TUNIS - When winter came, she was at forlorn. The rain was slacking heavily outside. The sun seemed to have long been out from behind the clouds. It was so cold, chilly and bitter but every now and then, the sun was attempting to come through. People, save the villagers and some farmers, would take winter for the cruelest of all seasons when they saw the rain and therefore start exclaiming on spring. Winter was not always cruel. Sometimes, it was nice and would therefore take its things and pack them hastily and withdraw for the sake of sunny days. Spring, regretfully and oddly enough, was not as nice as winter because it would quickly take its things and leave then enough room for rainy days. Time was creeping up without stopping. People were never aware of anything but the absence of happy days. There were only wintry cold days. 

Chokri Omri was born in 1985.