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The Medina of Fez – Poem

By Mohamed Lebshara The medina of Fes is an old grandmother, cultured, educated, once famed for her great beauty, once very rich. Still she has countless jewels and garments made long ago by the finest craftsmen and artists. But now she's old and sick and ugly abandoned by her children and grandchildren. They used to come to visit once a year but now they're ashamed of her and prefer to stay away. Abandoned ...

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Fragile! Poem

By Youssef Naciri On a snowing evening she rose, But I warmed her shades to doze; So, her pride begun to grow, As I rained long to know; To this rose, I was one in her thorns As flesh in her skin and Bones! But as summer came by, So long! Said as if to deny: That snow is no fancy, but a lie! **** So, she faced her threat, As silence conquered her breath; But then she broke the stroke! And when she's done sh ...

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Oftentimes I Wonder – Poem

By Lilia Ben Mansour - Tunis Many stories I had to tell For years in peace I used to dwell How on a single violet night My pleasure can become my plight **** Robbed of all bliss and happiness I saw a warm approaching light From a spectral lady in white But untrue her presence appeared A dreamt figure that I once feared **** A murky touch of wickedness Yet on her garments roses bloomed With delicate hands sh ...

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Her Daddy’s Death – Poem

By Hadhami Walhazi - Tunis She visits many old faces. Some of them are quite quiet, Exotic, yet exhausted, With a sorrowful odour, That cannot be identified. **** Those stone-like unknowns Are crying his death Announcing the time of Perishing civilization, Burying love, And planting fears. **** Like a stranger, she walks Between the black long shades Thinking about his unknown destination. **** That winter ...

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The Quest – Poem

By Nouha Habouria - Tunis   The world of its colors is bereft Nobody is here. Everybody has left **** I must start The Quest But where’s the rest? Nobody Neither in the East nor in the West **** I miss the feast Or some sounds of life at least Bad fortune Fortuna, Aphrodite, and Apollo were slaughtered by The beast **** Today Is Mother Earth’s birthday Yet, Mother Earth Is not celebrating with mirth It ...

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Unleash The Poet Within You Blossoms Again This Spring

Tunis - A year ago, in the spring of 2014, Aspire to Inspire Tunisia’s event “Unleash the Poet Within You” brought together  passionate students, inspiring poets and proud teachers. Gathered with the unifying love for poetry, the vital need for self-expression and the unbridled urge to aspire to inspire, they rendered a seemingly common April day into an exceptional day of inner and outer journeys, new acqu ...

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Who Am I? – Poem

Safi, Morocco "Who am I?" She burst into a bitter wail; "I am just a heavy burden; I am stale!" You’re the lovely princess of a fairy tale, You‘re the very woman beside the female,  **** You are the soft second half of the male, The mother, the fuel of our wheel and sail; You are the one who makes us all inhale Pure air and the bad air you get us exhale.  **** You’re behind, boosting us and never rail At ou ...

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Good Morning – Poem

By Ghizlane Radi - Casablanca After a sleep that lasted too long, After a talk that was thought wrong. My gem woke up in a plastic century, Celebrated her holy anniversary. Goddess of herself and her own, Worshiped by night and dawn. My gem comes in the form of a breath, It stands among us in imperfect health. My gem comes in all colors and forms, To finally be raped in college dorms. My gem was sold too ch ...

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To All Students, I say – Poem

Mourad El Hanafi   Enjoy being a student For someday You'll cease to be a student Enjoy the weight on your shoulders Enjoy the life you draw with your fingers Feel and enjoy Your seat's warmth Your classmates’ warmth Your teachers’ warmth For at school, on exciting journeys you set forth Be cool and don’t turn your teachers’ lives hard Enjoy cheering up noisily in the school yard For someday You'll wis ...

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What Ails You, Dear?

Tunis Instead of learning to walk in the blue And learning not to feel the pain of my tear, Come back before you are gone, O Dear! Come back before telling me 'adieu' I am afraid you will get lost in the blue knowing not what to say or do. You will add another pain to my pain You will get lost and blame it on me. Last night, I had a dream And your shadow fell on me. I am afraid of the days, O Dear, That wou ...

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The United Nations through the Eyes of an Occupied Arab – Poem

Oujda- By Mohammed Zeriouh   We were told the UN would resolve all our conflicts By the sane wisdom of its objective specialists. We were told later it’d rethink our security So that we would enjoy our innate humanity. We were told it’d intervene unconditionally To reclaim our alienated statehood peacefully. We were told the UN is ‘’God’s Eye‘’ on this vast earth, So vigilant to the value of life and i ...

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Mirage summer – Poem

By Lina Aissa - Kenitra I was infancy A blossoming white lilac Innocence, purity incarnate All I knew was him, My world he was I adored my reflection in his pupils A smile on his face was my nirvana **** Nevertheless, being with him a dream was Me on top of his shoulders, Swaying along the shore Climbing sand dunes, chasing crows Piling up seashells, Clustering their debris in the palm of our hands Far from ...

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