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Gender issues

Arab Women Parliamentarians Network for Equality Launched in Rabat

Rabat - The Arab Women Parliamentarians Network for Equality "Ra’edat" was officially launched Tuesday with the aim of boosting women’s participation in the political decision-making process in the region. Ra’edat (Pioneer women in English) was launched during its first forum, held in Rabat on February 9-10, to discuss a unified agenda towards a more gender-responsive policy in the region and the inclusion ...

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Muslim Woman Creates Hijarbie, a Barbie That Wears Hijab 

New York - Haneefah Adam, a 24-year-old from Nigeria, is the creator of the Hijarbie, a Barbie that wears hijabs and hand-sewn clothes designed by her.   Adam runs the Hijarbie twitter account, which was set up eight weeks ago and now has more than 20,000 followers. She has received requests from around the world to buy her dolls. "I thought I had not seen Barbie dressed in a hijab before so I decided to op ...

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Cologne Attacks: German Soldier of Moroccan Descent Speaks out Against Racism

By Daniela Castro New York - Nariman Reinke, a German and Muslim female soldier, criticizes the racism that followed the Cologne attacks on New Year’s Eve. She is the daughter of Moroccan immigrants who arrived in the country 52 years ago. The recent attacks and incidents of sexual assault in Cologne have stirred up outrage and fueled civil unrest against refugees and asylum seekers across Europe. German Ch ...

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National Workshop on Violence against Women and Strategies Countering it

By Latifa Elogri Fez – Isis Center for Women and Development organized on December 29th a workshop entitled “National Workshop on Violence against Women and Strategies Countering it,” in cooperation with the German Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations (IFA) and the International Institutes of Languages and Cultures (INLAC). Violence against women can cause a lot of harm to women and to families at large ...

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Eight Moroccans Among 31 Suspects of Sexual Assaults in Germany on New Year’s Eve

New York - Germany’s New Year’s Eve celebrations were stained by nearly 170 criminal complaints of sexual assault and robberies in several German cities. Eight out of the 31 identified assailants are Moroccan nationals. A week after investigations began in search for the suspects, German authorities have identified 31 people, including 18 refugees involved in the attacks in the city of Cologne, in western G ...

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Moroccan Woman Openly Reveals Her Homosexuality

Rabat - A young Moroccan woman openly revealed her lesbianism through a video that has stirred uproar on social media networks. The video, which lasts 33 seconds, was published by the Moroccan magazine of the Moroccan homosexual community Alkaliyat (minorities) as part of the campaign that is taking place under the theme "Love is a human right" in celebration of Human Rights Day. The young woman in the vide ...

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Morocco Ranks in Bottom 10 Countries in Gender Gap Report

Rabat - Morocco still has work to do in bridging the gender gap between men and women a report has found. The country ranks 139 out of 145 countries in the Global Gender Gap Report, published by the World Economic Forum (WEF) on November 18. With a score of 0.593 out of 1, Morocco ranks in the bottom tier of of countries among whom are Oman, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Iran, Chad, Syria, Pakistan and lastly Yem ...

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Morocco: Young Boys Laugh as They Sexually Assault Girl

A shocking video of a horde of young teenagers sexually assaulting a young girl in Morocco has emerged on social media. The video posted on Facebook shows a distressed girl in tears, screaming, as she tries to escape the gang of attackers who are trying to remove her clothes by force. “She is crying but she must love this,” says one boy, laughing. “Where is your father?” says another, equally amused. “You w ...

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Morocco’s Inheritance Problem

By Sammy Benfares London - The Council of Human Rights (CNDH) is at odds with Morocco's ruling Party of Justice and Development (PJD). The disagreement came after the proposal was made by the CNDH to ditch Morocco's Islamic approach to inheritance and make it in line with women's equal rights. The CNDH’s proposal was firmly denied by Prime Minister Benkirane's party, and the reason is arguably because the P ...

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Why Muslim Men and Women Should Be Equal in Inheritance

Fez - Recently Morocco’s National Council for Human Rights recommended that men and women should have an equal share in inheritance. This recommendation created a controversy between liberals who welcomed the initiative and conservatives who consider it heresy and a way to camouflage the real issues the committee should tackle. The issue is complicated by the clash between religious texts and modern ideas p ...

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UN Report Underlines Discrimination Against Moroccan Women

Rabat - A new report released by the United Nations shows that Moroccan women still suffer from discrimination. The United Nations’ Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (CESCR) published its report on the implementation of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in Morocco. The committee stated that there is still room for improvement, particularly on issues regarding ...

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Saudi Woman Risks Jail for Filming Husband Flirting With Housemaid

Rabat - A Saudi woman could be imprisoned for up to one year for posting a film on social media showing her husband sexually abusing his housemaid in the kitchen. The case caused an outcry on social media networks after Saudi legal experts said that she may face a jail time and a stiff fine for “defamation”. The wife received support from most social media users in Saudi Arabia, and a warm applause from oth ...

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