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Short Stories

The Mashdud (episode IV)

El Jadida - The imam summoned back a terrible experience in the belly of the whale (Casablanca) marked by roaming the streets all over a couple of nights. Even the very hood of his djellaba pricked up when his body writhed in pain. He had to go back to Sidi Barek to spend a month there. During his stay at the shrine, his suspicions about his sickness dissipated and he discovered about its nature. There was ...

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The Mashdud (episode III)

El Jadida - Looking out of the window of the coach carrying passengers to Safi, Abdessalam stared wonderingly at the flourishing green vegetation oblivious of the dark dismal future of his sickness. Would he be cured and would he regain his health? Would he return to his duwar and his farm land to help the family in cultivation? He was alienated and confused. They told him that he should trust modern doctor ...

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The Mashdud (episode II)

El Jadida - It was Saturday 3 March 2002, when I drove to Ben Yeffu during a Spring season moving through an exceptional heat wave that melted asphalt roads like chocolate and plunged flying birds dead on the ground. Yet, I could not postpone my visit to the shrine because I was invited. In Morocco, to be a man you should keep the word you allow your tongue to utter. And I gave my word to visit the shurfa o ...

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The Mashdud (Episode I)

El Jadida - Now he is buried in one the cemeteries near Ben Yeffu in al-Gharbiya region. He died a natural death, I was told, a few years ago. He was the imam of the mosque and the Koranic teacher of the children of the duwar when I met him. I was conducting my research on Ben Yeffu investigating the mysteries of jinn possession more than a decade ago when I came across an old man named Abdessalam in his si ...

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If I Did What Should Have Been Done… Short Story

By Abdellatif Oudra Ouarzazate - It was a very special friendship bonded us together for years. Even though we didn’t hail from the same lineage, he was a true brother to me. We always exchanged brotherly advice and guidance ever since we met each other. His name was Amin. He was a faithful husband to his wife Wafaa and father to his sweet daughter Amal; we worked together for years and never fell out. Our ...

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An Act of Mercy – Short Story

By Abderrahmane Alamrani Oujda - The ocean of blue sky extended as far as the eye could see, with an orange hue tinting the horizon. The wind did him no justice; it would erase his footsteps moments after leaving them behind. A heavy breeze touched his face, and desperation was setting in. The hope of a rescue mission was fading, yet he groped onto the empty bottle of water with the mantra, “the truck must ...

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The Coin – Short Story

By Khadija Amoussi Marrakech - “We are adults, but the child we once were, lives inside us.” This is what a friend of mine once said to me. This statement rings true. When we feel nostalgic, and want to share our childhood stories, or to hear about a friend we had great times with, the child within us moves and feels! Nearly two years ago, I discovered this statement to be true indeed. I was watching TV whe ...

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Equality Through Salvation – Short Story

Khemisset, Morocco - As half of her people, she had the misfortune to be a female. From the day she was born until her very last breath she would be nothing more than what society has already reserved for her, servitude. As it is commonly understood, she is unfit to learn because she has a tiny brain that is barely capable of recognizing daily labor. She cannot have an opinion even about her own circumstanc ...

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To the Unfaithful: Be It Husband or Wife, As You Sow, You Reap – Short Story

By Abdellatif Oudra Nador - Despite his being married, he slept with her over night every weekend. It was Monday morning, and he woke up and got dressed in his blouse as if he were going to work. On his way back home, he kept fancying the delicious food his wife would make for him, longing for that smell of the perfume he had bought her recently, “She always keeps the house tidy and clean, so I’ll bring her ...

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A Father’s Worries – Short Story

By Kamilia Morkanty - Casablanca The first child always has a special influence on a couple’s relationship. This small creature has the ability to brighten one’s life and fill one’s heart with love and happiness. A child is a gift given by Allah to make one’s life happier, more meaningful and beautiful. Like any couple that is waiting for the birth of its first baby, my wife and I were consumed in dreams an ...

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A Story He Should Listen to

Rabat - Hurra, the Arabic name for "free," was 16 when she first saw "him." She was a villager, but she was lucky to have her aunt living in a big city. Paying her visits was Hurra’s most cherished outlet because she felt that she was lucky to see and experience a new world. He was her Arabic teacher, a city boy; charmed by the beauty, simplicity and liveliness of Hurra. He sensed something original in the ...

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Blessed Madness – Short Story

Tunis - I visited the madhouse once and attempted to find some sort of inspiration. All I was able to extract were some words from maniacs and this was the weirdest of them all. Mr. S told me his nutty story and I found it magical; how the mind can work out such wondrous events. It was a creepy thing though. I was amazed and amused at the same time. “I’m a rich man’s only son. I had castles all around the w ...

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