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The Big 5 Construct North Africa

Big 5 Construct North Africa Launches in Casablanca

Rabat - Designed for architects, engineers, contractors, and Moroccan construction professionals, The Big 5 Construct North Africa 2017 will run on April 25-27, at the...




2017 Mawazine Festival a Global Rendezvous

2017 Mawazine Festival a Global Rendezvous

Rabat - Since its inaugural year in 2002, Mawazine has grown into one of the world’s largest and best-known music festivals. 2017’s lineup offers...


By Tyler Brock Rabat - The Kasbah des Oudaya's cobble-stone streets guide you through its narrow passageways. First built in the 12th century during the Almohad Caliphate as a fortress overlooking the Bouregreg river, it later became the refuge of Andalusian Muslims...


Moroccan Woman Sent to Prison for Marrying 2 Men

Rabat - A female teacher in Marrakech has been given seven months in prison with a fine of MAD 1000 for marrying two men....


Demonstrators in Rabat Protest Sapping of Public School

Rabat - Thousands of demonstrators marched on Sunday in Rabat in protest against what they believe as sapping of public school. Demonstrators, mainly adherents of...




Hamed Abdel Samad says Islam Cannot Be Reformed

Egyptian Writer: “Islam Cannot Be Reformed”

Rabat - Hamed Abdel Samad, a German-Egyptian political scientist and public critic of Islam, expressed in a recent interview with TelQuel his belief in...
Mimouna in Morocco: Jews Who Trust Their Muslim Neighbors

Mimouna in Morocco: Jews Who Trust Their Muslim Neighbors

By Allen S. Maller New York - The vast majority of people in the Christian and Muslim world know little, or nothing at all, about...
Casablanca Women Stage Sit-In Denouncing Burqa Ban

Restriction on Religion in Morocco on the Rise: Study

Rabat - Restriction on religion in Morocco has been increasing, according to a new study conducted by the AmericanPew Research Center. The study, which surveyed 198...


Macron and Le Pen Qualify for Second Round in French Presidential Election

Toronto - French Presidential election candidates, Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen have both qualified to advance to May 7th’s all-important run-off. Projections from today’s...
French National Front Lauds Morocco’s Decision to Ban Sale of Burqa

Marine Le Pen: ‘Algeria Owes a Lot to French Colonization’

Rabat - French extreme right leader and presidential candidate, Marine Le Pen, has created another controversy by praising the French colonization of Algeria. In an...
Afghan Army Base Attacked by Taliban

Afghan Army Base Attacked by Taliban

Rabat - A Taliban attack on Friday has left more than 100 people dead or wounded according to the country’s Defense Ministry. The attack took place...