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Pupils use more electronic devices than books: study

By Aissam El Hani

Morocco World News

Targuist, May 16, 2013

A recent study in the UK has revealed that pupils opt for electronic devices more than printed books or magazines, reported the BBC Arabic website.

The study was carried out by the UK National Endowment for Knowledge and included 35,000 pupils between the ages of sixteen and eighteen. These pupils showed most interest in display options of computers and other electronic devices. Fifty percent of these pupils opt for reading on screens where thirty percent still prefer reading paper books. The remaining expressed no interest in reading.

Pupils who use electronic devices read on a daily basis, which is not the same case with solely paper book users.

The same study noted that the number of students owning smart phones, tablets and e-readers is highly increasing, which leads automatically to more digital reading.

Moreover, besides social media websites, the majority of students prefer reading novels on the web or on their mobile devices.

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