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Video: More Floods in Southern Morocco

New torrential rains have hit some parts of southern Morocco. The video posted on YouTube on Friday shows the deleterious of bad the wave of bath is hitting several parts of the country. Over 36 people were killed due to the floods that hit the Morocco’s southern regions last weekend. ...

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Floods in Morocco: Driver Miraculously Escapes Death

A video posted on YouTube shows a Moroccan driver and person accompanying him miraculously escape death in the flooding that hit southern Morocco last weekend. The video shows the truck falling inside a river flooded by the torrential rains that hit the region. But my miracle the two people managed to cling to the top of his truck. People who witnessed this breathtaking scene are heard telling them to keep ...

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Rich Kids of Morocco Display their Wealth on Instagram

Taroudant - Moroccan teenagers belonging to wealthy families have joined a social media phenomenon that has attracted rich kids of the world. Inspired by Rich Kids of Instagram, Moroccan kids from well-to-do families use RichKidsofMorocco on Instagram to display their extravagant lifestyle and share with others their luxurious possessions. The Morocco-based Rich Kids of Instagram account appeared on Instagr ...

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