Video: Caftan Show 2015 in Marrakech

The 19th edition of the flagship event of Moroccan high couture “Caftan 2015," was organized Saturday April 11  in Marrakesh. Abdelhanine Raouh, Meryem Boussikouk, Khadija El Houjouji, Siham El Habti, Amal Belcaid, Kacem Sahl, Nabila Shihab, Amina Boussayri, Radia Harmouchi, Meriem Belkhayat, Samira Mhaidi Knouzi, Nisreen Ezzaki Bakkali, Safae Ibrahimi, Meriam Bouafi, Naddia Boutaleb, Salima Boussouni El Ho ...

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Reverse Sexual Harassment, When Men Are Harassed

Rabat - The website Buzzkito posted a video on YouTube showing reversed sexual harassment. Opposite of what actually happens, a group of pretty women tried to harass and abuse men in the streets to raise awareness of sexual harassment in Morocco on the occasion of March 8, which is International Women's Day. In this social experiment, some women used verbal attacks, physical touching, insults, and sometimes ...

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So Inspiring: Celebrate Your Birthday in a Different Way

Fez - We normally celebrate our birthdays with our families or friends and we receive gifts from them. Chaymae El Ghareb, a Moroccan student who pursues her studies in the Department of Information and Communication at Dhar Mehraz Fez Sais Faculty, has tried to celebrate her birthday in a different and original way. She chose to celebrate it with strangers with whom she has no relation. The majority of thes ...

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