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Will Messi Become The Greatest Player of All Time?

By Marisa Fernandez Buenos Aires

By Marisa Fernandez Buenos Aires

Many fans all over the world claim that Lionel Messi is one of the greatest football players in the world. But, what does he need to be the greatest?

Not only did Argentina’s team captain, Lionel Messi, scored his team’s second goal in the Maracaná stadium in Rio de Janeiro in a match with Bosnia Herzegovina but he went on to lead his team to victory in its first match. The enthusiasm was almost palpable as the stadium roared and raved with enthusiasm.

This goal was Messi’s second in a World Cup and it was noisily celebrated among the throngs of Argentinian fans who turned the stadium into a sea of blue and white! If you ask people who the world´s best football player is, chances are most people will respond with Lio Messi, despite the fact that he has never won the FIFA Cup with the Argentina team.

He has won the coveted Balon d’Or for three years running for Barcelona Club. He has won all six Spanish cups, five Spanish league titles, three championship league wins, two UEFA Super Cups, two FIFA Club world titles and one UEFA Intertoto Cup. Unfortunately for Messi, he has failed to claim the ultimate prize: the FIFA World Cup.

Football is a team sport but talent and skill are needed to be the best. In all he has made 366 appearances for club and country, scoring 230 goals, providing endless displays and mesmerizing the crowds. The fact is that Messi plays with 10 other players and he outshines them all. Even now on the Argentina team, he remains in the spotlight.

Winning the FIFA World Cup is absolutely necessary for Messi because it is the largest tournament in his sport. In order to claim the title of the “Greatest Football Player,” he must prove that he can be a leader on the world’s biggest stage. It is the hope of most Argentinians that Messi adds the FIFA 2014 title to his already stellar career.

When asked who is the greatest football player of all time, people often respond with the likes of Pelé, Maradona, Beckenbauer or Zidane. The things that people remember the most are the goals that each one has scored for his team at the FIFA World Cup. Some might say that a player´s talent cannot be measured by winning a tournament or by the goals he makes, but it certainly helps in the world’s opinion!

After defeating Bosnia Herzegovina on Sunday, Messi declared, “It’s important that we started off on the right foot with the three points, but we do have things we must improve. It’s not easy with all the anxiety and the nerves, but the important thing is the result.” He knows what he is saying. The global village was and will continue to watch him.

By leading Argentina to the victory, Messi has begun his journey to prove to the world and to himself that he can be the best. If he can continue to produce like he did for Barcelona, he will surely succeed.

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