Video: Is ‘Pink Viagra’ for Women Safe, Sexy or a Hoax?

“Pink Viagra”, the first medication designed to increase sexual desire in women, has been approved by the FDA. The approval of the medication, called flibanserin, which will be marketed as Addyi by Sprout Pharmaceuticals, offers women who want to increase their sex drive a once-a-day pink-colored pill. Is “pink Viagra” safe, and will it catch on? We look at the controversial new libido pill on the Lip News ...

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Video: Indonesian Plane Missing

An Indonesian twin-turboprop aircraft carrying 54 people lost contact with air traffic control on Sunday in the remote, forested eastern Papua region, the National Search and Rescue Agency (BASARNAS) said. ...

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Video: Suicide Bomber Kills 13 at Mosque in Saudi Arabia

The terrorist detonated a "shahid belt" in a mosque in the south of Saudi Arabia, in the province of Asir. Killed 17 people, injured another 30, said the publication "Al-Sharq al-Awsat." It is known that among the dead were students. According to unofficial reports, the bomb was hidden under a prayer rug. ...

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Video: Undocumented Migrants Scale Fence Between Morocco Spanish Enclave

Spanish and Moroccan police have thwarted a fresh attempt by dozens of African migrants to try to scale border fences and enter the Spanish enclave of Melilla illegally. Some 25 migrants remained atop the fences hours after the attempted crossing began at 9 a.m. (0700 GMT) on Thursday while Spanish police stood guard nearby. Two migrants clung to the top of a lamp post by the fences. Thousands of sub-Sahara ...

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