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Nora Belahcen Fitzgerald: The Change Maker who Brings Hope to Marginalized Moroccan Women

Meknes - Nora Belahcen Fitzgerald, the founder of the Amal Association for Culinary Arts in Marrakech, lends a helping hand to disadvantaged Moroccan women by getting them involved in business and improving their lives through her humanitarian project, “From Kitchen to Company Leader.” One of only five women from the Mediterranean region, Nora is a candidate for the “Women for Change” award bestowed every y ...

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What Gives You Hope?

Tangier - She is a woman who taught me the art of the impossible. This is far away from politics; it is more about my personal life. I’m extraordinarily lucky to know her. She is a brave mind who was the first in her classes during high school. Her marks were always shown to her classmates to encourage them. Even her handwriting was used by teachers as an example to other students. One day, like in any stor ...

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Hicham Zerhouni: The First Moroccan to Join America’s New Leaders Council

Chicago – A Moroccan-American, Hicham Zerhouni, has been selected as a fellow of the New Leaders Council (NLC), a U.S. non-profit organization that promotes progressive political entrepreneurs — trendsetters, elected officials and civically-engaged leaders in business and industry — who will shape the future landscape.  Zerhouni, who is the Managing Principal of TransCultures, is one of 24 fellows selected ...

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Journals of a Moroccan Fulbrighter in America (10): A Portrait of an American Lady

Austin - An American anthropologist once wrote a chapter under the title: “A portrait of a typical Moroccan.” To a certain degree, the person he described exemplified a group of ordinary Moroccans, but he definitely was not representative of most Moroccans. It seems that the search for persons typical of their people is a persistent need felt by foreigners trying to understand the communities among which th ...

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Idir: Amazigh Ambassador of Music and Peace

Marrakech - Hamid Cheriet, better known by his stage name Idir, was born in 1949 in Kabily, in the village of Ait Lahcen, in Algeria, is famous throughout the world for his Amazigh music. But before becoming a very famous singer and ambassador of Amazigh music, he devoted all his time to studying geology. Idir, the Professor of Biology, moved to the desert of Algeria in 1973 to work in the Algerian oil and ...

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Morocco Pays Tribute To Swedish Ambassador Who Converted to Islam

Marrakech - Mohammed Knut Johan Richard Bernström, a former Swedish diplomat, was born on Oct 22, 1919 and passed away on Oct 21, 2009. He converted to Islam, and, after he mastered Arabic and learned Quran by heart, he translated the Quran into the Swedish language. As a diplomat, he worked in Spain, France, Soviet Union, United States, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela and Morocco. He was the Swedish ambassador ...

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Morocco: Khaoula Morchid Reverses Brain Drain through Entrepreneurial Leadership

By Ouassima Boujrad Fez - Some amazing women come from Morocco and Khaoula Morchid is one of them. She is the founder of Future Moroccan Entrepreneurs, and is a 20-year old Moroccan girl. Born and raised in Marrakesh, she decided to take a special path outside of what is seen in Morocco as the norm for an outstanding student who has always been the first in her class, school and region of Marrakesh Tensift ...

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Mehdi Mekouar: The Epitome of Self-Development in Morocco

Casablanca - Mehdi Mekouar is a young Moroccan self-made businessman. His story is quite interesting in that it can be a source of inspiration to anyone on the quest for a better future. He studied in the average Moroccan schools, learned from Moroccan teachers, lived in Moroccan culture, and so forth, but has accomplished goals that many Moroccans have failed to achieve or thought unachievable. Through his ...

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Moha Souag: Moroccan writer who just wants to write

Goulmima - Human beings are bestowed with gifts of all kinds and yet very few succeed in bringing these gifts to their potential and make masterpieces out of them. The faculties of speaking and writing are such invaluable gifts yet how many times have we been at a loss of finding the right word or when language fails us? Writers and poets have honed those skills and like magicians, they manipulate words art ...

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Yassine Jarram presents Moroccans of the World

Rabat - Yassine Jarram, a Moroccan video blogger and musician, began creating videos in 2010 from his home in Casablanca. Recently dubbed as one of the most influential YouTubers in the Middle East and North Africa, Jarram’s videos are usually humoristic in nature—gently celebrating and poking fun of daily life in Morocco. Jarram has become a familiar face, and voice, in all corners of Morocco, but his YouT ...

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“Mririda N’Ait Atiq:” a Moroccan Berber Artist

Goulmima - When language is the only weapon a Berber woman possesses in a time when a woman’s voice can travel the vast valleys of the High Atlas pleading the echo to free her from society and from herself, Mririda rises from a failed marriage and poverty and chooses to defy the norms that characterized the Valley of Tassaout (the region of Marrakech).   Language has been a major characteristic defining gen ...

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Prophet’s Wife Khadija Bint Khuwalid: A Woman That Defied Her Tribe

Goulmima - The story of the Prophet of Islam with his wife Khadija Bint Khuwaylid legitimized the fact that age or wealth should never be a hindrance to love. The Prophet of Islam earned a very respectful reputation in a time when people no longer had faith in high moral standards like truthfulness and integrity. His unique moral character, often attributed to that of an angel, gained him the title Al-Amine ...

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