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“Islam and Terrorism”: An Islamophobia Bible (Part 1)

Casablanca - It has become a worldwide tendency today, that in immediate aftermath of a terrorist attack, Muslim scholars, public speakers, and even common Muslims begin to apologetically condemn these attacks and attempt to discharge Islam of its accusations. On the other hand, the industry of terrorism experts booms and the self-proclaimed terror-experts begin appearing more frequently on political platfo ...

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Book Review: “Straight Talking” By Jane Green

By Mourad El Hanafi Straight Talking is a novel of beauty, love, sex, and heartbreak. The narrator–the heroine–Tasha, as her intimate friends like to call her, is a young lady who is in constant search of passion. She’s a beauty, but when it comes to handsome men, she is gullible; with a little bit of flattery and eloquence on the part of the men she keeps an eye on, she falls over herself and frantically g ...

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Morocco to Participate at Frankfurt Book Fair

By Yasyn Mouhir Marrakech - The Ministry of Culture, in collaboration with the Moroccan Office for Exportation, announced Morocco’s participation at the Frankfurt Book Fair t from 14- 18 October 2015. This participation is part of the ministry’s new strategy to support the book, as it relates particularly to the axis of sponsoring Moroccan publishers at international fairs. In the Frankfurt "Catalogue", the ...

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Moroccan Author Wins Award for Her Novel About A Woman Sex Addiction

Taroudant - Franco-Moroccan journalist Leila Slimani won the Prix La Mamounia, a literary award considered the Moroccan equivalent of the French Prix Goncourt, for her novel “In the Garden of the Ogre.” According to France24, Slimani is the first woman to win La Mamounia Literary award, which was created to award Moroccan francophone writers on the value of their products. The novel tells the story of Adèle ...

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‘War Stories from my Father’ Highlights the French Ignored ‘Colonial’ Past

By Abdellatif Lahlali Massachusetts - Growing up in Tangier, Morocco, in the Nineteen Sixties and Seventies, I remember the most memorable times I had as a child were when I sat listening to my Father talk about War! These occasions usually occurred when he had one or two Old French Army Veterans come to visit us in our Home. These men were ‘Anciens Combattants’. Old Veterans from the French Army of North A ...

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Leila Slimani’s Book “In the Garden of the Ogre” to Become a Film

By Yasyn Mouhir Marrakech - A producer has bought the rights to make a motion picture based on Leila Slimani's book "In the Garden of the Ogre," which won the sixth edition of Mamounia literary prize. There is no information about when the shooting of the film will start or the name of the actress in the leading role. The book was written by Franco-Moroccan journalist Leila Slimani, who lives in Paris, and ...

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Morocco’s Omar Taour Wins Edward Said Prize

YBy Yassine Mouhir Marrakech - Moroccan researcher, Omar Taour, was awarded the Edward Said Prize for Orientalist Speech Critique, one of the prizes of the fourth Cultural Palestine event, organized by the International Foundation of Palestine. Omar Taour and the festival’s other prize winners were given their awards on Saturday September 12, during a ceremony held in Amman, Jordan under the title "Cultural ...

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China Wants to Translate Over 25 Moroccan Books

Rabat - China is moving forward to translate 25 Moroccan books to Chinese, announced Hassan El Ouazzani, director of the Book Department at Morocco’s Ministry of Culture. Ouazzani made this announcement on the sideline of Morocco’s first participation in China’s International Book Fair 2015, hosted in Beijing. He said that Morocco’s ministry of culture will soon sign an agreement with China’s General Admini ...

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Paulo Coelho Defends Quran as ‘book that changed the world’

Rabat - Paulo Coelho, a world renown bestselling author, has publicly defended Islam by describing the Quran, Islam’s holy book, on his official Facebook page, as the “Book that changed the world.” The Brazilian author posted on August 8 an image of the Quran on his Facebook page with a statement saying, “Exhibition ‘Books that changed the world.’” Exhibition "Books that changed the world" Posted by Paulo C ...

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Laila Lalami wins Arab American Book Award

Rabat - Laila Lalami, a Moroccan American novelist and essayist, has been named a winner of the 2015 Arab American Book Award for her fiction novel, The Moor’s Account. The award honors books written by and about Arab Americans to generate awareness of Arab American scholarship and writing. The Moor’s Account by Laila Lalami, published in 2014, tells a historical fiction story about a Moroccan slave and the ...

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Beach Library Sails to Moulay Bousselham, Morocco

By Bochra Laghssais Rabat - A beach library organized by Fernanda Sanchez, a current Peace Corps volunteer in Morocco, has opened in Moulay Bousselham, a town 99 km (62 miles) north of Kénitra. Morocco World News interviewed her to learn more about her project. MWN: How did you get the idea of doing this project? Fernanda Sanchez: When I first moved to Moulay Bousselham, I was surprised to discover that the ...

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New Book Explores Historical & Social Significance of the Amazigh Culture in Andalucia

Rabat - A Moroccan researcher, Moha Ennaji, has just published a new book that discusses the historical and social significance of the Amazigh culture in Andalucia, as well as methods of strengthening cultural exchange and fostering social peace. The book, titled “Amazighity and Andalusia: Right of Belonging and Hospitality,” focuses on the ways in which North Africa is an irreplaceable bridge between Afric ...

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