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Brazil’s Town of Beauties Makes Appeal for Single Men

Rabat - A village in Brazil filled with over 600 attractive young women has made an appeal for single men.  But there is one condition: men must follow their rules. Noiva do Cordeiro, a small town located deep in the countryside of south-east Brazil, entirely  populated by attractive women, has reportedly adopted a “no men allowed” policy, since 1890s. Under the town of beauties law, sons are sent away once ...

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Young Moroccan Women Lured by Jihadists in Syria

Casablanca - An alarming phenomenon was recently highlighted in the bulk of Moroccan news media: young Moroccan women are joining the Jihadist movement ISIL. In its issue for this weekend, the Moroccan daily Al Ahdath Al Maghribiya presents accounts of several Moroccan women, of various ages and from different social classes, who joined ISIL as early as the beginning of the civil war in Syria. One of these ...

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Saudi Men Banned From Marrying Bengali, Pakistani, Chadian, Burmese Women

Meknes - A new law in Saudi Arabia bans men from Marrying Bengali, Pakistani, Chadian and Burmese women, while it sets new restrictive rules on marrying Moroccan women. According to the Saudi daily Makkah newspaper, any Saudi man who wishes to marry a Moroccan woman has to prove that her profile is free of any crimes and serious diseases, and that she is not a drug addict. Even though a Moroccan woman’s pro ...

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India: City of Guwahati Launched Buses for Women Only

Casablanca - The Indian city of Guwahati now has eight buses that only women are allowed to ride. This aims to stop the constant harassment they face, such as groping and staring. The state chief secretary Jitesh Khosla and district transport officials provided eight buses for women in Guwahati. In addition, boys under the age of eight will also be allowed to use the special buses. There are also special bu ...

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“Bastards”: A Documentary Film on Child Marriage in Morocco

Casablanca - "Bastards," a documentary film on child marriage in Morocco, shows women in their battles to gain legal recognition for their children, as well as for their forced marriages. One of these women is Rabha El Haimer, who openly shared her story with the award-winning documentary film maker, Deborah Perkin. On July 11,”Bastards” was released in the United Kingdom by documentary film maker, Deborah ...

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Human Rights Watch: Moroccan Government Should End the Criminalization of Homosexuality

Casablanca - Morocco’s Islam-based penal code punishes those convicted of the crime of “homosexuality” with six months to three years in jail, a sentence that Human Rights Watch (HRW) says cannot be tolerated.  According to Human Rights Watch (HRW), the discrimination against homosexuals “violates fundamental human rights protected by international law.” The organization’s position that Morocco should end t ...

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Sentence Reduced for Two Moroccans Accused of Homosexuality

By Sapha Bouamara Rabat - Two Moroccans were sentenced to prison for “homosexuality”in Fqih Bensaleh. Their sentences were reduced after their defense lawyer said his clients were “victims of society.” Last May, a tribunal in the north-western city of Fkih Ben Saleh, 120 miles (200 kilometers) from Casablanca, sentenced six Moroccan men to three years imprisonment for “homosexuality.” On July 3, two of the ...

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Underage Marriage in Morocco Not Eradicated

By Malak Mihraje Rabat - Salima Dakani, 19, married at 16. She escaped a torturous husband and is now taking refuge at an association in Rabat, which provides shelter as well as employment opportunities. Salima Dakani says she was only 15 when she married an abusive man with whom she had two children. Dakani claims her husband locked her up and even electrocuted her once until she foamed from the mouth. "To ...

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International Workshop in Fez recommends implementing laws to stop violence against women

Fez - Isis Center for Women and Development, an NGO based in Fez, held on 20-22 June an international workshop on the state of women’s rights after the Arab Spring in partnership with the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung – Rabat, Kvinfo (Denmark), INLAC Fez, and Aalborg University (Denmark). Conscious of the fact that women’s rights are a genuine barometer of the democratic process, the state of women's rights thre ...

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Morocco: MPs Condemns Alleged Law Banning Single Women From Staying in Hotels

Taroudant, Morocco - Controversy has arisen after Istiqlal MP Naima Ben Yahya asked a question, during an oral questions session in the House of Representatives on Tuesday, about the existence of a law preventing single women from staying in hotels. Naima Ben Yahya claimed that many hotel owners prohibit single women from booking a room in their hotels. The Istiqlal MP considered such practices unlawful, sa ...

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Moroccan NGOs Protest Addoha’s Ad for “Disrespecting” Moroccan Women

Casablanca - A new ad by Morocco’s Addoha real estate group, broadcasted on television channel 2M, created a commotion on social media for casting Moroccan women in a negative light. The ad also outraged feminist NGOs in Morocco. After its very first broadcast on 2M, Addoha’s ad made waves on Moroccan social media, mainly for describing Moroccan women as “a burden.” The ad also came under fire for depicting ...

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Morocco’s Prime Minister Comes Under Fire for Remarks on Women

Fez - Prime Minister Benkirane is under fire for his statements to Parliament regarding the role of women earlier this week. The prime minister, and head of the Justice and Development Party, made an impassioned speech suggesting that a women’s place is in the household rather than in the workplace. “Today many women cannot find time to get married, be a mother or bring up children,” Benkirane said in Arabi ...

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