New York,September 7, 2011 (MAP)A photography exhibition highlighting 50 years of the contribution of the Royal Armed Forces (FAR) deployed under the UN in peacekeeping missions was inaugurated in the UN headquarters on Tuesday.The exhibition, which runs until September 15, highlights the contribution of the Moroccan contingents deployed under the UN peacekeeping operations in different conflict zones such as in Congo, Somalia, Angola, Cote d’Ivoire, Cambodia, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Haiti.Speaking on this occasions, Morocco’s permanent representative to the UN, Mohamed Loulichki, shed light on the mission of the Moroccan peacekeepers deployed in Haiti who helped maintain stability in the Caribbean country’s northern borders with the Dominican Republic.Loulichki also recalled FAR's first participation in 1966 in a UN peacekeeping operation to maintain the territorial integrity of the newly-independent Congolese state with the deployment of 3,200 Moroccan soldiers. This move, said Loulichki, evidences Morocco’s endeavour to support the independence of African states and safeguard their national unity and territorial integrity.Morocco is the only Arab and African state that have taken part in peacekeeping operations as well as missions with  the NATO and inside Europe, added Loulochki, noting that Morocco is ranked 14th among the 115 states that contributed to the UN troops.On the same occasion, a tribute was paid to the Moroccan FAR members who lost their lives serving world peace and stability.