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Autonomy plan

Western Sahara: Morocco’s Muffled Diplomatic Voice in Washington and New York

Washington DC - Every year, as time approaches the UN Security Council consultations on the Western Sahara conflict, Moroccan officials start a flurry of diplomatic activities to counter any “possible” negative outcomes. Unfortunately, seldom do these actions succeed in finding a lasting resolution to this simmering regional dispute. It may be time for Rabat to go back to the drawing board and review its in ...

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Tindouf Camps: Morocco Slams Human Rights Watch’s Report As ‘Deliberate Confusion’

Rabat-  Mahjoub El Haiba, Interministerial Delegate for Human Rights, slammed the "deliberate confusion" caused by Human Rights watch’s latest report on human rights in Tindouf. "It is important to note the deliberate confusion caused by the report which provides little credible data and biased and incomplete conclusions", Mr. El Haiba said in an exclusive interview with MAP. For El Haiba, the report feeds ...

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Spain Demands Release of Sahrawi Woman Held Captive In Tindouf

Madrid  -  The Spanish government demanded a swift solution to the situation of young Sahrawi woman Mahjouba Mohamed Hamdidaf, who is held captive in the camps of Tindouf since last summer.  A statement by the Spanish foreign affairs ministry, issued on Thursday, said that the government is following "with a lot of interest" this issue and demands a swift and positive solution to the situation of young Sahr ...

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Morocco’s Autonomy for Western Sahara “Serious, Realistic, Credible”: US Ambassador

Rabat  - US ambassador in Morocco, Dwight Bush, reiterated Washington's support to the Moroccan autonomy proposal in the ‘Western Sahara’, which it has repeatedly welcomed as "serious, realistic and credible". "We continue to consider as serious, realistic and credible the autonomy proposal made by Morocco to settle the dispute", the US diplomat said in an interview with Moroccan "Al Massae" daily. He insis ...

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HWR: Algeria Legally Responsible for Ensuring Respect for Human Rights in Tindouf Camps

Algiers  - While the Polisario governs the refugee camps in Tindouf, Algeria ultimately has the responsibility to ensure the protection of the rights of all persons on its soil, Human Rights Watch said Saturday in Algiers. "Algeria should publicly acknowledge its legal responsibility for ensuring respect for the rights of everyone on its territory, including residents of the Polisario-run refugee camps", HW ...

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HRW urges Polisario to allow Mahjouba to exercise her right to freedom

Algiers  -  Human Rights Watch (HRW) called on the Polisario to allow the young Sahrawi women Mahjouba Mohamed Hamdidaf, held in captivity in the Tindouf camps, to exercise her rights of freedom and movement. "Illegal confinement of a person is a serious criminal offense", HWR recalled during a press conference on human rights violations in the Tindouf camps. The front Polisario, which "governs the camps sh ...

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Moroccan, Spanish NGOs Condemn Detention of Saharawi Woman in Tindouf

Madrid  - Moroccan and Spanish associations as well as political parties' sections in Catalonia (north-eastern Spain) called to stage demonstrations to protest against detaining, since last summer, a young Sahrawi holding the Spanish nationality in the camps of Tindouf (south Algeria), in breach of basic principles of human rights and people's free movement. The coordinator of Morocco's USFP party in Spain ...

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‘Western Sahara’: Morocco Sees ‘No Alternative’ to Negotiations on Autonomy Initiative

United Nations - Morocco "sees no alternative to negotiations on the Autonomy Initiative" to settle the ‘Western Sahara’ issue, Morocco's Ambassador, permanent representative to the United Nations, Omar Hilale, said Tuesday. "This is no take it or leave it. It is negotiable, amendable and improved. However, it cannot be ruled out, set aside or substituted by any other proposal," the Moroccan diplomat said b ...

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UN settlement plan for Sahara, ‘inapplicable’: Former UNSG Representative

New York (UN)  - Former Special representative of the UN Secretary General Erik Jensen reiterated Thursday in New York the "inapplicability and non-feasibility of the UN settlement plan for the ‘Western Sahara’ issue. After recalling the major historical stages of this artificial conflict before the 193 UN member states during a meeting of the UN 4th Commission, Jensen said that the 40-year old census made ...

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US NGO urges population in Tindouf to seize opportunity of Morocco’s autonomy plan

New York (UN)  - American NGO "Teach the Children International" urged Wednesday the Sahrawi population in the Tindouf camps in Algeria "to abandon the role of the victim imposed on them" by the leaders of the Polisario and "seize the opportunity offered by the Moroccan autonomy initiative, the only way to enhance their living conditions and restore their dignity". "Diplomacy may have good resonance, but wh ...

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Morocco-Algeria: The New Strategy, is it Good Enough?

Majid Morcelli San Francisco- Morocco is not helping its sacred cause by asking Algeria to be part of the solution. Just as Morocco will never accept losing one inch of its Sahara, Algeria too will never allow itself to lose the fight against Morocco. The Moroccan Minister Delegate for Foreign Affairs Mbarka Bouaida said that “Algeria is a direct party to the conflict over the Moroccan Sahara and should inv ...

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Morocco Slams Algeria’s Attitude on Human Rights in Western Sahara

Geneva- Morocco condemned, here Thursday, Algeria's position on human rights in the Western Sahara, criticizing its "hostile and irresponsible attitude". "We reject Algeria's false allegations concerning alleged violations of human rights in the Sahara," chargé d'affaires of Morocco in Geneva Hassan Boukili said before the UN Human Rights Council in a reaction to the statement of the Algerian ambassador, in ...

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