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French company Veolia to pull out of Morocco

By Youssef El Kaidi

Morocco World News

Fez, February 10, 2013

The online Moroccan news outlet “Goud” reported that the French company Veolia will withdraw from Morocco in the coming days after an agreement with an Anglo-Saxon company led by a Moroccan energy expert. Veolia has been managing water, electricity and sanitation in the cities of Rabat, Tangier and Tetuan but people in these cities demanded the disengagement with this company because of its ‘poor services’ that do not fit the exorbitant bills people pay every month.

The negotiations, which lasted for a whole year, yielded an agreement whereby the French company Veolia sells its share. The withdrawal of the French company came after the end of what might be called “the privileges and immunities” bestowed on Amandis and Ridal which are affiliated to Veolia against the will and interests of Moroccan taxpayers.

The news outlet “Goud” reports that Veolia has unscrupulously violated all its obligations and agreements; one of which is the delay in investing two billion dirhams as agreed before despite its benefit from a new reduced tariff. Veolia used the money to pay dividends to its shareholders in the parent company. Moreover, the company agreed with Morocco to open its capital to Moroccan investors and companies by allotting 39 per cent for Moroccan investors, but it did not fulfill its obligation. To add insult to injury, there is no Moroccan among the members of its Board of Directors.

Goud” added that all the important and strategic decisions of Veolia-Maroc are taken in Paris to be implemented in Rabat, Tangier and Tetuan. Another thing that expedited the withdrawal of the company, “Goud” adds, is the continuous protests of citizens against Amandis especially in Tangier and Tetuan.

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