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Autonomy plan

We Don’t Support Nor Oppose Moroccan Autonomy Plan on ‘Western Sahara': Algerian FM

Rabat - Algerian Foreign Minister Ramtane Lamamra has claimed that Algeria remains neutral regarding the so-called Western Sahara issue, denying any support by Algiers to Polisario. “Algeria neither support nor reject the autonomy proposal proposed by Morocco to the Polisario Front,” Ramtane Lamamra told Alarabya TV channel. Algeria’s top diplomat said that the proposal is linked to the conflicting parties ...

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War Between Morocco and Algeria Over Western Sahara Not an Option

Rabat - Amid growing tension between Morocco and Algeria over the so-called Western Sahara conflict, senior politicians of both countries reportedly have ruled out rumors that the dispute could escalate into war. After the visit of Mohammed VI, king of Morocco, to the southern provinces of the country, Algeria reportedly reacted strongly, reinforcing its military units by the borders. Moroccan politicians, ...

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Morocco Declares Christopher Ross Persona Non Grata in ‘Western Sahara’

Rabat - Morocco will not allow the United Nations Secretary General's Personal Envoy to the Western Sahara, Christopher Ross, to visit the southern provinces, announced Moroccan Foreign Minister Salah Eddine Mezouar. Morocco’s Foreign Minister Salah Eddine Mezouar made the statement during an interview with Spanish news agency EFE, a few days after United Nations chief called for “true negotiations” to end ...

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30,000 Saharawis Call on MINURSO to Leave the Sahara

Laayoune - Over 30,000 Saharawis gathered on Saturday in front of the United Nations Mission for the Organization of the Referendum in Western Sahara (MINURSO), and called on the UN mission to leave the territory. Protestors chanted slogans against the UN presence on the territory and pointed out that its presence has become irrelevant in light of the mega projects King Mohammed VI has launched this weekend ...

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King Mohammed VI Calls for Changing Govt.’s Handling of Western Sahara Issue

Laayoune - King Mohammed VI on Friday called for making a radical break with the manner in which the so-called Western Sahara issues have been dealt with so far. "Today, 40 years after the Green March, and regardless of the advantages and the downsides, we want to make a radical break with the manner in which Sahara issues have been dealt with so far: a break with the rentier economy and privileges, a break ...

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Political Ramifications of King Mohammed VI’s Visit to ‘Western Sahara’

New York - Morocco is celebrating today the fortieth anniversary of the Green March amid an unprecedented mobilization of all components of Moroccan society. As is the case every year, Moroccans avail themselves of this opportunity to express their attachment to their country’s territorial integrity. However, what makes this year’s celebration different from previous years is King Mohammed VI’s visit to the ...

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King Mohammed VI to Launch Construction of a Highway in Laayoune

Rabat - King Mohammed VI is to visit Laayoune in the south of Morocco on Friday in the first stage of a long-awaited royal tour to Morocco’s southern provinces. The King’s visit will last two weeks and include Guelmim, Dakhla, and Tarfaya, according to Moroccan newspaper Akhbar Al Yaoum The first stage of the tour is scheduled to begin in Laayoune, where the sovereign will present a long anticipated speech ...

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Never-Seen Before Footage of Morocco’s Green March

New York - This Friday November 6, Moroccans will celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Morocco’s Green March. On this occasion, Morocco’s Royal Armed Forces (FARMAROC) released a rare footage that immortalizes this watershed event. The video starts when late King Hassan II urged the Moroccan people to stage a pacific march into the Sahara region and challenge Spain’s occupation and colonization of the territor ...

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King Mohammed VI to Launch MAD 140 Billion Projects in Western Sahara

Rabat - Morocco’s King Mohammed VI is set to arrive in Laâyoune this week on the occasion of the 40th Anniversary of the Green March, where he is expected to announce the launch of a MAD 140 billion project in the so-called Western Sahara region, according to Akhbar Al Youm. The Moroccan King had previously announced his decision to share unpublished news and upcoming plans regarding the Sahara. The monarch ...

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Green March Comic Available in Moroccan Bookstores by November

Rabat - Moroccan-American film director Ayoub Qanir published a comic highlighting the glory of the Green March on the occasion of its 40th anniversary. When asked why he chose to make a comic, the Moroccan young director said because it is "a good way to capture the attention of the Moroccan youth and generate interest for this great history." "The Green March" will be available in bookstores in Arabic, Be ...

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French Lawyer: Morocco’s Sovereignty Over Western Sahara Was Built in 12 Centuries

New York - French lawyer Hubert Seillan defended Morocco’s sovereignty over the so-called Western Sahara by recalling its history of 12 centuries at the French National Assembly on Wednesday. “The Moroccan Sahara was built on twelve centuries, and there are not many countries today who can claim to have 12 centuries of history,” Seillan said, according to France’s Atlas Info website. The French lawyer recal ...

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Moroccans March in Stockholm to Defend Morocco’s Territorial Integrity

Stockholm - Hundreds of Moroccans from different Scandinavian countries staged, Saturday in Stockholm, a march to underline that "Morocco's territorial integrity is a red line that cannot be crossed." Called by NGOs in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland, the event, held successively in a large park in the Swedish capital, then in a square in front of the iconic Royal Theatre, aimed to draw the att ...

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