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German Imams to Lead Friday Protests Against ISIS

Taroudant, Morocco - With the growing threat posed by the Islamic State known as ISIS or ISIL, the whole world is coming together to face the danger imposed by the radical group that calls itself Islamic State. German Muslims will rally together during the Jumuah prayers, a congregational prayer that Muslims hold every Friday, to protest against ISIS jihadists, and denounce the barbaric atrocities perpetrat ...

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Inauguration of Pro-gay Mosque in South Africa Sparks Controversy

Washington D.C. - Controversy surrounded the opening of what is proclaimed to be South Africa’s first ‘open mosque’ Friday, when a small group of people protested outside the gates at the mosque’s inaugural prayer.   The mosque, which welcomes people from all genders, religions and sexual orientations, was founded by Taj Hargey, a professor at the Muslim Educational Center of Oxford. “In South Africa 20 yea ...

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Pamella Geller Launches Anti-Islam Ads on New York Buses

Marrakech - Pamela Geller, described by one journalist as the “Queen of the Islam-bashers”, is the founder of the organization Stop the Islamization of America with Robert Spencer. It is linked the organizations Stop Islamization of Nations and Stop Islamization of  Europe.  She has been widely criticized from propagating extreme anti-Islamic views and failing to distinguish between Jihadist radicals and ma ...

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British Muslims Launch Campaign Against ISIS

Taroudant, Morocco- A group of young British Muslims launched a campaign to reject the Islamic state, whose acts of violence in recent weeks has sparked international denunciation. Following the murder of David Haines, the latest in a series of violent murders committed by the Islamic state, the campaign was launched to urge Muslims in Britain to denounce the acts of ISIS carried in the name of Islam. Led b ...

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French Court Condemns Carrefour for Firing Moroccan veiled woman

Rabat- The French multinational retailer Carrefour was condemned Thursday by the industrial tribunal of Lyon for having fired a Moroccan veiled cashier in 2010. The Board of “Prud'hommes” in Lyon ordered Carrefour to pay 10,000 euros in compensation to Hafida Treille, of Moroccan origins, who was fired after refusing to take off her veil. The judges said that Carrefour dismissed the veiled cashier"withoutre ...

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British Government to Curb Muslim Brotherhood Activities in London

Marrakech - In an exclusive article The Daily Telegraph reported that the British government will curtail Muslim Brotherhood activities and visits to London by activists following a report by Sir John Jenkins, Britain’s Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, which was commissioned by Prime Minister David Cameron. The report highlighted Muslim Brotherhood links with terrorists and armed groups in the Middle East. The D ...

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Tunisian woman allegedly burned pages of Quran with cigarette

Taroudant, Morocco - A Tunisian woman based in Paris has received a massive flood of accusations because she has allegedly "burned a page of the Quran with her cigarette." The Tunisian website Bouyafar published photos of a woman who desecrated the pages of Holy Quran by her cigarette. The same source said that Khadija Ben Ayed, a Tunisian living in Paris, burned and desecrated the Quran and posted the phot ...

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Morocco, Guinea Sign Draft Agreement to Train 500 Guinean Imams

Rabat - A draft agreement to train 500 Guinean imams (religious leaders) in Morocco was signed on Wednesday in Rabat, in the presence of Guinea's PM Mohamed Said Fofana. Signed by minister of endowments and Islamic Affairs Ahmed Toufiq and secretary general of Guinea's religious affairs ministry Hadj Abdellah Jassi, the agreement touches on the training, in the first place, of 100 imams currently working in ...

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Sufism: Remembrance of God, Love and the Company of the Saint

By Nassim Chaoui Ghali Rabat - Nowadays, we hear of Sufism often. While many claim that the word “Sufism” is invented, others claim that the origin of the word traces back to Roman and Greek culture. Nevertheless, the concept of Sufism, at times translated as mysticism, refers to everyone following the path of the prophet’s companions who used to meet at the prophet’s mosque. These followers read the Holy Q ...

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France, Leading Country for Jewish Emigration to Israel

Rabat- The rise in anti-Semitic sentiment has seen the Jewish community in France leaving the country for Israel in unprecedented numbers. According to a leading Jewish group, more Jews have left France to Israel so far this year than from any other country, blaming a "climate of anti-Semitism to be the reason behind this "New Age" exodus of the French Jewish community. "France is today the leading country ...

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Self-styled ‘Sharia Police Officers’ Try to Impose Islamic Law in Germany

Rabat- Police in the German city of Wuppertal are reportedly investigating a case of a group of men who call themselves the "Sharia police." The group has been observed patrolling the streets and urging Muslims living in the German city to refrain from things like drinking or gambling or any sort of entertainment that would contravene the Islamic teachings. According to German media reports, the group which ...

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Iran: a Man Sentenced to Death for Insulting the Prophet

Rabat- An Iranian social media activist has been reportedly sentenced to death for his alleged insult of the prophet Mohammed (PBUH). On Sunday, the Tehran-based court reportedly sentenced Souhail Arabi, a 30-year-old social media activist to death and 3 years in prison, over’ insulting the prophet charges’, local media reported. Souhail Arabi who is the father of 5-year-old child was detained in Evin priso ...

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