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AMPA and MENACA Co-Host Ramadan Iftar in Washington

Washington D.C - The Association of Moroccan Professionals in America (AMPA) and the Middle East and North African Consultants Association (MENACA) joined forces in co-hosting a well attended iftar dinner at Mazagan Restaurant on the outskirts of Washington D.C. on Tuesday. The event was MENACA’s first iftar event, and one of eight concurrent iftar events held by AMPA around the U.S. and in Morocco on the s ...

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Moroccan Mouad Daouik wins beautiful Quran recitation award in Dubai

Tinejdad, Morocco- Morocco's Mouad Daouik won Wednesday night the “Most Beautiful Recitation” contest in the 18th session of the Dubai International Holy Quran Award (DIHQA), which concluded on Friday. According to Khaleejtimes, Daouik, 21,  beat 15 other competitors from African countries, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Bangladesh, Brunei, Afghanistan, Qatar and the United Kingdom. Adjudged on the basis of melodious ...

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Karen Armstrong’s Biography of Prophet Muhammad Dispels Prejudice

Fez - Karen Armstrong is a British author and commentator known for her books on comparative religion. Her works, which are mainly concerned with Islam and the Prophet Muhammad (PPBUH), have stirred tremendous debate and controversy. The West vs. East controversy is a long lasting issue that obsessed the minds and feelings of scholars and lay people alike. Some were seriously involved in the issue, in searc ...

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Morocco: Foreigners Struggle to Adapt to Ramadan Atmosphere

By Malak Mihraje Rabat - As the streets fill with people after Iftar, cafes swarm with hungry families. At a side-café in Agdal, Moroccans and foreigners alike gather around the small wooden tables, spooning Harira into their mouths with speed. Adriana, a Norwegian woman in her forties sits, murmuring pleasantries and sipping coffee with her Moroccan husband Mohammed. When asked about Morocco during Ramdan, ...

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Morocco Police Arrest Alleged Assailant of a Rabbi

Rabat - A suspect was arrested on Monday morning following an assault against Rabbi Moshe Ohayon last Friday in Casablanca. According to Maghreb Arab Press (MAP), Casablanca’s authorities stated that the “suspect’s behavior indicates that he suffers from mental disorder.” According to the same source, the suspect was arrested while he was attacking another Jew by stoning him in Al-Khawarizmi Avenue, Casabla ...

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Morocco Rabbi Attacked over Israel’s Air War on Gaza

Tinjdad, Morocco - Moroccan Rabbi Moshe Ohayon was brutally attacked Friday, July 11 around 6:30pm by a young man in Casablanca, near the Windsor Hotel, over Israel’s deadly air offensive on Gaza, according to TelQuel. The Moroccan French Magazine said that while Moshe Ohayon walked toward the synagogue, as usual, to his prayers, an unidentified young man "well dressed," stopped him. The unidentified assail ...

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Morocco donates batches of holy Quran to Tijanes association in Dakar

Dakar -  A donation composed of batches of the holy Quran, issued by the Mohammed VI Foundation for holy Quran publishing, was handed, on Friday in the Senegalese capital, to the Tijanes association in Dakar. The donation, put at the disposal of the Moroccan embassy in Senegal by the ministry of endowment and Islamic affairs, is made on the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan. This action is part of a glo ...

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Ramadan fasting where the sun remains for weeks, what to do?

Tinejdad, Morocco- In conformity with Islamic teachings, Muslims are required to fast from dawn to sunset during the holy month of Ramadan. Yet, in some parts of the world, this rule is not always realistic. While Muslims around the world break their fast at sunset (having fasted 20 hours maximum in some places), the Muslim minority living in Kiruna, the northernmost town in Sweden, would have to wait weeks ...

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Muslim Students in Xinjiang Face Expulsion for Observing Ramadan

Tinejdad, Morocco- Following the ban on fasting during Ramadan imposed by the Chinese government on Muslims in the province of Xinjiang, Kashgar Normal College,  located in the far west province of Xinjiang, has issued a memo warning Muslim Uyghur students  to be expelled if they fast during Ramadan. According to Radio Free Asia, the Kashgar Normal College "warned ethnic minority Muslim Uyghur students who ...

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ISIS Leader Lashes Out at Moroccan Islamists

Casblanca - Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of the so-called “Caliphate” established by the Islamic State (IS) in Iraq and the Levant, called on all Muslims, especially from Morocco to "obey." In a recent video circulating social media, IS attacks Moroccan political and religious figures such as Omar Haddouchi, Mustapha Ramid and Abdeslam Yassine. The members of the organization criticize the intentions of ...

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London Rabbi To Observe Ramadan Fasting

Tinjdad, Morocco - Orthodox Jewish rabbi Natan Levy, who is one of the leaders of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, is taking part in the Islamic holy month of Ramadan by fasting, like millions of Muslims around the world. According to the International Business Times (IBT), the 40-year-old religious leader is observing the Islamic month of fasting, “hoping to increase understanding between Jews and Mu ...

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China: Uyghur Muslims Defy Ramadan Fasting Ban

Tinejdad, Morocco - Following the ban on fasting during Ramadan imposed by the Chinese government on Muslims in the province of Xinjiang, Uyghur Muslims defied the authorities started observing Ramadan and regularly performing their prayers, stating defiantly that “the restrictions have backfired.” According to Aljazeera, the ban runs counter to the expectations of the Chinese authorities. “Not only have lo ...

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