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Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nasser Bourita and Ghanian Foreign Minister, Shirely Ayorkor Botchway

Ghana and Morocco to Strengthen Means of Cooperation

Rabat - Nasser Bourita, Minister of Foreign Affairs, said on Friday that Morocco and Ghana will strengthen their means of cooperation to continue the 24-project agreement signed...




Ibn Battuta Lives on in the Hearts of Travelers

Legend In The Kasbah: Ibn Battuta Lives on in the Hearts...

Tanager - It is a sad reality that most ordinary folks in India know very little about Morocco. The converse, however, isn’t true thanks...


By Tyler Brock Rabat - When you enter the ancient ruins of Chellah, you can see some of the greatest architecture in the ancient world. Corinthian columns spread across these historic grounds. Dismembered statues of human figures lay scattered in their...


Police Officer Uses Firearm in Arrest of Criminal

Policeman Uses Gun to Stop Gang of Thieves in Rabat

Rabat - A police officer fired five bullets using his service revolver in order to stop four suspects arrested on suspicion of theft Saturday morning, according to the Maghreb News Agency (MAP). The...



Govt. Grants Scholarships to 100,000 Moroccan Trainees

  Rabat - The government has approved the granting of scholarships to 100,000 out of the 400,000 trainees in the National Office for Vocational Training...




Henrietta Karra

Israeli-Christian Man Allegedly Killed Daughter for Loving Muslim Man

Rabat - Just one day after her graduation from high school, 17-year-old Henrietta Karra was found dead in her parents’ kitchen, allegedly at the...
Controversial Moroccan Christian Preacher Challenges Salafi Scholar to Debate

Controversial Moroccan Christian Preacher Challenges Salafi Scholar to Debate

Rabat - The controversial Moroccan Christian preacher Brother Rachid has challenged Moroccan Salafi scholar Mohamed El Fizazi to debate Islam and Christianity. Brother Rachid posted a...
Qarawiyyin Mosque in Fez, Morocco

Moroccan Islam: An Effort to Fight Radicalism

Rabat - Morocco’s moderate, tolerant approach to Islam has largely prevented religious extremist movements from flourishing within its borders. Morocco deliberately works to prevent and...


World Reacts to Jerusalem's Bloody Friday

World Reacts to Jerusalem’s Bloody Friday

Toronto - World leaders are speaking out against Friday’s violent crackdown on protesters by Israeli security forces. Condemnation from the west has been faint with...
Miss World Australia Esma Voloder

Muslim Miss World Australia Answers Racist Calls for Her to Give Up Crown

Toronto - Since her crowning last Friday, Australia’s Esma Voloder, has been hit with a barrage of anti-Muslim sentiment and repeated calls for her...
Antonio Guterres

UN Secretary General Condemns Israeli Jerusalem Crackdown and Calls for Investigation

Toronto - United Nations Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, has condemned the violence in Jerusalem on Friday, which resulted in the deaths of three young...