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Video: Vladimir Putin Welcomes King Mohammed VI at the Kremlin

Rabat - Russia’s President Vladimir Putin received King Mohammed VI on Tuesday at the Kremlin in Moscow. The meeting takes place on the third day of king Mohammed VI’s to Russia. Putin gave a warm welcome to the Moroccan Monarch, and highlighted that his visit will "give a new impetus" to the relations between the two countries. "Your Majesty, friends, allow me to welcome you to Moscow. It is a pleasure, Yo ...

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Video: Man Intercepts Procession of King Mohammed VI in Rabat

A video posted on YouTube on Monday shows a man springs out of nowhere in one of the street of Rabat and intercepts the procession of King Mohammed VI. The video shows the man tries to hand King Mohammed VI an envelope. Surprised by the boldness of the man’s move, King Mohammed VI’s bodyguards reacted immediately and chased him. The unusual incident happened as King Mohammed VI was heading to launch the con ...

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