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Video: Samir Bennis Dispels Misconceptions about Western Sahara

By Karla Dieseldorff New York - Moroccan political analyst Samir Bennis, Ph.D., talks about the history and conflict of today’s so-called Western Sahara and provide a number of historical and legal facts that are often overlooked by international media. In this first episode of a series of videos on the topic of the Sahara dispute, Bennis gives a timeline of the historical facts of the region, explaining th ...

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Video: Saudi Woman Tortures Moroccan Maid, Holds Her Captive

Rabat - “She forces me to stay, she tortures me.” the woman says, claiming her Saudi employer took her money and does not allow her to leave the house.  “The Saudi woman tells me I will never leave. I warned her that I will call the police. She says: ‘I don’t care do what suits you, I am just not letting you go away’.” The maid, who says the Saudi’s woman husband live in Morocco with his second wife, claims ...

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Video: American Muslim Speaks Up Against Bigotry in America

By Karla Dieseldorff New York - Rebecca Lynn Aslasemi is an American, born and raised in the U.S.A. Her family is of Native American descent, making her a true U.S. citizen by blood as white supremacist such Donald Trump and Fox News talking heads would say. A white, blue-eyed young woman who speaks perfect English, outspoken, and also a Muslim. Rebecca uploaded a video to her Facebook profile on Saturday a ...

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Touching Video: Blindfolded Muslim Man Offers Free Hugs In Paris

New York- While thousands of Parisians gathered at Place de la République in Paris to mourn the victims of last Friday night’s terrorist attacks, an unknown Muslim man stood in the middle of the plaza with open arms and a compelling sign. The reactions will leave you speechless! A blindfolded Muslim man with signs that said, “I am a Muslim and they’re saying I am a terrorist. I trust you. And you, do you tr ...

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Video Shows Moment When Terrorists Attacked Café in Paris

A new video of the Paris terrorist attacks has just been released by the Daily Mail. The shocking video shows a merciless jihadist shooting at the clients who were peacefully enjoying their dinner. The video of the surveillance camera of the pizzeria Casa Nostra, in the 11th arrondissement, shows how a woman escaped an inevitable death after the gun of the terrorist jammed. The woman can considered the luck ...

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