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The Islam I Grew Up With

Rabat - I am a Muslim born Moroccan citizen. I was born in the early fifties to a family of devout parents and grand parents who were by all standards of the time particularly knowledgeable in scholarly religious matters. This is important to start with as it means that I have learnt the Koran and that I have been exposed to the founding texts of Islam as well as to the major issues related to interpretatio ...

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My Encounter With Aminatou Haidar

BY Joshua Kohen Washington D.C. - As individuals of Moroccan heritage, each one of us represents a piece of the Moroccan mosaic.  Wherever we are in the world, we take a piece of this mosaic with us.  Anyone with a connection to the Moroccan soil must know that he or she is an ambassador for the Moroccan identity and territorial integrity regardless of his or her religious, ethnic, or political affiliation. ...

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Why Zapatero’s Presence in Dakhla is a Political Victory for Morocco

By Samir Bennis New York- Former Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero’s visit to Morocco and his participation in the Crans Montana Forum in Dakhla can be considered a political victory for Moroccan diplomacy, as it carries with it the recognition by Spain’s former highest executive authority of Morocco's sovereignty over the so-called Western Sahara and its historical rights over the territo ...

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The False Debate on Minister Khalfi’ Interview on Europe 1

Fez - Perhaps no Minister in Morocco’s current government has ever been remorselessly reproached and harshly criticized like Minister of Communications and Spokesperson of the Government Mr. Mustapha El-Khalfi following his interview on February 26 with the French radio channel Europe 1. Commentators on social networks reacted with blatant mockery and indignation (even disrespect sometimes) toward Mustapha ...

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Why the Claim that Hijab is Not Required in Islam is Baseless

By Abd ur-Raheem Murphy The following article is a response to an article previously published by MWN. The universality of the call to surrender to the command of God is undisputed by all who call themselves Muslim. This universality, however, is not a universality in terms of acceptance or inclusion, but rather of application and rule. The general principle regarding the laws of Islam is that if something ...

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What Role for Citizens to Cope With the Floods Hitting Morocco?

Fez - With heavy rains and widespread flooding and devastation throughout Morocco, what is the role of Moroccan citizens? Moroccans are known for their magnanimous attitude and generosity when times are hard. They spare no energy to help the poor and contribute to charitable projects. With the torrential rain that has deluged many areas of Morocco already and is expected to continue for several more days, a ...

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Are Moroccan Human Rights Groups Missing Out?

By Majid Morceli San Francisco- The Kingdom of Morocco will host the second annual World Human Rights Forum (WHRF) in Marrakesh from November 27 to 30. Although a few Moroccan news media outlets are covering the conference, the international media is eerily absent. Instead, many international media outlets have decided to cover the boycott of two prominent Moroccan human rights groups, which are staying awa ...

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Algerian Media and Its Disrespect for Algerians

By Majid Morceli San Francisco - Japan and China’s relationship is strikingly similar to the one between Morocco and Algeria. However, on Tuesday, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said that Japan and China have taken a major step towards reconciling their differences, adding that moving forward there should be frequent dialogue between them. He added that for the sake of the Asia-Pacific region, the respo ...

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France and Algeria: United Against Morocco For Now?

By Majid Morceli San Francisco- No one can beat the French when it comes to doing business for the good of the French people. This is exactly what happened when France Renault inaugurated an automobile assembly line in Algeria today. Usually, Algerian President Bouteflika does not miss this sort of event. Unfortunately for him and due to his known health issues, he was forced to send his Prime Minister to d ...

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Prime Minister Benkirane and his Harira

By Majid Morceli San Francisco- I think that Morocco’s Prime Minister Abdelilah Benkirane is a decent, honest man. I especially like - and I think many Moroccans do as well - that he speaks our language when we are sitting in coffee shops sipping extremely sweet mint tea. For example, when he was asked if the killing of the French tourist in Algeria will affect tourism in Morocco, his simpleminded response ...

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Men Versus Women Virginity: the Hypocrisy of Moroccan Society

Fez - In Moroccan culture, the success of an engagement culminating in marriage is based on the notion of virginity. While virginity is linked to the idea of purity, societal pressures to remain pure before marriage fall mainly on women. No one seems to believe that men should also stay virgins before marriage. Rather, virginity in our culture is only related to bleeding from the breaking of the hymen rathe ...

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‘Western Sahara’, El Sisi and Bouteflika: A New Conniving Axis

By Majid Morceli San Francisco- Since coming to power after overthrowing a democratically elected president, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El Sisi is out for Moroccan blood. His first trip abroad after he illegally took office in May was to visit Morocco’s archenemy, Algerian president Abdelaziz Bouteflika, who helped Egypt get back into the African Union. He himself amended the Algerian constitution to r ...

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