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The powerful message of King Mohammed VI’s visit to Mali

Zineb Louh- Rabat – Tomorrow King Mohammed VI will be in Mali in order to participate in the inauguration of the new Malian president, Ibrahim Boubacar Keita, according to a statement released by the royal house protocol and chancellery on Sunday.

Mr. Keita, a former prime minister, won the election last month and has been sworn in as Mali’s new president at the Supreme Court in Bamako.

This exceptional royal visit demonstrates the unconditional support the Kingdom has shown Mali during these critical past years. Since the beginning, Morocco has detected the danger of the terrorist presence in the region and has tried by all the means to prevent and sensitize the international community to this threat. Yet, all the ears remained deaf to the alerts sent by Morocco.

As a result, the unavoidable happed. Terrorist groups invaded the north of Mali and put the entire region, which was already vulnerable due to its political instability, in jeopardy. Once again, Morocco was ready to offer help, and as a non-permanent member of the Security Council of the United Nations, it voted for a military intervention in Mali. The Kingdom was also the first to support the French military intervention in country.

Thus, one may say that the inauguration of the new Malian president is a second chance for a country that escaped, what could have been, a nightmare for the entire region. Morocco is not missing the occasion to be present for this special event. As an African country and an example of stability in the region, the Kingdom is confirming that it is an African country that will always be ready to lend a hand to all its neighbors around continent.

King Mohammed VI’s presence at the new Malian presidential inauguration is sending a powerful message to  African leaders. Morocco will continue to reinforce south-south cooperation and will work along with its western allies to bring peace and stability in the African continent. As the late King Hassan II once said, “Morocco is a tree: its roots go deep into Africa and its branches are over Europe”.

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