New York - While Morocco's recent efforts to "Moroccanize" 2M channel are welcome and long overdue, they remain dismally ineffective. The proposed media reforms do not truly address the everyday concerns of citizens as they approach the problem superficially. Many Moroccans do not hold 2M TV in high esteem due to the channel's internal problems as well as its abysmal and parochial programming. As such, Mr. Mustapha El Khalfi, Minister of Communication and spokesperson of the Government, introduced a set of ethical provisions designed to regulate and enhance the effectiveness and professionalism of public media. Regrettably, the package of reforms remains symbolic at best as it does not dare to touch the fundamental and chronic dysfunctions of Moroccan public TV channels, including the tendency to cover everything except public concerns.

Adnane Bennis is a national of Morocco, obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer and Information Science from East west University in Chicago.