Casablanca - This article is by no means a counteroffensive defense of men against the knifelike criticism that this article entitled “Men Every Woman Should Avoid” comprises. I wholly buttress all of the descriptions she gave in her article of those types of men whose contact with women induces to nothing less than pain and sorrow to the “soft sex.” The “jerks” depicted in the aforementioned article do exist. They are everywhere, bushwhacking in the dark, awaiting a poor female dupe to callously get their claws on. I even strongly recommend any woman or young girl to consider reading Nabila Nali’s article. Surely, it will gear them up with what I would like to dub “the male jerks detector.”

Women every Man should Stay Miles Away From
Youssef Sourgo is currently a Master’s student in Linguistic and Literary studies at Ain Chok Faculty of Letters and Humanities.