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Brazilian Takes Islam’s Shahada in the World Cup

Tinejdad, Morocco- At the opening of the World Cup 2014, millions of football fans travelled to Brazil to watch and support their teams. Muslim Da’wah groups from all over the world did not miss this global event to spread the teachings of Islam, in hope to get more people to embrace it as a religion.

The Team Mission Da’wah from the British Islamic Education and Research Academy (IERA) led a campaign in the Brazilian capital Sao Paolo to spread the teachings of Islam.

In a video posted by the Da’wah group on YouTube, a Brazilian young man took the Shahada, the Muslim profession of faith and the first pillar of Islam, after a short talk with members of the Da’wah groups.

After a brief conversation with the preachers, Analdino, a Brazilian young man, “took the Shahada with John Fontain,” according to the same video.

Analdino said “Muslims are the best,” and gave a special message to other Brazilians about Islam in his own language.

Under the theme “What’s Your Goal?” the members of the Muslim group spread in the crowded streets of Sao Paolo distributing copies of the holy Quran and flyers, trying to enlighten more people about Islam.

“What’s Your Goal?” is the first question they ask people they meet in an attempt to help them believe that “worshiping God directly is the main reason of life.”

“Islam says you worship God directly. You don’t go through Jesus,” said one of the preachers.

The Islamic Education and Research Academy (IERA) announced in their official website that the campaign, which has already started, “will lead up to a Global Da’wah Day (#GlobalDawahDay) on Saturday 5th of July.”

The Da’wah team said that there are people in Brazil who do not know about Islam and they never heard about it.

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