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Reading Between the Lines of King Mohammed VI’s New Ambassador Appointments

New York - For several weeks, Moroccans have been awaiting the changes in ambassadors announced by the Foreign Ministry a couple of months ago. Few Moroccans could have anticipated the significance of the new appointments. For the first time in Morocco’s diplomatic history, King Mohammed VI appointed 78 ambassadors. While some have been appointed for the first time, others were simply transferred from one c ...

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Do CCME Delegation Meetings Benefit the Moroccan Diaspora?

Rabat - The Council of Moroccans Living Abroad, known by its French acronym as CCME received a delegation of ten Moroccan-Americans earlier this week in Rabat. The goal of this three-day visit was "to give effect in Morocco to the meeting of [CCME in] Washington DC of last October," reads a statement by CCME. While CCME's intention to engage members of the so-called Moroccan diaspora (i.e., Moroccans reside ...

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Independence Day: Moroccans Stand Proud, Together

New York - This Wednesday, November 18, Moroccans celebrate the 59th anniversary of their country’s independence. Almost 60 years ago, our ancestors achieved their dream of seeing their country break free from the yoke of French and Spanish rule. Although Morocco’s independence was not completed at that time, because other territories still needed to be liberated, especially in the north and the south, our ...

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Political Ramifications of King Mohammed VI’s Visit to ‘Western Sahara’

New York - Morocco is celebrating today the fortieth anniversary of the Green March amid an unprecedented mobilization of all components of Moroccan society. As is the case every year, Moroccans avail themselves of this opportunity to express their attachment to their country’s territorial integrity. However, what makes this year’s celebration different from previous years is King Mohammed VI’s visit to the ...

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Western Sahara: The Historical Commitment Sweden Should Remember

New York - Over the past few days, Moroccans have been holding their breath and following the latest developments regarding the question of the so-called Western Sahara, following reports that the Swedish government is considering recognizing the self-proclaimed Saharawi Democratic Arab Republic (SADR). The apparent decision of the Swedish government stirred up outrage in Morocco and prompted the Moroccan g ...

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Western Sahara: How Moroccans Can Shape Public Opinion in Scandinavian Countries

New York- Moroccan diplomatic efforts to convince the international community of the legitimacy of Morocco’s position on the so-called Western Sahara have fallen short of garnering the support of a sizable portion of international public opinion for many years. This shortcoming is more pronounced in some Latin American, African, and European countries, where Morocco has suffered - and still does suffer - fr ...

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Why Morocco’s Participation in Saudi-Led Coalition in Yemen is Justified

New York- Last March, Moroccans heard in the news that the Moroccan government had decided to participate in the Saudi-led military coalition, whose mission is to fight the Houthi rebels and restore legitimacy in Yemen. As such, Morocco dispatched a number of warplanes to take part in the military campaign. Ever since, in the absence of a full-fledged debate on whether the country really has an interest in ...

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Reading Between the Lines of Ban Ki-moon’s Report on Western Sahara

New York- The Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon, released his annual report on the Western Sahara conflict on Friday. To the dismay of the Polisario, Algeria, and the African Union, this year’s report takes into account some of Morocco’s major longstanding concerns and demands regarding the conflict. Unlike the reports submitted to the Security Council in the past two years, Friday’s repo ...

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Is the UN Shifting Its Approach on Western Sahara?

New York- After an absence that lasted almost a year, Christopher Ross, the United Nations Secretary General’s Personal Envoy to the Western Sahara, has finally made a trip to the region in an attempt to break the deadlock in the stalled negotiations between Morocco and the Polisario. Since the publication of the Secretary General’s most recent annual report on the situation in the Western Sahara last April ...

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Ibtissam Tiskat: The New Icon of Moroccan Patriotism

New York - The supporters of the Algerian government are not happy these days with the Lebanese people, especially with the Beirut-based TV channel CBS, and they have every reason not to be. While their government has been striving, for four decades now, to thwart every Moroccan effort to reaffirm Morocco’s sovereignty over the so-called Western Sahara, some Algerians received a slap in the face on the 39th ...

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‘Western Sahara': King Mohammed VI’s Clear Message to the United Nations

New York - On the 39th anniversary of the Green March, King Mohammed VI delivered a landmark speech that will be remembered for years to come. The speech both ended Morocco’s passivity and inertia in dealing with “Western Sahara” conflict and set the tone for Moroccan diplomacy in the coming years. Unlike his speeches in previous years, the Moroccan monarch was strong in his assessment of the current situat ...

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The Case of a Woman Held in Tindouf: Deafening Silence of International Media

New York- Since last August, the family of Mahjouba Mohamed Hamdidaf, a young Saharawi woman with Spanish citizenship, has held her hostage in the Polisario-controlled Tindouf camps in Algeria. Mahjouba is a 23-year-old young woman who became a Spanish national in 2002 after being adopted by a Spanish family in 1999. As soon as she arrived in the Tindouf camps last August, her biological parents confiscated ...

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