UK-Morocco Trade and Investment Forum To Take Place Next Week

Rabat - Next week, the Moroccan Minister for Finance and Economy, Mohamed Boussaid, will pilot a group of senior business and government officials to...



By Ahlam Ben Saga Rabat - After snow coated Ouarzazate last week, residents of the region discussed the short-term problems caused by the snowfalls and foretold the future advantages when the cold season comes to an end. It has not...


Israel to Reveal Evidence of Discrimination Against Jewish-Moroccan Immigrants

By Ahlam Ben Saga Rabat- Israel will reveal archived documents pertaining to the discrimination practised by Israeli state against Moroccan Jews who immigrated to Israel in...


Rabat’s EMI-Enterprises Annual Forum to Host 24th Edition

By Ahlam Ben Saga Rabat- The Mohammadia School of Engineering in Rabat will hold the 24th Emi-Enterprises Forum from April 4-5. While last year’s 23rd edition...


Spain Denies Claim That Authorities Were Warned About Barcelona Terror Attacks in May

What Media Pundits Miss by Calling Terror Attacks Like Barcelona ‘Islamic’

Washington D.C. - As long as we automatically see every act of violence committed by a Muslim as ‘Islamic’, we will never be able...


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Circumcision in Iceland

Will Iceland Jail Jews and Muslims For Crime of Circumcision?

By Rabbi Allen S. Maller Rabat - Jewish and Muslim religious groups have condemned a bill in Iceland's parliament that would ban circumcision for non-medical (i.e....
Malian President Expresses “Sincere Thanks” to King Mohammed VI for Training 500 Malian Imams

Malian President Expresses “Sincere Thanks” to King Mohammed VI for Training 500 Malian Imams

Rabat - Malian President, Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta, expressed “his sincere thanks” on Tuesday to Morocco’s King Mohammed VI for training 500 Malian imams. "I sincerely...
Saudi Women with Abaya

Saudi Women Need Not Wear ‘Abaya’: Senior Cleric

Rabat - With the arrival of young Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman in the Saudi leadership, a lot of major social changes, deemed progressive,...


Ahed Tamimi

Palestinian Teen Activist Ahed Tamimi Sentenced to 8 Months in Prison

Rabat- After three months of being held in custody, the 17-year-old face of Palestinian resistance in the occupied West Bank, Ahed Tamimi, has accepted...
Algerians Boycott Cars ‘Made in Algeria’

Algerians Boycott Cars ‘Made in Algeria’

Rabat -#LetTheirVehiclesRust, #Manechriche (I will not buy), #Boycottez: these are some of the hashtags that have been circulating on social media since Algeria’s Ministry...

Trump Offers ‘Embarrassing’ Welcome to Mohamed Bin Salman

Rabat - President Trump offered what many are describing as “embarrassing” welcome to Saudi Prince Mohamed bin Salman in the White House on Tuesday. During...