June 4, 2012Between 28 June and 15 July, Arab Film Festival will present cinema from and about the Arab region - including Egypt - across three Australian cities.According to the festival organisers, "Arab Film Festival Australia aims to showcase stories from Arabic-speaking peoples to diverse Australian audiences through film, reflecting the complexity and diversity of Arab experiences. A primary aim is to address the (mis)representations of Arab peoples and cultures by providing critical spaces to present alternative representations of Arab subjects, cultures and narratives."The festival was first launched in 2001 and has gained a large audience and the support of many partners. So far, dozens of filmmakers from Lebanon, Egypt, Palestine, Iraq, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Syria, Jordan, the  UAE, Kuwait, Canada, the UK, the US, Australia, France, Sweden and Japan — all reflecting on the Arab region — presented their works to over 18,000 attendees and followers of Arab cinema.