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Pope Francis Visits CAR Mosque, Says Muslims and Christians are Brothers and Sisters

Rabat - Pope Francis visited on Monday a mosque in the Central African Republic (CAR), a country torn by strife between Christians and Muslims, urging Muslims and Christians to leave in peace and respect one another. Under intense security, the pope sent a message of peace from a mosque in Koudoukou, in Bangui, a dangerous district controlled by a ring of so-called anti-balaka Christian militias, who block ...

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NGOs Outraged As Saudi Arabia Wants to Execute 55 Men in One Day

Rabat - Saudi Arabia is moving forward to execute over 55 men convicted of terrorism in one single day. The move has been slammed by NGOs and mocked by Russian media. A report by Saudi daily Okaz newspaper said at least 55 people are awaiting execution for "crimes of terrorism”, in what appears to be a warning to would-be jihadists at a time of militant attacks on the kingdom. The prisoners were found guilt ...

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American Woman Explains How She Converted to Islam

Rabat - Rebecca Lynne Alsalemi, the American Muslim whose videos against bigotry toward Islam have gone viral, tells her story on how she converted (reverted) to Islam. In her latest video, Rebecca opens up her heart and talks about her difficult childhood and the reasons that brought her to choose Islam as her faith and way of life. Everyone has a story, everyone's life is a world of its own and Rebecca's ...

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Morocco’s Efforts to Maintain Its Jewish Heritage Recognized in USA

Rabat - At a time of heightened fear and panic, Morocco’s efforts to maintain peace between its Jewish and non-Jewish communities has been recognised in the US, last week. At two events, one in the New York Museum of Modern Art and one on Capitol Hill, Washington DC organizers applauded the kingdom’s effort in the rehabilitation of the country’s Jewish cemeteries. A five-year program called the ‘Houses of L ...

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Living in a State of Thankfulness

New York - With the approach of the Thanksgiving holiday, I have been reflecting on what it means to be grateful and considering how I can best live in a state of continuous gratitude. I recently realized that gratitude is much deeper than I previously thought. While it is easy for me to feel my heart filled with thankfulness when I think of all the wonderful people and blessings in my life, it is a bit mor ...

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Swiss Region Imposes $9,813 Fine on Women Wearing Burqa in Public Places

Rabat - The Swiss region of Tacino on Monday has approved a ban on wearing burqa or full face-veils, becoming the first part of the country to do so. A report by The Local said the region’s parliament decided that wearing burqa in all public places will be an offence punishable by a fine of up to 10,000 francs ($9,813USD). The new rules went into effect on November 24, after over 65 per cent of voters in th ...

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It’s Wrong to Blame Islam for Crimes Committed in its Name: Egypt’s Grand Imam

Rabat - Egypt's top Muslim cleric Ahmed al-Tayeb said on Saturday that "terrorism has no religion or identity," stating that it is wrong to blame Islam for crimes committed in its name. The Grand Sheikh of al-Azhar, the highest seat of Sunni Islam in Egypt, condemned the attacks in Paris and Bamako, calling for "unity in the face of terrorist organizations." "It is a clear injustice, and blatant bias, to ti ...

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British Party Leader Questions UK Muslims’ Loyalty

Rabat - British Muslims are supposedly “conflicted in their loyalties” between supposed unpatriotic elements in the Islamic faith, according the Ukip leader Nigel Farage. Speaking to an audience in Basingstoke, Farage pointed to research stating: “It is clear that the UK Muslim population are conflicted in their loyalties between loyalty to the UK, its way of life and its institutions and what elements with ...

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Facebook Blocks Account of Woman Named Isis, Mistakes Her for Terrorist

By Scheherazade Bloul Rabat - Isis, it’s the name of the ancient Egyptian goddess of health, wisdom and marriage as well as a popular first name among many women across the world. Not according to Facebook, however, who blocked user Isis Anchalee from re-entering her account. The 22-year-old engineer who started the #ILookLikeAnEngineer campaign earlier this year claims she couldn’t enter her Facebook accou ...

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Imams of France Call for Friday Prayer in Homage to Paris Victims

Rabat - The imam of the Great Mosque of Paris Dalil Boubaker urged all imams in France to take part in a Friday "solemn prayer" for the victims of Paris bombings that killed at least 129 and injured about 352. “I call on all imams in France to attend a solemn prayer on Friday, to show our compassion and help ease the pain of the families," said Boubaker during a press briefing at the Mosque of Paris on Mond ...

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The Paris Terrorist Attacks and White Privilege

By Abdennasser Badda Agadir - The Black Day, Floods of Blood in Paris, Massacre in Paris, the War in Paris…these are some of the titles on the front pages of many newspapers published in France after what the Paris terrorist attacks. Over 130 people were killed, many cried (including our leaders), but why should we cry? Should we cry for the deaths of humans? Or because what happened in Paris threatens our ...

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A Mosque in Canada Set on Fire 24 Hours After Paris Terrorist Attacks

By Cindy Basha Rabat - A Canadian mosque has been deliberately set on fire in the small town of Peterborough on November 14, police say. The blaze is said to have occurred at about 10pm local time at the Masjid Al-Salaam Mosque, one hour after a children’s birthday party had ended. No-one was hurt during the blaze. Firefighters were able to quickly confine the fire to the main floor of the building, but pol ...

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