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Details of the Secret Agreement Between Spain and Morocco

Morocco World News/ Maghreb Intelligence

Rabat, February 26, 2012

According to official Spanish sources, Morocco and Spain have consented to broker a deal during the Moroccan minister of foreign affairs Saâdeddine EL Othmani’s last visit to Madrid.

This tacit agreement revolves around a mutual assistance that both countries would provide to each other within their respective spheres of influence. Accordingly, Morocco would lend a hand to Spain in Africa on the economic and political levels. The Cherifian Kingdom is known to have a privileged position in the African continent where it could build amicable and economic relations with many countries.

Thus, Spain can rely on Morocco as bridge towards a continent about which it knows very little and where its presence is overshadowed by France, Great Britain and Portugal.

On the other hand, Mariano Rajoy’s government would avail its ancestral relations with Latin America to give Morocco an entrance ticket to the region and enable it to benefit from their close relations in order to step into a region where Morocco had, historically, trouble to enter.

Indeed, as an act of good will, the popular Party in power in Spain that had voted against the Agriculture agreement in the European parliament, has refrained from campaigning against the agreement inside the European institution. Bearing in mind the party’s former positions towards Morocco, this move is considered as a well disposed and neutral stand that announces good relations in the future.

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