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Engaging Youth on Democracy: Optimism Supplants Frustration

New York - This 2014 day of democracy brings to the fore a great question - that begs an answer - facing the youth of the world and especially in countries in the Middle East and North Africa. How can widespread and apparently uncompromising socio-economic despondency be addressed in a sustainable manner? The answer lies in an applied action - through participatory democracy that engages individuals and com ...

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Where does the danger lie for Muslim youth of the West?

Rabat - I have asked this question to youngsters, fathers and mothers, educators, politicians, law enforcement personnel, and media professionals from the West. A synthesis of their answers could be "radical Islamism." The general feeling is that propagators of radical Islamist ideologies are reaching out to Muslim youth more efficiently and professionally than moderate or peaceful traditions of Islam have ...

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Mightier than the sword

Agadir - You have probably read or heard that the pen is mightier than the sword, well, that might be true but it often takes more than one single lifetime or more than a generation of people to witness that come true. Wise visions and inspiring ideas often take time to blossom in more than one head, given the fact that all people are not rational and therefore some are hard to convince or else are resistan ...

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Moroccan Authorities’ Ban on Amnesty International Youth Camp is Regrettable and Unwise

Washington DC — My work as a trainer during the 2002 Amnesty International (AI) Youth Camp in in Bouznika, Morocco, was memorable, rewarding and heartwarming. The meeting ,that gathered more than 40 youths from around the world including Palestinians and Israelis, showcased Morocco as a tolerant and open society. As such, Moroccan authorities’ decision to ban this year’s youth camp is regrettable, wrong and ...

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The establishment of the Islamic State of Libya (ISL) is imminent

Rabat - The Libya of today, is no more the Libya we used to know, it is changing for the worse, at the speed of light. The Islamists of Tripoli have gone the extra mile and have booted the last ministries of the government entrusted to rule the country by the elected assembly, out of the capital to their exile seat in Tobrouk. Their argument on that is that they did not get rid of the dictator Gadhafi to br ...

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Polisario and the Search for Another Card to Play

By Majid Morceli San Francisco – I had to sit through twelve agonizing minutes watching an interview of the head of the Polisario Mohammed Abdelaziz with the Algerian news agency APS. The first thing that I noticed was that he was very clear and sharp in his responses and he never once stumbled over an answer. Given this first impression, I had to look up his age, and to my surprise, he is 67 years old. He ...

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Lakhdar Ibrahimi: The Next President of Algeria?

Rabat - The unexpected resignation of the UN envoy for Syria, the seasoned Algerian diplomat Lakhdar Ibrahim from his lucrative and high –level diplomatic position has baffled more than one person. The man is certainly quite senior but he is in good health and definitely at the apogee of his diplomatic career. So why on earth would he leave his job? To stay in New York and enjoy his retirement with his fami ...

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Algeria: Firing Abdelaziz Belkhadem Should Be a Wake up Call for Morocco

By Majid Morceli San Francisco – Algerian authorities have been working very hard to eradicate the notion that Algeria has a system of corrupt governance. They have tried very hard to convince the world that the old regime is either dead or has gracefully retired. Many Algerians actually believe the government propaganda that they now live in a “new Algeria” ruled by folks who are capable and deserving. We ...

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A Lesson Israel and Hamas Should Remember

By Alon Ben-Meir New York - The ongoing war between Israel and Hamas is only reinforcing the notion that unlike previous ceasefire agreements, preventing repeated violent confrontations requires a fundamental change in the status quo. Hamas’ demand for the complete lifting of the blockade and Israel’s insistence on the demilitarization of Gaza suggests that small incremental steps, including easing the bloc ...

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Morocco Should Deepen South-South Cooperation with Africa

By El Mostafa Jamea Casablanca - I participated recently, along with colleagues serving in academia, governmental agencies, presidents’ offices, banks and parliaments in Sub Saharan Africa, in a workshop organized by the University of Pretoria. During the workshop, we had the chance to discuss and deliberate on economic and environmental governances, and also had the opportunity to meet senior managers from ...

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Gaza between War and Peace

Rabat - This summer, the poor and embattled inhabitants of Gaza have to endure hardships and heat from three factors: fasting Ramadan in the oppressive heat of the summer, to comply with one of the five pillars of Islam, the sweltering and humid heat of a Mediterranean summer and the fire and molten led showered onto them by the warplanes of the Tsahal. However, sadly, unlike in the past, where the whole wo ...

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Algeria’s Bouteflika: Hypocrisy at its Best

By Majid Morceli San Francisco - Let’s assume that Mr. Bouteflika, the four-term Algerian president, still has the capacity to preside over a country that is closed to the outside world in terms of how the country is governed. He made the following statement on the 20th of August, the Day of Mujahid. It was read on his behalf by one of his ministers. Also note that August 20 is also the King and the people' ...

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