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Video Challenges Amnesty International Claims Over Torture of Prisoners in Western Sahara

Rabat - In response to the allegations spread by Amnesty International and some international news agency, which claimed that seven inmates from the prison in Laayoune, in the Moroccan territory in what is commonly known as Western Sahara, observed a hunger strike and were tortured by Moroccan authorities, a videotape posted on YouTube challenges the fabricated accusations propagated by the human right watc ...

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Western Sahara: Morocco Says Algeria should Be Involved in Search for Solution

Madrid - “Algeria is a direct party to the conflict over the Moroccan Sahara and should involve itself in the search for a solution to this problem,” said Minister Delegate for Foreign Affairs Mbarka Bouaida. "There is a direct party to this conflict which is Algeria and it should admit it and get involved in the search for a solution to this problem," Bouaida told Spanish new agency "EFE" on the sidelines ...

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Morocco Slams Algeria’s ‘Blatant Involvement’ in Western Sahara Dispute

Geneva - Morocco on Wednesday condemned the "blatant involvement" and "biased attitude" of Algeria in the Western Sahara issue, in flat contradiction with its observer status.  "The international community is fully informed of the true geopolitical reasons that motivate Algeria in its approach to the Moroccan Sahara before this Council," chargé d'affaires of Morocco in Geneva Hassan Boukili said before the ...

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Polisario Police Officer Denounces ‘Humanitarian Abuses’ in Tindouf Camps

Rabat - A new leaked video shows a police officer from the Polisario Front military group describing the suffering of the Sahrawi people living in the Tindouf camps in Algeria. He calls upon international human rights organizations to take action against "human rights abuses in the camps." The video was released by Laayoune TV on YouTube on Saturday. It shows a police officer, who has been working for the P ...

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Polisario Front Attempts to Incite Chaos in Morocco

Rabat - The Polisario Front is hoping to drag Morocco into an atmosphere of chaos and crisis through urging separatist students to escalate their struggles against the Moroccan government as well as increase their mobilization across universities in the country. Along with the Human Rights card it uses against Morocco in the Western Sahara conflicts, the Polisario Front strives to use separatist students to ...

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Western Sahara: Moroccan FM calls on Algeria to fully shoulder its responsibilities

Rabat - Moroccan Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Salaheddine Mezouar, called on Algeria to fully shoulder its responsibilities in searching for a solution to the Western Sahara issue, similarly to Algiers' involvement in this regional dispute.  "Algeria should fully shoulder its responsibilities in searching for a solution similarly to its military, political and diplomatic involvement in the o ...

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Sahara Issue: solution neither in New York nor Tindouf but in Algiers, Omar Hilale

New York (UN) - Any breakthrough in negotiations over the Moroccan Sahara issue requires a "sincere and good faith" commitment by all parties, especially by Algeria. This country, in particular, must show the necessary political will to break the deadlock over the process, said Moroccan ambassador to the UN, Omar Hilale. Morocco has met its obligations in the search for a political, lasting and mutually-acc ...

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Morocco Rejects African Union Decision to Appoint a Special Envoy for Western Sahara

Rabat - Morocco rejected this Tuesday the African Union's decision to appoint what it called a special envoy for the Western Sahara issue, says a release of the ministry of foreign affairs and cooperation.  The release said Morocco "does not, in any way, feel concerned by this unilateral decision", and denied to the AU any "legal ground nor a political base or moral legitimacy to intervene, in any way, in t ...

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Despite Government Change, Panama reiterates support for Morocco on Western Sahara

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic - The government of Panama reaffirmed on Thursday its support to Morocco on the Western Sahara issue and to the integrity of Moroccan territory, despite the expected government change in July. Panama's Deputy Foreign Minister, Mayra Arosemena, whose country had officially suspended last November recognition of the so-called Sahrawi Republic, considering that the entity does no ...

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Families of Polisario victims call UN to investigate shooting of two Sahrawis by Algerian servicemen

Geneva - The coordination of families of the Polisario Sahrawi victims called on Wednesday the UN special rapporteurs to ask Algeria to investigate last January's death of two Sahrawis who were shot by the Algerian army. In a letter addressed to four UN rapporteurs, the association says investigation should be conducted immediately to shed light on circumstances of this tragedy. Two Sahrawi youth were shot ...

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NAM expresses support for UN-led negotiations process on ‘Western Sahara’

Rabat - The Ministerial Conference of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) stressed, Thursday following its meeting in Algiers, support for the process of negotiations on the regional dispute over the "Western Sahara" under the aegis of the United Nations in order to achieve a "mutually acceptable political solution." NAM foreign ministers "welcomed the process of negotiations held under the auspices of the Secre ...

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Families of Victims of Gdim Izik Events Send Letter to Navy Pillay

Rabat - Families and friends of the victims of the events of Gdim Izik drew the attention of UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay, on the double-standard approach adopted by international human rights institutions, including the UN specialized bodies, vis-à-vis this issues.  “We, the Coordination of the families and friends of the victims of the events of Gdim lzik, are writing to you to draw ...

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