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Malaysia: Muslims who Skip Friday Prayers Face Jail Sentence

Taroudant, Morocco - Muslim men in Kelantan, Malaysia, who are caught skipping Friday prayers three weeks in a row with no reasonable excuse may face a one-year jail sentence, according to the Kelantan Islamic Development Council, dakwah. Mohd Nassuruddin Daud, chairperson of the Council, said, “Those who have reached the age of maturity and have no concrete reason for skipping Friday prayers can be charged ...

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Morocco Pays Tribute To Swedish Ambassador Who Converted to Islam

Marrakech - Mohammed Knut Johan Richard Bernström, a former Swedish diplomat, was born on Oct 22, 1919 and passed away on Oct 21, 2009. He converted to Islam, and, after he mastered Arabic and learned Quran by heart, he translated the Quran into the Swedish language. As a diplomat, he worked in Spain, France, Soviet Union, United States, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela and Morocco. He was the Swedish ambassador ...

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Al Azhar Suspends Author of Fatwa on Eid El Adha in Morocco

Taroudant, Morocco - Following the controversy created earlier this month by Youssef Eid, Secretary General of the Fatwa at Al-Azhar Mosque in Egypt, over the legitimacy of the Moroccan celebration of Eid Al Adha, Abbas Schumann, head of Al-Azhar Mosque, suspended the cleric from practicing any work related to the Fatwa. According to the Egyptian website Elfagr, Al-Azhar University, under the direct supervi ...

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Journals of a Moroccan Fulbrighter in America (8): The story of an American convert to Islam

Austin - Kevin is a young American who converted to Islam more than a year ago. I had noticed that, whenever he mentioned the name of the Prophet Mohammad in class, he would always utter the expression: “Peace be upon Him”. For some time, I thought he did that out of respect for the Muslim audience rather than for the Prophet. I didn’t find out about his conversion until the day of the Eid when he joined us ...

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Saudi Security Guard Slaps a Hajji in Mecca

Taroudant, Morocco - A video posted on YouTube shows one of the Saudi security guards slapping and screaming at a Hajji in the presence of women who seems to be his wife. The incident took place during the annual pilgrimage, or hajj, a duty that every Muslim, who can afford it, must fulfil once in their lifetime. In an act of humiliation, the security personnel pushed aside a woman, who stood between him an ...

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American Rabbi Calls for Extermination of Muslims

New York - In an alarming hate speech that went unreported in American mainstream media, an American Rabbi called simply for extermination of Muslims and a “holy crusade” against them. In a sermon he delivered on September 29, Rabbi Shalom Lewis from Congregation Etz Chaim in the state of Georgia, said Muslims are “guilty” of terrorism and should be “exterminated.” This sermon against Islam comes three year ...

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Journals of a Moroccan Fulbrighter in America (7): Happy Eid

Austin - The Eid is undoubtedly one of the occasion in which you will be reminded that you are a stranger, no matter how used you may be to your new life. If there were no Arab Muslims around you and you had no connection with home, you might be able to forget about the Eid altogether, but that was not the case with me. The first thing that strikes me about Muslims in America is the relation they make betwe ...

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Eid Celebration as Experienced in and outside of Morocco

By Zahra Astitou Granada – It is the day of Eid Al Adha; all the family members have woken up early and the spirits are high. The women are preparing a delicious, elaborate breakfast and the men make their way to the mosque for the Eid prayer and the sermon afterwards. When the men come back from the mosque, a member of the family or a butcher then sacrifices the ram. Sometimes you can even see a butcher ro ...

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New York Still Allows Surveillance of Muslims

Marrakech- Civil rights activists accused New York City authorities on Tuesday of continuing to support discriminatory police surveillance of Muslims. The complaints stem from a city appeal against a federal judge’s decision that the practice of discriminatory surveillance against Muslims is unlawful. The city urged that the surveillance was a lawful way to detect terrorist threats. The judge’s decision in ...

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Egypt’s Al Azhar Cleric Says Eid Al-Adha in Morocco is Invalid

Tinjedad, Morocco -Scholars from Egypt’s Al-Azhar Mosque questioned today the legitimacy of the Moroccan celebration of Eid Al Adha. Unlike most Muslim countries, where the holiday was celebrated on Saturday, Morocco celebrated Eid Al-Adha on Sunday. According to El-balad, Youssef Eid, Secretary General of the Fatwa at Al-Azhar Mosque, said that Morocco’s celebration of the first day of Eid al-Adha today “i ...

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This is Why Muslims Celebrate Eid Al Adha Holiday

By Yassine El Hattch Rabat - Eid Al-Adha, called in Morocco Eid Al-Kabir, refers to ‘The Great Eid’ and is a famous and religious festival that is celebrated all over the Islamic world. It is celebrated on the tenth of Dhou Al-hijja each lunar year of the Islamic calendar. Religiously speaking, the root of this festival goes back to Abramham, who is deemed the father of all the Abrahamic religions: Christia ...

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USA: Muslim Students Work to Feed the Homeless

Tinjedad, Morocco- As winter draws near, Muslim students at the University of Michigan have launched "Project Downtown", a program that aims to provide meals to the homeless. With this a philanthropic initiative, the Muslim students aim to provide a free meal to the homeless and reach out to the wider community. Dissatisfied with the plight of homeless and needy individuals in their city, the students are g ...

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