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Video: Moroccan PM Dances to the Rhythm of Ahouach

A video posted on YouTube shows Abdellilah Benkirane, the Moroccan Head of Government, along with other members of his party, PJD, dancing with an Ahouach band, a folklore style of music and dance from southern Morocco. The video footage was shot during Benkirane’s participation in the closing ceremony of the PJD’s awareness campaign for registration in the electoral roll on Saturday in Agadir. ...

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Reverse Sexual Harassment, When Men Are Harassed

Rabat - The website Buzzkito posted a video on YouTube showing reversed sexual harassment. Opposite of what actually happens, a group of pretty women tried to harass and abuse men in the streets to raise awareness of sexual harassment in Morocco on the occasion of March 8, which is International Women's Day. In this social experiment, some women used verbal attacks, physical touching, insults, and sometimes ...

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