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Mehdi Mekouar: The Epitome of Self-Development in Morocco

Casablanca – Mehdi Mekouar is a young Moroccan self-made businessman. His story is quite interesting in that it can be a source of inspiration to anyone on the quest for a better future.

He studied in the average Moroccan schools, learned from Moroccan teachers, lived in Moroccan culture, and so forth, but has accomplished goals that many Moroccans have failed to achieve or thought unachievable. Through his ambition, he, consciously or unconsciously, challenged the perception of destiny as being imposed rather than chosen, and proved the idea to be fallacious that “third world” peoples are passiveness. The aim behind telling his story in the few lines below is not merely to make you know the man, but also to shed lights on what has made his success possible in a context that is described by the majority as unhealthy and unhelpful. Today, Mehdi Mekouar contributes to the economy of the Kingdom and his secrets of success are now revealed.

Mekouar’s serious parental issues made his childhood tougher than usual. His parents divorced when he was only three months old. He grew up short of the warmth and the coziness that parents usually provide to their children. Looking back on the years he spent in primary school, Mekouar remembers a tense relationship with his classmates: “I was the shortest in class and my classmates spared no efforts to make fun of me every now and then.” Although this situation is arguably natural among children, the parental care that could, in one way or another, bring balance to his psyche after these repeated humiliations was totally absent from his life. This added salt to the wound. Most of the time, the psychological response to a situation of this kind is either a violent, aggressive personality with criminal inclinations, or a person with an intimidated character, preferring solitude to any form of interaction. From an early age, Mekouar discovered a way not only to overcome his affliction, but also to gain his peers’ respect. He directed his focus into his personality and discovered great abilities, ambitions; and talents; he developed these things in such a way that soon made him become a source of inspiration rather than a laughingstock. Therefore, his patience and shrewdness enabled him to transform all the elements of failure into ingredients of success.

Mehdi Mekouar- The Epitome of Self-Development in Morocco

Behind Mehdi Mekouar’s personal, relational, and professional success lays a quite unique life philosophy. Each day offers new experiences and opportunities for him to meet new people, practice new things, and discover new worldviews. He has an unquenchable thirst for learning and discovery, and he strives to add a personal touch to everything he executes and performs. “I have never stopped discovering, and in everything I do and experience, I try to be an artist. Art for Mekouar is not limited to activities that have a cultural caliber; rather, it is a lifestyle, a way of looking at things and doing them. For him, to be an artist is not merely to master a musical instrument or the skill of drawing, painting or sculpturing, but rather it is to be able to cope with one’s profession, hobbies, and relationships intelligently and skillfully.

Mekouar is a pious, devout Muslim who constantly strives to strengthen his relationship with Allah. His understanding of religion and spirituality is most needed today in countries with Muslim-majorities. Unlike many devout Muslim Moroccans who prefer to live in seclusion rather than to deal with “sinful” people, Mekouar’s life and business are based on interactions with people from different backgrounds. Interactions, he believes, are what can help us get the better of the social complexes and handicaps. Elaborating on this subject, Mekouar says that through our day-to-day interactions, we can introduce change in our society by attempting to set an example for the others in everything we do. To clarify his stand, he uses the prophet’s (PBUH) Hadith: “The believer who mixes with people and endures their harm is better the ones who does not mix with people and endure their harm.”

Mekouar’s worldview has imbued him with a passion to lead a happy life and practice a multitude of activities. He likes all sorts of activities that bring a sense of freedom, challenge, adventure, and discovery. He is fond of traveling, visiting different cultures, and seeing new people. His curiosity takes him to countries such as Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, the United States, France, Tunisia, and soon, England. His list of practiced sports includes skydiving, scuba diving, and mountain hiking, among many others. He has a profound perception of sports that goes beyond mere physical movements to view it as a source of learning and aspiration.

Mehdi Mekouar earned his diploma in industrial maintenance. His passion for drawing, which has accompanied him since his early childhood, and his immense skill for analytical thinking made him pursue graphic design and web development. His love and earnestness about this career led him to gain years of useful experience through carrying out international projects and solutions. One such project was a personalized content management system for an American company that deals with retirement management.

Because he was employed immediately after he obtained his degree, Mekouar thought that he had achieved financial, psychological stability, and independence. But later, he realized that the salary system was a form of captivity and a deadly Sisyphus’ routine. So he started thinking about solutions to gain financial freedom. As all great projects spring from an unusual dream and a relentless hope, Mekouar started to imagine creating a business that offered a promising horizon; it would require no large investment, no experience, no risks, no management, no space to buy or rent, and above all, did not require that he quit his job. His immense perseverance and open-mindedness allowed him to give substance to what an average person would consider an unattainable dream. This allowed him to dive into relationship marketing and he soon created his company, Future Wave. To his immense astonishment, he realized that self-employment not only gave him the benefit of freedom that his spirit had longed for, but also other advantages surpassed his “wild” dream, such as never-ending opportunities for learning, self-development, and helping other people escape financial hardship and enjoy life-long independence. His website, www.futurewave.biz, welcomes all visitors who seek to understand this concept and participate in business.

Mehdi Mekouar’s difficult childhood taught him to care about people enduring hardship. Happiness, according to Mekouar, is a shared collective experience—rather than a personal endeavor—and a smile in the face of the poor is a source of pure energy. As he says, “what’s more pleasurable than working for a humanistic cause and bringing the smile to the face of the poor!?” Mekouar is passionate about charity campaigns and has participated in many. In 2013, he took part in a campaign organized by Ataa Charity Foundation (www.facebook.com/ATAACharityFoundation) that reached remote areas of Morocco situated high in the mountains. The sixty tons of donations his campaign distributed included clothing, blankets, and food, which benefited 850 needy families and 3000 children. The campaigns also donated a sum of MAD 600 to 350 families in the holy month of Ramadan, 60 sheep for the Feast of the Sacrifice, and a plethora of other activities.

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