Video: Moroccan Mechanic Adds Grooves in Old Tires to Make Them Look New

Video: Trump Attacks CNN Reporter over Migration Question

Video: Belgium Police Chase and Arrest Moroccan Wedding Guests

Putin Warmly Congratulates MMA Fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov

AS Roma’s Justin Kluivert Dedicates Goal to Abdelhak Nouri

Austria’s Foreign Minister Surprises UN General Assembly with Speech in Arabic

Video: Moroccans Demand ‘Free Immigration’

Video: Morocco’s Nordin Amrabat Gets Mad at Coach

Marrakech Police Investigate Frenchman ‘Insulting’ Moroccan Flag

Video: Furious RAM Passengers Attack Airport Cafes Due to New Flight Delays


Renault Names Interim CEO After Carlos Ghosn’s Arrest

Rabat - Following Japan’s arrest of Ghosn on Monday, Renault's board of directors held an emergency meeting Tuesday to discuss the matter. Renault said that...

Tanger-Med Customs Seize €107,050 in Undeclared Cash

Rabat - Following routine searches on the weekend, customs aborted an attempt to carry €107,050 in undeclared cash into Morocco. The suspect, a Moroccan national...
Rabat - After a seven-year relationship, the woman acted when she discovered her boyfriend’s plan to marry another woman, the National newspaper reported. According to police in Al Ain, a city east of Abu Dhabi, the woman committed the crime...
Rabat - The secretary of state at the ministry of National Education, Higher Education, and Scientific Research, Khalid Samadi, revealed the figures while speaking before the House of Representatives on Monday. Samadi has highlighted the joint vision that both Royal...
Rabat-  In a statement, Morocco’s Ministry of Endowment and Islamic Affairs announced that as the 1st of Rabi Al Awwal, the third month in the Islamic calendar fell on November 9, Eid Al Mawlid celebrated by Sunni Muslims on the...
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