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Multiplier Effect vs. Domino Effect

Agadir - Regardless of whether it is fair or not, some people are endowed with superior inborn qualities that make the balance tip in their favor when compared to people of average or less than average inborn qualities. These may include but are not limited to health, intelligence and beauty. Other qualities/positive factors that are acquired or achieved and that can come into play beside the ones cited ear ...

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Moroccan Diaspora and Political Rights: Transforming Democratic Representativeness?

Rabat - As many Moroccan expatriates return home for the summer holidays, politicians are debating plans to guarantee their political representation. The mantra all politics is local is egregiously unbalanced. Modern Diasporas challenge contemporary notions of how political life should be organized. The millions of Moroccans residing outside the Kingdom play an important role in the development of the count ...

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Israeli Massacre in Gaza and the Fallacy of Human Rights

By Abdelkhalk Errechydy Benguerir, Morocco - The devastating war in Gaza has made it clear that human rights bear no more weight than mere words printed on blank sheets. Despite 'human rights', the Israeli military has demolished Gaza and turned it to hell. The universal declaration of human rights repeatedly stresses that all people around the world have the right to live regardless of their race, language ...

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The true Israeli agenda

By Abdellatif Zaki Rabat - "Israel has the right to defend its borders!" Assuming that is true, where are its borders? For this to be feasible, it would first have to withdraw to the 1967 borders. President Obama and his allies in Europe know that Israel is not defending its borders. They know it has been pushing them deeper and deeper into Palestinian Territories for decades and unlawfully establishing set ...

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Why the Two-State Solution is Wishful Thinking

Fez - For zionists who view all of historic Palestine as their God-given land, there is no room for a reasonable settlement to the dispute over the occupied territories of the West Bank and Gaza, for they believe that they are simply a biblical real estate endowment for the Jewish people, notwithstanding international law and UN resolutions. Their religiously-based argument, coupled with the ongoing Israeli ...

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Israel Exterminates Palestinians with Blessing of the “International Community”

By Abdellatif Zaki Rabat - Israel is not defending itself, but rather attempting to exterminate a nation with the support and blessing of traditional unconditional allies. "Israel has the right to defend itself" and has been doing so by shelling and bombarding civilians, killing infants and children. Israel is waging war against a people that have no economic influence, no standing army, no warplanes, no ta ...

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Decentralizing Municipalities in Morocco and Arab Spring Countries

New York - Decentralization _ as a way of structuring public administration, in order to give local people and communities more control over their own affairs and to promote human development _ is being closely considered for adoption by some Arab Spring countries. Historically, there is no left- or right-wing political outlook that is more inclined toward decentralizing power to sub-national levels. Right- ...

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Moroccan Darija vs Other Arab Countries’ Dialects

Ouarzazate, In the last four years, we have observed a growing phenomenon in the Arab musical field. Many Middle Eastern singers are increasingly attracted to the Moroccan dialect, “darija,” as a new singing style, and they are snapping up opportunities to be admired by the Moroccan public. I describe this as a weird phenomenon because darija has always been seen by Middle Easterners as an odd dialect. When ...

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This is Why Morocco Was Among King Felipe’s First Foreign Destination

New York - Following the abdication of former Spanish King Juan Carlos I and the coronation of King Felipe VI, Moroccans and others wondered whether the new Spanish monarch would manifest the same interest in Morocco and the same eagerness to cultivate a privileged relationship with King Mohammed VI. Still, others wondered whether this change in the Spanish throne would adversely affect the relations betwee ...

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Morocco’s Change of tactics in Western Sahara Dispute

By By Majid Morcelli  - San Francisco For the first time ever, Moroccan Foreign Minister Salaheddine Mezouar recently stated what has been obvious to many: “Our conflict today is not with the Polisario, but with Algeria, and all methods utilized by Algeria to erect obstacles to resolving the issue are pathetic.” In this new bluntness, Minister Mezouar hopes to send two messages to the world:  First, that th ...

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How Spain Has Managed to Maintain its Sovereignty over Ceuta and Melilla

New York - Since the independence of Morocco, Moroccan territorial claims on Ceuta and Melilla have often been at the center of the issues that have negatively impacted relations between Spain and Morocco. Perhaps this question would not have had the same negative impact on these relationships if Moroccan leaders had been more determined in the early sixties, during the height of decolonization, to resort t ...

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Letter to President Obama on the Suffering of Palestinians in Gaza

By Abdellatif Zaki - Rabat The Honorable Barak Obama, President, The United States of America Mr. President,  You may be aware that your ally, the one whose creation your nation contributed to, to whom you have committed your unconditional support, has been conducting an offensive on Gaza under the name "protective edge." You might also be aware that the Gaza Strip is the most population-dense area of the w ...

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