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Thanksgiving, Its Excellence and Remembrance of Blessings

By Abdel Rahman Aljowzi and translated by Sultan Abdulhameed Let us first review how God speaks about gratitude in the Quran: He says: We shall reward the grateful (3:144) He says also: Why would God cause you to suffer if you have attained to faith and are grateful? God always responds to gratitude and is all-knowing. (4:147). And He says: Only a few of My servants are grateful. (34:13) God has promised to ...

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Is There Room for Social and Solidarity Economy in Morocco?

Rabat - I have recently had the privilege of attending discussions of alternative development models focusing on Social and Solidarity Economy (henceforth SSE). While the debate is not new, one has to admit that major theoretical advances have been made as a result of the widespread of SSE experiences throughout the world and in various socioeconomic sectors. Among the fundamental issues that underpinned th ...

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The Impact of Globalization on the Enjoyment of Human Rights

Ifrane - The phenomenon of globalization has attracted more attention than perhaps any other subject in recent times. However, it has become increasingly evident over the last decades that globalization has a negative impact on the enjoyment of human rights, particularly the economic, social and cultural rights, which are guaranteed by the universal declaration of human rights (UDHR), Article 27, and in the ...

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Let Us Be Clear: I Am a Muslim, I Am a Potential Martyr (II)

El Jadida - Martyrdom is a cultural worldview in that the ideology of martyrdom builds on an already existing religious framework of interpretation in which the concepts of martyrdom and jihad are intrinsic parts. Fieldwork based on an unstructured list of questions that explores young people’s knowledge about the concept of martyrdom reveals that they are familiar with the concept; they refer to the Islami ...

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Let Us Be Clear: I Am a Muslim, I Am a Potential Martyr (I)

El Jadida - The alacrity some Muslims evince in martyrizing themselves for altruistic benefits for the umma is principally influenced by their cultural representations of death, suicide, and martyrdom prior to the reconstruction and re-modelling of their social identities through organizational ideologization. Representations of martyrdom are anchored both in the popular culture of Islam and in the Islamic ...

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White Americans Feeling Discriminated Against? Rising Racial Tensions on University Campuses

By Kaitlin Junod Rabat - Two separate incidents this week at Harvard Law School and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign highlight the growing racial tensions on American university campuses across the nation. Black tape was found covering the faces of portraits of African American professors at Harvard Law School Thursday morning and is currently being investigated as a hate crime by the Harvard Univ ...

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Turn off the TV, Islamic Terrorism is a Fat Lie

By Abbas Alghayati Rabat - Terrorism is a lie. It simply does not exist and is an example of yet another manufactured word that takes on a meaning far more insidious than the people who supposedly perpetrate the crime. If a tree falls in the forest and nobody is there to see it or hear it fall, does it make a sound? Terrorism only exists because certain interests want it to exist, or to make a more obvious ...

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Why Muslim Radicals kill Western Civilians

"They have sown the wind, they shall reap the whirlwind" El Jadida - Acts and discourses on martyrdom show that vendetta plays an important role in mobilizing some Muslim youth to avenge their brothers and co-religionists all over the Islamic umma, which facilitates the works of fundamentalist ideologues and organizations (no need to refer to the intelligence war in this respect). They act out of a sense of ...

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Paris is hurting!

Rabat - No concession, no compromise, terrorism is to be condemned as strongly as possible. Total solidarity and sympathy is due with the victims regardless of who they are. All the support for the families of the victims and the victims themselves. The attack of Friday, November 13, 2015, in Paris is another of those abject acts of hatred that have been shaking the whole world for many years now. The disas ...

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Why the West Must Now Stand in Solidarity with All Its Muslims

By Sammy Benfares London - ISIS has perpetrated an attack of unthinkable proportions upon the people of Paris. The death toll has risen to 129. The attack has shaken and disturbed what is essentially the heart of Europe. Fear and confusion are understandable emotions, and no one should be blamed for feeling unsafe, especially since the attacks happened in such casual, carefree parts of the city. However, Eu ...

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The Qaids and the Dispossession of Tribes in “Intra-colonial” Morocco

El Jadida - Up to the protectorate period, the traditional form of state (Makhzen) governed Morocco with an administrative system based on the participation of regional mandarins called qaids. The periphery land named by colonial anthropology blad siba (land of dissidence) existing beyond the pale was set in contrast with blad l-Makhzen (the land of the pale), the agriculturally rich and economically exploi ...

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Russia: Attempting a Bridge to Africa

Moscow - While Russia's interest in the sub-Saharan Africa is nothing new, Russian authorities have realized that it’s time to move back primarily to reclaim its economic footprint and to find old Soviet-era allies. But that step comes with new challenges especially from other foreign players and the changing internal political and economic conditions in Africa. For the past few years, Russian authorities h ...

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