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Video: Gay Man Brutally Assaulted by Angry Mob in Fez

Fez - A young gay man was reportedly beaten brutally and humiliated by an angry mob on Monday in the street on Hassan II in Fez. According to Alyoum24, dozens of angry men attacked the gay man and booed him after he got out of a taxi. He was later rescued by the police. The same source said that one of the police officers was forced to draw his gun on the angry people to disperse them. In the video posted o ...

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Video: Wedding of Prince Moulay Abdellah and Lamia Solh

A rare video posted on YouTube on Wednesday shows the marriage ceremony of the late Prince Moulay Abdellah, and Lamia Solh, daughter of the former Lebanese Prime Minister, Riyad Solh. Prince Moulay Abdellah was the brother of the late King Hassn II uncle of King Mohammed VI. He had three children: Prince Moulay Hicham, Princess Lalla Zineb and Prince Moulay Ismail. He died in 1983. The wedding ceremony was ...

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Video: Vin Diesel in Morocco’s Desert

Along with his co-stars Steve Martin, Kristen Stewart, Chris Tucker, Joe Alwyn, and Garrett Hedlund, Vin Diesel has begun filming his upcoming war movie in Morocco. Supposed to be based in Iraq, just like for the previous Hollywood blockbuster “American sniper” and many more, the film’s producers chose the Moroccan Sahara as the perfect location. ...

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Washington Highlights Morocco’s Comprehensive Strategy in Counterterrorism

Washington - The US Department of State highlighted, on Friday in Washington, the "comprehensive" aspect of the Moroccan counterterrorism strategy. "Morocco has a comprehensive counterterrorism strategy that includes vigilant security measures, regional and international cooperation, and counter-radicalization policies," wrote the US Country Reports on Terrorism 2014. It added that "the government has publi ...

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