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Gender issues

Morocco: “Progressive” Minister Comes Under Fire for Supporting Polygamy

Rabat - Employment Minister Abdeslam Seddiki is under fire for a pro-polygamy statement at the 56th session of the United Nations Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, held this week in Geneva. Abdeslam Seddiki who is member of the Progress and Socialism Party (PPS), made an impassioned speech defending polygamy, under the pretext that in a traditional environment, "the husband wants his wife t ...

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90-Year-Old Woman Raped in a Town Near Rabat

By Jamal Bellahsen Rabat - Last week, unidentified adolescents raped a 90-year-old woman in her cottage in a small town near Bouznika, a city near Rabat. The victim, known as Hennouna, has lived alone in her cottage for many years without anyone to help her. One of her neighbors told Moroccan 2M TV, ”We heard some people near her small home who were drinking wine, but we couldn’t identify them. We asked the ...

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Women in Leadership: The Perspective of an Emerging Leader

“The goal of leadership is to excel, reach full potential, inspire and push other people up. Do not summarize it into a pursuit of positions and titles” Rabat - On Saturday September 19th, 2015 Lamia Bazir was invited to speak at the Leadership Annual Conference organized by the Leadership Development Institute at Al Akhawayn University in Morocco. Her academic, social, and professional experience is a sour ...

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Six Moroccans on Forbes Top 100 Most Powerful Arab Women list

Rabat - Forbes Middle East selected six Moroccans in its latest ranking of the most powerful women in the Arab World. On Wednesday, Forbes Middle East unveiled its 2015 annual ranking of the Arab World’s Most Powerful Women during an exclusive gala dinner and awards ceremony in Dubai. Only 7 women from North Africa were featured on the prestigious list; six women from Morocco and one Tunisian. The first Mor ...

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Morocco Pushes New Anti-Trafficking Law

Miami - Morocco has been long known as a transit country for human trafficking but the real problem of exploitation is also experienced in the Kingdom for which the government believes a new anti-trafficking law will regulate such acts of human rights violations. According to the UN Women’s website, a seminar was conducted last May that exposed the results of a “study on the trafficking of women and childre ...

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A woman is raped every 40 minutes in France: Survey

Rabat - The number of reported rapes and sexual assaults in France has shot up 18 percent over the past five years, a new survey revealed. The new figures were issued by the French National Observatory of Crime and Criminal Liability (ONDRP) and published on Tuesday by France’s Daily Le Figaro newspaper. The new figures revealed that a woman is raped every 40 minutes in France. This means there were 33 sexu ...

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Moroccan Women Demand Women-Only Beach in Tangier

Rabat - A group of women in Tangier launched a campaign on Facebook entitled "Women-only beach", calling for a private beach exclusively for women. On their Facebook page, the activists said that the beach of Tangier is large enough to allocate a space exclusively for women to swim “in conformity with Islamic legislations” that prohibit women to show parts of their body in public. Getting mobilized and attr ...

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Moroccan Women Affected by Sexual Harassment Share Their Views

Casablanca - In the last few weeks, negative headlines concerning the violation of women’s rights in the Kingdom of Morocco have been dominating the Moroccan media landscape. Although sexual harassment has been discussed over and over again, it remains an issue that women continue to endure on a daily basis. Women walking alone on the streets often times find themselves in a rush, not enjoying a simple walk ...

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For British Men One Sexual Partner Isn’t Enough: Survey

Rabat - Nearly half of British men believe that having only one sexual partner at a time is not natural, claiming that humans are naturally polygamous. Of the 1,714 British adults polled, the YouGov survey published on July 31st, revealed that 46% of British men think that humans are polygamous by nature. On the other hand,only 32% of British women believe human beings are ‘not’ monogamous by nature. Despit ...

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Women in Hijabs denied entry at several Egyptian resorts

Rabat - Many Egyptian resorts and restaurants have adopted Hijab-free zone policies, turning women in headscarves away upon entrance. In a country where 90 percent of its population is Muslim, many feel that these bans are “discriminatory” against practicing Muslim women. The ban is reportedly popular at upscale resorts and restaurants often visited by foreigners, in cities such as Sharm el Sheikh and Hurgh ...

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Sarah Zouak’s Women SenseTour: A Journey for Women’s Empowerment

By Bochra Laghssais Ifran - Sarah Zouak is a 25-year-old French and Moroccan woman and a recent college graduate. Born and raised in France, she has two Master’s degrees: one in Management (Marketing specialization) from the business school ESCEM, and one in International Relations from IRIS. She has been interested in human rights, and more specifically in women’s rights, from an early age. She used to wor ...

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Challenging the Stigma of Women in Moroccan Society

By Firdaouss Boutaba Rabat - Imagine smiling after a slap in the face; then think of doing it all your life. This is the way women live in Moroccan society. Women’s lives are shaped by deadlines; that is, we are taught to believe blindly that as women we have a very short period to live, marry and have children, or else we will fall into the dungeon of spinsterhood or simply become scrap. Raised to take on ...

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