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Autonomy plan

Reading Between the Lines of King Mohammed VI’s New Ambassador Appointments

New York - For several weeks, Moroccans have been awaiting the changes in ambassadors announced by the Foreign Ministry a couple of months ago. Few Moroccans could have anticipated the significance of the new appointments. For the first time in Morocco’s diplomatic history, King Mohammed VI appointed 78 ambassadors. While some have been appointed for the first time, others were simply transferred from one c ...

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King Mohammed VI Launches Construction Works of Fertilizer Production Plant in Laayoune

Laayoune - King Mohammed VI launched, Friday at the Phosboucraâ site in the urban municipality of Al-Marsa (southern province of Laayoune), the construction works of the integrated industrial complex of fertilizer production. Covering the whole value chain of phosphate, this mega-project, which will eventually generate nearly 1,270 jobs, provides for building of an 8.3-billion-dirham platform of fertilizer ...

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King Mohammed VI Arrives in Laayoune to Launch Socio-economic Projects

Rabat - King Mohammed VI of Morocco arrived on Thursday evening in Laayoune, the main city of the Sahara (refereed to in western Media as Western Sahara) in southern Morocco. The king flew to Laayoune immediately after he inaugurated the first plant of the Ouarzazate solar complex (Noor I), and the official launch of the construction works of the second and third plant of this megaproject (Noor II and Noor ...

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European Parliament Rejects Expansion of MINURSO’s Mandate in Western Sahara

New York - The European Parliament adopted on Thursday a resolution that is in favor of Morocco with regards to the situation of human rights in the North African country. The resolution, which will be submitted to the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva, refrains from expressing any concerns on the situation of human rights in Morocco, including in the Western Sahara. Adopted by 335 votes in favo ...

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Sweden Has No Intention to Recognize Western Sahara, Says Swedish FM

Stockholm – Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallström officially announced on Friday that her country has no intention to recognize the "Western Sahara" as a State. The Swedish Foreign Minister reaffirmed her country’s support to the ongoing UN-led negotiations over the Sahara issue. "The government does not intend to recognize the Western Sahara and it is position consistent with the assessment of previous ...

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Polisario Splinter Movement Calls on Morocco’s King to Implement Sahara’s Autonomy Plan

New York - A Polisario splinter movement called on to King Mohammed VI to implement Morocco’s autonomy plan for the Western Sahara in order to “save” the Sahrawi living in dire conditions in Tindouf camps. Khat Achahid, a movement against the Polisario leadership, denounced the closed “election” process of the Polisario’s 14th congress and called it “illegitimate”, according to Yabiladi news website. Polisa ...

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Young Saharawi Holding Spanish Citizenship ‘Kidnapped’ in Tindouf Camps

Rabat - A young Saharawi holding Spanish nationality has “been kidnapped and is held against her will” in the Tindouf camps, southwestern Algeria, her adoptive family said Wednesday in Seville, in Southern Spain. Maloma Morales (22 years), who lives in the Andalusian town of Mairena del Aljarafe, traveled, on December 5, with her adoptive father to Tindouf camps to visit her biological mother who "was suffe ...

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Moroccan Ambassadors Failed to Capitalize on King Mohammed’s Visit to the Sahara

Washington D.C - Images of happy and welcoming locals during King Mohammed VI recent visit to the Saharan city of Laayoune should have been circulated around the world to showcase how Sahrawis feel about the Moroccan monarch. Yet no Moroccan embassy seems to have taken on this task. Moroccan diplomats’ lack of initiative, imagination and loss for words are upsetting and pitiable. Rabat inept aptitude will e ...

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ECJ’s Ruling Supports Polisario Dictatorship: Mustafa Salma

Rabat - Former Polisario leading figure, Mustafa Salma Oueld Sidi Mouloud, said that the ruling issued by the European Court of Justice on Thursday flies in the face of the majority of Saharawis, who do not recognize the Polisario as their legitimate representative, and "an insult to his struggle and the struggle of many Saharawis who oppose the dictatorship of the Polisario.” The ECJ issued a ruling on Thu ...

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We Don’t Support Nor Oppose Moroccan Autonomy Plan on ‘Western Sahara': Algerian FM

Rabat - Algerian Foreign Minister Ramtane Lamamra has claimed that Algeria remains neutral regarding the so-called Western Sahara issue, denying any support by Algiers to Polisario. “Algeria neither support nor reject the autonomy proposal proposed by Morocco to the Polisario Front,” Ramtane Lamamra told Alarabya TV channel. Algeria’s top diplomat said that the proposal is linked to the conflicting parties ...

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War Between Morocco and Algeria Over Western Sahara Not an Option

Rabat - Amid growing tension between Morocco and Algeria over the so-called Western Sahara conflict, senior politicians of both countries reportedly have ruled out rumors that the dispute could escalate into war. After the visit of Mohammed VI, king of Morocco, to the southern provinces of the country, Algeria reportedly reacted strongly, reinforcing its military units by the borders. Moroccan politicians, ...

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Morocco Declares Christopher Ross Persona Non Grata in ‘Western Sahara’

Rabat - Morocco will not allow the United Nations Secretary General's Personal Envoy to the Western Sahara, Christopher Ross, to visit the southern provinces, announced Moroccan Foreign Minister Salah Eddine Mezouar. Morocco’s Foreign Minister Salah Eddine Mezouar made the statement during an interview with Spanish news agency EFE, a few days after United Nations chief called for “true negotiations” to end ...

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