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The Environment of Peace

By Abdul Khan and David Nostbakken Toronto - We accept the importance of biodiversity in nature as an aspect of ecological and environmental conservation and protection. Our future depends on it. We may at times be guilty of not acknowledging that humans are part of that nature, and that we humans are also diverse, socially and culturally. Our conservation and protective impulse should logically apply also ...

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Emma Watson’s Watershed Speech on Gender Equality

Cairo - Addressing United Nations Women with her magical abilities, British actress and UN Women Goodwill Ambassador Emma Watson presented a brave and one of a kind speech not only to the attendees, (most of whom were men) but also to the whole world. Emma Watson, a recent Brown University graduate of 24 years advocates feminism that is not based on criticizing and hating men, but on shared efforts by both ...

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Algeria-Morocco: The New Kid on the Block

By Majid Morceli San Francisco- There is no denial that since naming Salaheddine Mezouar the head of Moroccan diplomacy, we are now witnessing a different ball game with regards to the Western Sahara issue. He is a shrewd public servant. His first major mission was to plug the holes that the Polisario was using to undermine Morocco, and so far he done a magnificent job. We no longer see Polisario sympathize ...

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How Al Qaeda Differs from ISIS

Marrakech - Experts say that ISIS (or ISIL) is not as serious a threat to the United States as Al Qaeda. “Certainly al Qaeda, no question” is a greater threat to the US, stated Will McCants, a fellow in the Center for Middle East Policy and director of the Project on U.S. Relations with the Islamic World at the Brookings Institution. As quoted by the congressional new site The Hill, McCants notes that ISIS ...

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Building World Peace to Advance Local Development

Marrakech - The condition of mutually enforcing bottom-up social development movements and enabling top-down laws, policies and treaties, assist ever more people and groups in coming-together to achieve the change they seek. It should be clear that if peace is to exist among humanity it is reflected in local circumstances and local conditions. After all, we as people directly experience the degrees of peace ...

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Analysis: Scotland to Stay Part of the United Kingdom

Marrakech - Ever since Bonnie Prince Charlie, the Stuart pretender to the English throne, led the 1745 Jacobite rebellion which was brutally suppressed by the Duke of Cumberland with Hanoverian troops at the battle of Culloden, there has always been an historical edge to the relationship between Scotland and England. After the death of James I who occupied both the English and Scottish thrones and sealed th ...

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Is Dictatorship the Destiny of North Africa and Middle East Region?

Mohammadia, Morocco - With the U.S. having just commemorated the victims of the 9/11 attacks, a new terrorist danger is looming over the Middle East. While the U.S. managed to gather an international coalition against Al Qaida in Afghanistan in retaliation for the attacks, its unilateral approach regarding regime change in Iraq was largely challenged by its closest allies in NATO, notably France and Germany ...

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Engaging Youth on Democracy: Optimism Supplants Frustration

New York - This 2014 day of democracy brings to the fore a great question - that begs an answer - facing the youth of the world and especially in countries in the Middle East and North Africa. How can widespread and apparently uncompromising socio-economic despondency be addressed in a sustainable manner? The answer lies in an applied action - through participatory democracy that engages individuals and com ...

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Where does the danger lie for Muslim youth of the West?

Rabat - I have asked this question to youngsters, fathers and mothers, educators, politicians, law enforcement personnel, and media professionals from the West. A synthesis of their answers could be "radical Islamism." The general feeling is that propagators of radical Islamist ideologies are reaching out to Muslim youth more efficiently and professionally than moderate or peaceful traditions of Islam have ...

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Mightier than the sword

Agadir - You have probably read or heard that the pen is mightier than the sword, well, that might be true but it often takes more than one single lifetime or more than a generation of people to witness that come true. Wise visions and inspiring ideas often take time to blossom in more than one head, given the fact that all people are not rational and therefore some are hard to convince or else are resistan ...

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Moroccan Authorities’ Ban on Amnesty International Youth Camp is Regrettable and Unwise

Washington DC — My work as a trainer during the 2002 Amnesty International (AI) Youth Camp in in Bouznika, Morocco, was memorable, rewarding and heartwarming. The meeting ,that gathered more than 40 youths from around the world including Palestinians and Israelis, showcased Morocco as a tolerant and open society. As such, Moroccan authorities’ decision to ban this year’s youth camp is regrettable, wrong and ...

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The establishment of the Islamic State of Libya (ISL) is imminent

Rabat - The Libya of today, is no more the Libya we used to know, it is changing for the worse, at the speed of light. The Islamists of Tripoli have gone the extra mile and have booted the last ministries of the government entrusted to rule the country by the elected assembly, out of the capital to their exile seat in Tobrouk. Their argument on that is that they did not get rid of the dictator Gadhafi to br ...

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