Rabat,September 5, 2011 (MAP)Morocco's goods exports stood, at end-July, at around 99.5 billion dirhams, as against 83.3 billion dirhams a year earlier, a rise of 19.3%, according to the Office des Changes.This rise is ascribed to the 24% increase in exports of chemical and parachemical products, 42% in metallic, metallurgic and electrical industries' products and 32.9% in mining products.As for goods imports, they rose 20.2% from 171.3 billion dirhams to 206 billion dirhams, due mainly to the energy products (+39%), chemical and parachemical products (+22.4%) and agricultural products (+58.5%).Thus, the balance of trade recorded a deficit of nearly 106.5 billion dirhams, compared with 87.9 billion dirhams last year.