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Morocco for comprehensive approach to anti-piracy in Gulf of Guinea -diplomat

New York (UN), February 28, 2012 (MAP)

Morocco’s Permanent Representative to the UN pushed, on Monday in New York, for a comprehensive approach in the fight against piracy in the Gulf of Guinea, taking into account the root causes for the spread of this scourge.

Mohamed Loulichki said, at a UN Security Council meeting, that it was “essential” that any anti-piracy strategy incorporate aspects related to strengthening institutions in charge of law enforcement and fighting transnational organized crime.

He insisted that all the challenges posed by piracy in the Gulf of Guinea, and also by transnational organized crime and terrorism in ??West Africa and Central Africa, must be addressed within the framework of an “integrated strategy”.

It also falls to the international community to look into connections between criminal and terrorist networks that increasingly destabilize Africa, he said.

Loulichki said that the impact of piracy in the Gulf of Guinea is no longer just about security but also economic, in the sense that international maritime transport, international maritime trade, energy and commercial security and the economies of coastal and landlocked countries in the region are affected.

He recalled the continued efforts made by the Kingdom which “has, over the past years, repeatedly drawn the international community’s attention to  the developments and the dangers posed by the phenomenon of piracy.

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