Paris, September 1, 2011 (MAP)The collapse of the Gaddafi regime, which has long impeded Libya's regional integration, is a "good news for Maghreb unity," Director of the Paris-based Observatoire d'études géopolitiques (OEG), Professor Charles Saint-Prot said.Deposed Gaddafi has been a source of nuisances and disturbances hampering the integration of the Maghreb region, wrote Saint-Prot in the editorial of the latest information bulletin of the OEG.Elaborating on the schemes hatched by Gaddafi against the Maghreban integration, the professor recalled that Libya’s dictator along with the Algerian regime are the founders of the separatist group of the polisario in the Moroccan Sahara.At the internal level, Gaddafi’s whims not only stood in the way of the development of oil-rich Libya, but also caused a marginalisation of the north African country in the Maghreban and Mediterranean area, Saint-port went on to say.In this regard, the French expert added, the mission assigned to Libya’s new rulers is “ historic” in the sense that they are called to consolidate national unity, ensure peaceful transition and use the country’s resources to promote sustainable development and most importantly to enhance Libya’s geopolitical and regional status.“The new Libyan regime should endeavour so that Libya joins the group of countries seeking to develop cooperation in the Mediterranean area,” as is the case with Morocco “stable and strengthened by a constitutional reform and a regenerated Tunisia and Egypt” he said.