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Bosnia deports ex-Islamist fighter to Algeria

SARAJEVO, Bosnia-Hercegovina, March 21, 2012 (AFP)

Bosnia Wednesday deported an Algeria-born former Islamist fighter to his homeland, the ministry for security said.

Frendi Omar represents “a threat to the national security” of Bosnia, the ministry said in a statement.

Omar had already been deported by Bosnian authorities in January 2010, but local police arrested him again in September 2011, following his illegal return to Bosnia, according to the statement.

Like hundreds of fighters from Islamic countries, known as mujahedeen, Omar fought with the Muslim-led Bosnian army during the 1992-1995 war.

He was a member of the notorious El Mujahed unit known for atrocities and criminal activities.

After the war he used several identities to avoid deportation, the ministry said.

Omar’s wartime comrade and fellow Noureddine Gaci, arrested along with him, was deported in January.

Another former member of the unit, Tunisian Karray Kamel Ben Ali, also known as Abou Hamza, was deported to Tunisia in October.

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