan’s mind is should the Moroccan government do the right thing to protect the Moroccan people, or should it ris ...

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Has the Arab Spring Failed?

Rabat -When Mohamed Bouazizi, a young Tunisian street vendor, was harshly molested by the police force of his country for doing business without a license, he felt his manhood and citizenship was being humiliated by a repressive regime and, as a result, poured kerosene over his body and lit a match to put an end to his miserable living conditions. The same match that put an end to his life prompted a larger ...

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Morocco-Algeria: The King’s speech

San Francisco - In king Mohammed VI’s speech to the Parliament, it was not what the king of Morocco said, it was more on what he hasn't said. It was a very clever speech or as some like to say “a’ la Hassan II”. The Algerians, and frankly many of us, expected the king to discuss the Sahara issue at length. None of that happened. He briefly touched on the subject when he said: “MPs have made significant effo ...

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Morocco: Arresting Mr. Cole Confirms that Judicial Reform is a Must

By Majid Morceli San Francisco - The recent arrest of the British citizen who happens to be gay shed light on several issues in Morocco. The flawed judicial system, incompetency of the authorities, the prison conditions, the rampant injustice, child abuse, and, on the positive side, the happy ending to Mr. Cole’s saga, also demonstrates that human kindness wins in the end. In Morocco you can be arrested and ...

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Decentralization is Key to Implement Community Development in Arab Spring Countries

Marrakech - To sustainably advance human development and political stability, Arab Spring countries should decentralize to sub-national levels the resources necessary to catalyze and implement community development. Increasingly, Morocco is suggested as a model for the successful progress in the Arab Spring because of its stability, opportunities and cultural diversity. At the same time, however, there are ...

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Munir El-Haddadi, La Roja and Morocco’s Continuous Failure at “MRE” Outreach

Washington DC -- While the Moroccan public disappointment with Munir El-Haddadi's decision to play for La roja is understandable, the Barcelona star’s choice is logical. Munir was born and raised in Spain, he went to school in Spain and learned soccer in a Catalan academy. Beside the fact that his father is Moroccan, El-Haddadi has nothing to link him to Morocco. He is Spanish and has every right to play fo ...

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Grandfather Syndrome

Agadir - When a number of symptoms start to manifest themselves in the behavior of a young individual, the person is said to have the “grandfather syndrome.” Examples of such symptoms would be withdrawing from social activities, not taking part in sports activities, demonstrating signs of premature or artificial wisdom, adopting a too philosophical approach to life and shying away from making any sustained ...

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