Rabat - “I am fine, for the time being at least,” is what I say when asked such questions. The reason why I am the person I am now may be because of you. Sorry for pointing fingers at you that way, but it lessens my agony and tantalization for a moment, since there is always someone to blame. For so many reasons I would not step into a territory where my safety is in jeopardy. Yes, I am a sex worker, and I have been dehumanized. You might ask by whom, but I won’t answer because you already know. I have been looking for the missing “me: for ages, and I am sure I will never find her, for now I know I am the men’s sexual object.

Three Saudi Men Sentenced to 10 Years for Raping Moroccan Woman in Dubai
Walid El Harasi is an undergraduate University student at Mohamed I university in Oujda, majoring in English-literature.