Asking Strangers For Food: Very Touching Story

New York - A group of people conducted a social experiment in the streets of New York. They wanted to see whether people who, were eating next to pizzeria, were generous to share their slices of pizza with a hungry young man. A young man from the group told a number of individuals who were eating pizza that he was very hungry, in an attempt to get a slice of their pizza. In vain, the man was faced with a ne ...

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Video: In the Heart of Morocco

"Yasmine El Baggari is traveling around the world to depict stories and understand how hospitality is defined across cultures, as well as the identity and heritage of indigenous and traditional communities. With a dedicated team of photographers and film-makers, she is currently traveling around Morocco to interact with the Moroccan people. As she is in the process of building her platform Voyaj (www.voyaj. ...

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