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Seven Great Reasons to Visit Morocco

By Samantha Young Sitting on the northwest coast of Africa, with access to both the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, Morocco is a unique country, distinguished by its mixed cultural heritage, whose Berber, Arabian, and European influences can still be seen throughout the country today. If you’re considering a trip to Morocco and are wondering what treasures the country has to offer, here are seven ...

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UK Has not Issued Any Flight Restrictions to Morocco: British Official

By Cindy Basha Rabat - Tobias Ellwod, the British Secretary of State in charge of the MENA region said on Wednesday in Rabat that his country has not issued any flight restrictions to Morocco.  A meeting between British and Moroccan officials on Wednesday in Rabat made tourism for Britons to Morocco even safer. Morocco’s Minister Delegate of the Interior, Cherki Drais, assured Tobias Ellwod that his country ...

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Morocco Will Be First Destination for Tourism in Africa and the Middle East: Minister

Rabat - Lahcen Haddad, Morocco's Minister of Tourism, said that Morocco has  the potential to be the the most popular tourist destination in Africa and the Middle East. In an exclusive interview with CNN Arabic at the headquarters of his ministry in Morocco late October 2015, the minister said that the country will continue promoting "medium and high-end tourism" options. This is the prefered option over th ...

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Tangier Top Tourist Destination of the Month, According to Vogue

By Kaitlin Junod Rabat - Known for its scenic beaches and ideal location on the Mediterranean, Tangier has been named destination of the month by Vogue. The article on the magazine’s website highlights the city’s best attractions, from the eclectic nightlife to mountain retreats. In this historic city, tourists from all over the world will have no problem finding exciting and unique sites to explore. First, ...

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Video: Enjoy the Magical View of Morocco

"The Third Eye: A Blinding Moroccan Experience" is a unique experience shot using the time-lapse technique. The video, produced by kamkam-visuals lays emphasis on the unique energy and vibe of Morocco, recording the incredible verities of Moroccan landscapes. ...

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Morocco Ranks Among 20 Countries One Should Visit in Their Lifetime 

Rabat - Morocco has ranked among the best 20 countries ones should visit in one's lifetime, according to a survey conducted by the Condé Nast Traveler (CNT). The survey, which was published last September, establishes a list of the world’s best destinations foreign tourists should visit. The magazine based its ranking on the ratings and feedback of more than 128,000 readers, the highest level of participati ...

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Tangier: Rooted in the Past While Branching to the Future

Rabat - Through a small hole in the protective Kasbah, one can see the Mediterranean, the southern coast of Spain, and enormous yellow cranes used for construction on the waterfront. This image captures the essence of Tangier: a city deeply rooted in the past, connected to Europe, while being highly focused on development. Tangier’s cosmopolitan atmosphere exists partly due to the splitting of Morocco betwe ...

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British Footballer Gary Lineker Enjoys Family Holiday in Morocco

Rabat - Following in the footsteps of many public figures and prominent sportsmen, former British footballer Gary Lineker recently chose Marrakech, the Moroccan red city, to spend some time off with his family. On Tuesday October 13, in the company of his two elder sons, the footballer posted several snaps of his stay in Morocco for his Instagram followers, including one enjoying a sports session along with ...

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Morocco among Islamic Countries Avoided By British Travelers: Survey

Rabat - A new poll of 2,000 British travelers found that 75% actively avoid Muslim countries as destinations, including Morocco. The results originate from a new research conducted by the travel deal company “Travelzoo”, whose survey showed how recent events were impacting Britons’ traveling habits. Travelzoo noted that three quarters of the 2,000 UK adults who were surveyed admitted that they were actively ...

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The Touching Hospitality of a Moroccan Man With a French Journalist

New York - There are countless reasons to visit Morocco. The Northwest African Kingdom is filled with paradisiac landscapes, magical cities, splendorous culture, rich history, solemn traditions, and delicious cuisine, among many others. However, there is one trait that makes Morocco stand out even more and that is its genuine hospitality. Morocco is the land of hospitality par excellence. Its people are not ...

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Marrakech Nominated for World’s Leading Destination 2015

By Yasyn Mouhir Rabat - Marrakech has been nominated for the prestigious 22nd annual "World Travel Awards" in the "World's Leading Destination 2015" category. The World Travel Awards aims to acknowledge reward, and celebrate excellence across all sectors of the travel and tourism industry. The winner of the awards is chosen by a jury of travelers, journalists, and tourism professionals. Founded in 1993, WTA ...

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Akchour: A Unique Gem in Entrancing Morocco

By Zakaria Baaziz Rabat - Thirty kilometers (about nineteen miles) to the south-east of Chefchaouen, not far from the coastal town of Ouedlaou, in the Talassemtane National Reserve, stand the enchanting waterfalls of Akchour. The setting is like a graceful, divine painting, enthralling tourists, hikers and adventurers from all over the world, particularly in the summer time. Etymologically speaking, Akchour ...

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