Morocco Could Become North African Automotive Hub: BMI

Rabat - While Egypt’s automotive market has been under pressure due to the impact of high inflation and interest rates, Morocco is on its...



Rabat - The independence vote in Catalonia on Sunday has turned violent after elements from the national police and the Guardia Civl manhadndled pro-referendum protesters who tried to prevent security members from getting inside polling station to seize ballot...




Spain Denies Claim That Authorities Were Warned About Barcelona Terror Attacks in May

What Media Pundits Miss by Calling Terror Attacks Like Barcelona ‘Islamic’

Washington D.C. - As long as we automatically see every act of violence committed by a Muslim as ‘Islamic’, we will never be able...


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Muslim Vikings? ‘Allah’ Found Inscribed on 9th Century Viking Clothing

Muslim Vikings? ‘Allah’ Found Inscribed on 9th Century Viking Clothing

Rabat - Researchers at Sweden’s oldest university have identified the words “Allah” and “Ali” woven in Viking burial clothes from the 9th and 10th...

Moroccan Baha’i: ‘Moroccan Society Is Becoming More Accepting of Religious Difference’

Rabat - While Moroccan Christians have become more and more outspoken, demanding rights to worship and be recognized as a legitimate religious group in a...
China, Muslims, Quran, Islam ,Persecution of Muslims, Extremism

Chinese Region Orders Muslims to Give Religious Possessions to Authorities or Face ‘Harsh’ Punishment

Rabat - Authorities in the northwestern Chinese region of Xinjiang have ordered its Muslim minority to turn over all copies of the Quran, prayer...


Israeli Delegation Quits Russia Conference After Kuwaiti Official Shouts ‘Get Out…Child Killers’

Kuwaiti Official Yells ‘Get Out … Child Killers’ at Israeli Delegation in Russia

By Sana Elouazi Rabat - Marzouq Al-Ghanim, Kuwait’s national assembly speaker, forced an Israeli delegation to leave a meeting of the Inter-Parliamentary Union held on...
Mariano Rajoy, Catalonia, Spain, Ctalan independence, Catalonia autonomy, article 155

Spanish Government to Trigger Article 155 Suspending Catalonia Autonomy

By Sana Elouazi Rabat - After weeks of tense negotiations with the Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont, Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, resolved this Thursday to...
Moroccan-German Journalist Souad Mekhennet Receives 2017 Daniel Pearl Award

Moroccan-German Journalist Souad Mekhennet Receives 2017 Daniel Pearl Award

Rabat - Moroccan-German journalist Souad Mekhennet will receive the 2017 Daniel Pearl Award for Courage and Integrity in Journalism, the Chicago Journalists Association (CJA)...